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Guide to Rabbit Vibrators

The animal kingdom has inspired our sex lives in countless ways. After all, two of the most common sex positions are doggy style and reverse cowgirl. These are both connected to strong imagery of animalistic action and passion. However, one of the most popular and influential products has an animal-inspired name too­­, but it is all cute and cuddly instead.

Named for their unique shape, rabbit vibrators are loved for their versatile nature. Sure, rabbits might be sweet little creatures, but rabbit vibes truly bring to mind a saying about our fuzzy little friends: screw like bunnies. Because once you get your hands on a rabbit vibrator, you're going to want to use it over and over and over again!

What is a rabbit vibrator?

Rabbit VibratorsA rabbit vibrator is a phallic shaped vibrating sex toy that brings enormous pleasure both in and out of the bedroom. With a main shaft paired with a clitoral tickler in the shape of bunny ears, these sex toys offer a double dose of sexual pleasure - one for the vagina and one for the clitoris.

These amazing vibrators come in a variety of sizes, colours, textures and, most importantly, shapes. And it is that unique shape that I mentioned above that sets these sex toys apart in the marketplace. For a long time there were dildos and vibrators to be used internally and there were some to be used externally. Fortunately, some absolute genius decided to combine these two sensations together by adding an extension to an internal vibe and presto! Orgasmic bliss!

That added bit is the key. While there are many unique and exciting models for you to discover, the general idea is that the extension also vibrates, tickling the clitoris while the shaft is deep inside the vulva, stimulating other sensitive areas. This provides women with a double action toy that is capable of capturing her attention in multiple ways!

On classic rabbit vibrators, the extension actually ends in two soft, flexible prongs, looking much like bunny ears. Some other common variations to this tickler are a butterfly or dolphin. These are perfectly positioned to line ­up with the clitoris when the vibe is inserted into the vagina. And when the power is turned on, they vibrate against the clit to produce fantastic sensations.

As the toy has evolved, different models feature different versions of the extension with a variety of shapes and textures. Some are more solid nubs and others play with the prong theme. Each offers something hot and different! If you or your partner enjoy direct clitoral stimulation, try a nub tickler. They provide direct stimulation of the clit. If the preference is indirect clitoral touch, the prong versions are a great addition. The little tines vibrate on either side of the clitoris­­ in a less direct, though no less awesome type of clitoral stimulation.

How do I use a rabbit vibrator?

Using a rabbit vibrator is a very personal experience, and based on that, there is no right or wrong way to use one. How you decide to 'get off' is entirely up to you. You may prefer clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration or a combination of the two. The good news is a rabbit vibrator offers all of this - and more.

Rabbit vibrators work best when the shaft of the toy is inserted into the vagina. The shaft can come in an array of different sizes and designs, some with smooth, sleek surfaces for easy insertion and others with curved, rippled and beaded shafts for extra stimulation. Some offer basic vibration that can be felt throughout the entire shaft, while some offer this plus rotation to hit those feel good places like the G-spot. Before inserting your vibe into your love cave we recommend applying a generous amount of lubricant.

Once your rabbit vibrator is inserted now is the time to pay special attention to the clit tickler. No matter if you choose a nub, rabbit, dolphin or butterfly tickler, it is going to work in a similar fashion. Make sure it is in reach of or touching the clitoris. You can choose to apply light pressure for sexy sensations or firm pressure for a full-on buzz.

Rabbit VibratorsWhen you get familiar with the sensations, now is the time to explore the vibration settings. Depending on what particular rabbit vibrator you choose, many offer two different controls - one for the shaft and one for the tickler. When playing with the shaft you'll notice a variety of different sensations. If you choose a rotating shaft, it will squirm and twist inside you, sending quivers of pleasure as the beads turn and the head twists inside. Some will just vibrate and they're great too, it depends on your personal preference and how you prefer to be stimulated the most.

The really fun part is sorting through the vibration settings on the clitoral tickler. Many offer a multitude of settings from a gradual buzz to a roller-coaster ride. Play with them all and get familiar with the different sensations each setting provides. Some may be a little strange at first, but once you get used to them and relax your body you'll soon be overcome with unbearable pleasure. If you're new to rabbit vibes and especially clitoral stimulation, we recommend having the vibration setting down low to get you started and slowly increase as your confidence grows. When you're on the verge of climax and can't hold on any longer, turn the vibration up to its full capacity for a toe curling orgasm you won't soon forget.

Once you've finished ravishing your body and are calling it a night, remember to clean your rabbit vibrator with a sex toy cleaner to ensure it's hygienically clean. You should also do this before using it.

Tips and tricks to try with a rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are as close to the complete package in a sex toy as it gets. Because they have so many possibilities, be sure to give these tricks a try to heighten your pleasure.

1. Vary your internal action

Remember that rabbit vibes are essentially an enhanced vaginal vibrator. They are meant to be, and are greatly enjoyable when inserted. However, the vibrating tines might tempt you to keep the vibe still once it is inside. For sure, this is going to concentrate both the inner and outer vibrations to specific spots. But, some of the best sex you'll ever have is sex that incorporates random movements and sensations. So, be sure to try pumping the vibrator in and out of the vagina for a differently delicious experience. Not only will your or her vagina tingle as vibrations move throughout, but the random connections on the clitoris by the vibrating tines will provide surprising new thrills as they make quick contact.

2. Hand over the control

Because rabbit vibes are so powerful and great in providing orgasmic possibilities, it is no wonder that women love to take control and get themselves off with them. Rabbit vibrators are action packed with pleasure and women know their bodies best. However, the key to a great relationship is communication­­ - particularly sexual communication. And one of the great ways to improve sexual communication is to teach your partner what you and your body love to feel. By handing over the vibrator and letting your partner explore your body as you offer suggestions and tips is a wonderful way to open or maintain sexual discussion and passion.

3. Incorporate it into sex

As noted, women will learn and know exactly how to pleasure themselves with a rabbit vibrator once they get familiar with it. They will know how to drive themselves wild with pleasure. And maybe she'll want to share that erotic energy at the same time! While the two of you get hot and excited and she gets really into her vibrating buddy, the two of you can couple that activity with her performing oral sex on you. If you or she is someone who actively enjoys going down on your partner, the added stimulation of providing pleasure and bringing yourself to orgasm at the same time can be magical.

How can I buy a rabbit vibrator?

Are you ready to enjoy the buzz of a rabbit vibrator? Is the thought of flickering ears and a vibrating shaft pleasuring you in new and exciting ways turning you on? We thought it might be, we felt exactly the same way when we wrote this guide. You can explore our complete collection of buzzing bunny vibes here: Buy a Rabbit Vibrator.

Need more help?

There's certainly a lot to learn about rabbit vibrators, so if you need a little more help before making a purchase we would be happy to assist. Just Contact Customer Care and one of our friendly staff members will talk you through the ups and downs of rabbit vibrators and help you find the perfect one for you.

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