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Beginner's Guide to Vibrators

VibratorsPeople have created some pretty phenomenal things, you know? Airplanes, cars, the Internet, television... and vibrators! While vibrating sex toys may not rank highly on everybody’s list of notable human accomplishments, it is hard to argue with the tremendous influence they have on our lives. Many people have greatly benefited from the additional buzz and whir of our sexy mechanical friends to achieve lovely sexual heights.

Initially conceived to treat hysteria, a supposed mental illness specific to women, vibrators and vibration toys have revolutionized how people have sex. Incorporating these devices into our sex lives have changed relationships and opened people to many new experiences.

As you begin to explore the fun of vibrators, it is key to remember there are many different types. When you think about what you want, there are a number of different factors to consider.

Think about what kind of stimulation you like

The first thing to think about is what kind of stimulation you’re interested in. Do you want external or internal vibrations? Something for your clitoris or possibly your G-spot? Will you be using it alone or with a partner? What level of intensity are you after?

These are all important considerations. Many vibrators are specifically designed for clitoral stimulation, but they can be wonderfully versatile. Women and men can enjoy the wonderful buzz these toys give, in all the right places. Turn up the speed to go for a powerful and intense orgasm. Keep it low for a longer­ lasting sensation. Any way you do it, vibrators are sure to bring you a lot of pleasure.

There are some practical considerations too. Some people are put off by the sound of some vibrators. If you live in a shared space, you might not want a vibrator that makes a lot of noise. Fortunately, technology is advancing and toys are getting quieter all the time. Also, what type of power source do you think would be best for you? Vibrators come in three basic versions: battery­ operated, plug­in and rechargeable. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Batteries are convenient, but a sad situation if you run out in the middle of a session. Plugged in versions are entirely reliable, but not necessarily convenient if the wall outlet is too far away. And rechargeable vibes are great for the environment but can take hours to repower if you run out of juice half way through your sexy session.

I'm a WOMAN looking for: Try a:
Clitoral stimulation Clitoral Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator, Egg Vibrator, Massaging Wand
Internal vaginal or G-spot stimulation Classic Vibrator, G-Spot Vibrator, Rotating Vibrator
Both clitoral and vaginal stimulation Rabbit Vibrator, Rotating Vibrator, Double Entry Vibrator
Life-like look and feel Realistic Vibrator
Something very discreet Discreet Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator, Wireless Vibrator, Clitoral Vibrator
Anal stimulation Anal Vibrator

I'm a MAN looking for: Try a:
Lifelike look and feel Realistic Vibrator
Discreet and non-anatomical Discreet Vibrator, Wireless Vibrator
Prostate stimulation Anal Vibrator
Something BIG Big Vibrator

We're a COUPLE looking for: Try a:
A vibrator to improve sex Vibrating Panties, Magic Wand, Dual Entry Vibrator, Finger Vibrator
A vibrator to use together on him Strap-On Vibrator, Anal Vibrator
A vibrator to use together on her Bullet Vibrator, Remote Control Vibrator, Rabbit Vibrator
Something different Thrusting Vibrator, Suction Cup Vibrator, Glass Vibrator, Metal Vibrator

Vibrator Types

Rather than have you just sorting through our range of vibrators willy-nilly, we've written this guide to help you get familiar with our complete vibrator range and understand how each one works.

Classic VibratorsClassic Vibrators: Everybody remembers their first, and for many people, their first vibrator was a classic. These no-nonsense toys have been a favourite for years because they are so good at providing sexy pleasure. Whether you like to slide them into your vagina, stimulate your vulva or focus erotic attention on your clitoris, a classic vibrator will always find the right spot. Easy to use and simple in design, classic vibrators are definitely in the Bedroom of Fame.

Learn more in our Guide to Classic Vibrators.

Rabbit VibratorsRabbit Vibrators: Double the pleasure, double the fun! Rabbit vibrators take the traditional sensations of penetration and combine them with the electric thrills of clitoral stimulation and produce orgasms that take you to new heights of pleasure. The strong vibe power of rabbit vibrators ensures you get the best of both worlds. Slide one in and enjoy both!

Learn more in our Guide to Rabbit Vibrators.

G­-spot VibratorsG-spot Vibrators: It is hard to believe people aren't sure whether or not the G-spot even exists. They certainly haven't experienced an orgasm from a G-spot vibrator! Specially curved to touch you in the best possible way, these toys expertly centre vibration and sensation on an area that can produce the most amazing orgasm a woman will ever experience. If you have had difficulty achieving a G-spot orgasm, one of these vibrators will surely help you live that sexy dream.

Learn more in our Guide to G-spot Vibrators.

Clitoral VibratorsClitoral Vibrators: There is a common misconception that a woman's sexual pleasure is penetration and vaginal stimulation. In reality, most women cannot orgasm through penetration alone. Instead, clitoral stimulation is key to gratifying sexual fun for many women. And clit fun goes to a whole new level with a clitoral vibrator. Many different models are specially designed with different types of tips to stroke, tease and drive you wild - through your clitoris. A must have!

Learn more in our Guide to Clitoral Vibrators.

Bullet VibratorsBullet Vibrators: Some vibrators can take touch out of the vulva pleasure. But bullet vibrators, given their size and how best to hold them, ensure that you or your partner are more likely to achieve skin-to-skin contact. Plus, these little toys feature extremely powerful motors that can easily please. They are a great vibe to use during all aspects of sex, from foreplay to intercourse.

Learn more in our Guide to Bullet Vibrators.

Egg VibratorsEgg Vibrators: The great thing about egg vibrators is their versatility. Great to use both internally and externally, these sex toys are smooth and comfortable, while still packing a fantastic vibration kick. Egg vibrators are great to lube up and roll all-around your or your partner's vulva. Let the toy roll and enjoy the sensations all over!

