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Buyer's Guide to Adult DVDs

There is no denying the impact that adult DVDs have had on our current culture. The successor to videotapes, adult DVDs ushered in a new era of pornography, one that valued higher quality content and a more direct link between digital recording and final product. As a result, DVD helped bring porn to more and more eager consumers, people who wanted to enjoy the pleasures of sex vicariously, through the experiences of their favourite performers on screen.


Isn’t it easier to watch adult films online?

It is true, anyone with a computer can find porn. But most of what you will find is short snippets of content instead of the full masterpiece. Sure, that will do in a pinch, but there are limitations. It is much harder to find sexy educational material online. It is also rare to get full films. Instead, you’re fed bits. So when you want to kick back, relax and enjoy some great action, nothing beats a DVD.

DVDs are also better suited to viewing with a partner, both feature length and educational films. You can snuggle up together, maybe without clothes, and take in both informative content and hot, sexy action. Educational films can teach both of you a new trick or ten.


What types of adult DVDs are available?

Educational DVDsEducational DVDs:

Finally, we’ve crawled out from under the oppressive rock that has kept countless people from realizing their erotic potential. But now we can learn, freely and openly. Educational DVDs will teach so much about sex, things your parents and teachers wouldn’t touch.


Sex Technique DVDsSex Technique DVDs:

Everybody has a friend or lover who claims to have the best 'moves'. More often than not, those moves just aren’t really sexy at all. Instead, sex technique DVDs will teach you the best ways to help your partner experience pleasure from the true masters of sex.


Sex Position DVDsSex Position DVDs:

Far too many of us fall into the routine of The Big Three: missionary, doggie style and riding on top. This is really a shame considering how many other fantastic and hot positions there are for incredible sex. Check out our DVDs on sex positions to explore sex positioning creatively!


Kama Sutra DVDsKama Sutra DVDs:

The ancient Indian Hindu text is widely considered a significant and important work in the exploration of human sexuality. And it remains as popular now as it was when it was published. Discover new and sexy positions and techniques when you explore the beautiful and artistic depictions of sex with Kama Sutra DVDs.


Feature FilmsFeature Films:

Sometimes we want to learn about sex and sometimes we just want to watch it. In feature films, you can see and enjoy any of your favourite porn performers do all of the hottest acts imaginable. Featuring themes, stories and specific sexual variations, feature films will leave you gasping for more.


Audio CDsAudio CDs:

Sometimes we want to experience sex, both for education and fun, but we’re not capable of watching it on screen. Libraries, busses, restaurants... they all tend to frown on this. However, if you bring along a good pair of headphones and your sexy audio CDs, you’ll be able to take in some juicy sexual content without anyone knowing.


I'm ready to buy adult DVDs, what next?

So you'd like to buy your own adult DVDs, great! We recommend you browse our full range of adult DVDs here: Buy Adult DVDs.



Need more help?

Not quite sure which adult DVDs to choose and need a little help? Don't worry, we're only an email away! Please Contact Customer Care and a DVD expert from the Cherry Banana team will be more than happy to help you.


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