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Buyer's Guide to Sex Magazines

It's easy to consider sex magazines the granddaddy of porn. For many decades - even back a couple of centuries - people have been getting their fix of looking at sex by checking out hot pictorials and sensual shots. And we know that’s what they were looking at, regardless of how much they might profess to just wanting to read the articles!

Sex magazines have had to adapt over the years. Back in the mid-twentieth century, sex magazines truly exploded as a cultural force. Sure, there were printed works of sex before this, but Hugh Hefner pioneered modern sex magazine with Playboy. Over the years, sex magazines evolved. Playboy, from back in the day, is so tame in comparison!

Nowadays, despite the prevalence of DVD porn and the internet, there are still so many hot and different sex magazines available. It is good to know that guys are still able to carry on the age-old tradition of stashing porn mags under their mattress.

What are sex magazines?

Sex MagazinesSex magazines are pornographic magazines that present varying sex activities and sexualities in photos and text. There are sex magazines across every sexuality, from straight to gay to bi to trans and everything else in between. Some sex magazines focus on sexual photos, showing everything your heart desires. Others include some text, which could be erotic stories, articles about sex or even articles about issues not related to sex. While sex magazines have lost some of their popularity due to the availability of porn on DVDs and the internet, they are still going strong, particularly for niche markets and folks who aren’t as keen to leave a pornographic digital footprint.

What is featured in sex magazines?

Sex magazines are great for exploring the many different types of sex you are having - or wish you could be having! Sex magazines typically feature a number of different models of different styles of looks. We’re talking slim, large, busty, hairy, muscled and so much more. Unless it specifically notes, and this applies to both straight magazines and LGBT mags, you’ll find so many hot and different blondes, redheads, brunettes and more. And that is just what the folks look like! They get up to amazing poses and awesome sex on the magazine pages. From artistic shots on the beach to hard-pounding action, sex magazines feature it all.

Softcore vs hardcore

When the first mass produced sex magazines were introduced, they were decidedly puritan in comparison to the types of content we see today. In magazines like Playboy and Penthouse, you were barely able to get a peek of nipple and bush. That changed, in most jurisdictions, in the end of the twentieth century. Publishers were allowed to present much more graphic content, including penetration of all kinds. Now there are many magazines that provide juicy content that can be softcore or hardcore. Not everybody desperately wanted full-on sex pictorials. Some people like the softer presentation.

Specialty magazines

One of the great qualities of sex magazines is that they can be produced for any and every fetish or special sexual interest. If you have a particular interest and possibly want to keep that desire to yourself, you can find a sex magazine that caters to that desire, and then keep that sex magazine all for yourself in a private place. You can find sex magazines that feature mature models and teens, or focus on particular body parts like breasts, ass, feet or many more. There are also particular sex magazines called contact magazines. These magazines have ads in them that people, particularly swingers and fetishists, can use to meet other folks of like minds and similarly tingling sexy bits.

I'm ready to buy my own sex magazines, what now?

If you would like to buy your own sex magazines, we have quite the range that's sure to satisfy any desire. We recommend you browse our full range of sex magazines here: Buy Sex Magazines.

Need more help?

Would you like some more assistance before buying some sex magazines? We are only too happy to help! Please Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away!

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