Learn more in our Guide to Egg Vibrators.

Finger VibratorsFinger Vibrators: Do you remember the slogan "Let your fingers do the walking?" Well, you can take that sage advice and apply it to your sexy fun. Finger vibrators attach to the tips of your fingers and allow you to give yourself or your partner the unbelievable sensation of vibration anywhere on their body. Use them for a great massage or tease all of your hottest spots - with the touch of a finger.

Learn more in our Guide to Finger Vibrators.

Big VibratorsBig Vibrators: While it may be true that for most people we shouldn't focus on size, the great thing about sex toys is they don't have feelings and can't get upset when you choose a bigger one. And for some people, size really does matter. For those who need a little more to feel full, big vibrators can fulfil your needs. Many big vibrators are realistic looking, but the shape is far less important than the size. Find the big boy you need!

Learn more in our Guide to Big Vibrators.

Slim VibratorsSlim Vibrators: If big isn't your thing, then maybe a more demure vibe is right for you. Slim vibrators pack all the power of other bigger vibrators into a smaller, streamlined package. Great for slipping inside the vagina or directly stimulating the clitoris, slim vibrators are also a great way to try new things, such as anal vibration fun. With slim vibrators, the options are limitless.

Learn more in our Guide to Slim Vibrators.

Smooth VibratorsSmooth Vibrators: There is always something so sensual about gliding your hand over a new pane of glass. So smooth, but so sexy. Smooth vibrators can glide over any part of your body, taking your pleasure to the edge over and over again. Smooth vibrators are strong and sturdy and completely irresistible.

Learn more in our Guide to Smooth Vibrators.

Ribbed VibratorsRibbed Vibrators: As opposed to smooth vibrators, some people really love the unique shapes some vibrators come in! Ribbed vibrators feature ripples down the shaft of the toy and can definitely stimulate vaginal walls for extremely awesome times. There are many different models with different rib sizes - and we know you'll have a great time finding the perfect one.

Learn more in our Guide to Ribbed Vibrators.

Textured VibratorsTextured Vibrators: Taking tactile sensations one step further are the many different textured vibrators available to massage all of your sexy bits. From nubs to ripples to veins to bumps, there are many different variations on this vibration theme. Whether you use textured vibrators to stimulate your clitoris and vulva or internally to get some deep sensation in your vagina, the different textures are an amazing addition to vibration!

Learn more in our Guide to Textured Vibrators.

Realistic VibratorsRealistic Vibrators: For some folks, there ain’t nothing like the real thing. Realistic vibrators take all of the sexiest parts we love about penises to give you big-time thrills and orgasms! Whether you like big heads, lots of veins, different skin tones or more, you’ll find a realistic vibrator that turns you on just as much as an actual penis would. And remember, these look and feel like the real thing, and also feature sexy vibes!

Learn more in our Guide to Realistic Vibrators.

Beaded VibratorsBeaded Vibrators: A great addition to the world of vibrators has been the hybrid beaded vibrators. Combining amazing texture with movement and vibration make these toys an unbelievable experience. Beaded vibrators offer sensation throughout - from clitoral to vulva to deep vaginal stimulation, you’ll be amazed at how sensitive these toys will make you. And how hard they’ll make you orgasm.

Learn more in our Guide to Beaded Vibrators.

Rotating VibratorsRotating Vibrators: One of the best parts of sex is exploring new sensations that you might not have ever guessed would feel so good! Rotating vibrators offer that kind of thrill. In a way, they can simulate the movement of fingers deep in a vagina, the swirling movement of the head of the toy acting as fingers sometimes do. As the head moves around and around, it comes in contact with the walls, and as they tighten towards orgasm, amazing things happen.

Learn more in our Guide to Rotating Vibrators.

Thrusting VibratorsThrusting Vibrators: Everybody likes different things about sex and different kinds of stimulation. One of the hottest parts of penetrative sex is when the action really picks up with some deep thrusting action. While most vibrators make you simulate that motion on your own, thrusting vibrators take care of that with unique mechanisms that literally push you to new realms of pleasure. With the end of the toy thrusting deep inside you and vibrations coursing through you, get ready for amazing orgasms!

Learn more in our Guide to Thrusting Vibrators.

Discreet VibratorsDiscreet Vibrators: The thing about sex toys is that they look like sex toys. And not everybody wants that! Some people want their toys to not be obvious to the naked eye - just to their naked self! These are the folks discreet vibrators are made for. Available in a variety of non-sexual shapes and sizes, these vibes pack all of the power of other vibrators, but maintain a little decorum on the bedside table.

Learn more in our Guide to Discreet Vibrators.

Deluxe VibratorsDeluxe Vibrators: Everybody deserves a little pampering and a little extra care. There are a wide-variety of vibrators out there, but deluxe vibrators take pleasure to the next level. These toys might be a bit more expensive, but they are definitely worth the investment in your pleasure. One of the great benefits of deluxe vibrators is their ability to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Consider a deluxe vibrator an investment in your future.

Learn more in our Guide to Deluxe Vibrators.

Suction Cup VibratorsSuction Cup Vibrators: Our hands are, obviously, an important part of our sex. Whether we’re touching someone else or ourselves, sometimes we need both of them free! That makes suction cup vibrators so appealing and amazing. You just stick the toy to a surface and then your hands are free to explore any and everywhere else!

Learn more in our Guide to Suction Cup Vibrators.

Double Entry VibratorsDouble Entry Vibrators: Anybody who says one is enough might not be getting the most out of life! One of the best things that isn’t a singular experience is double entry vibrators. These toys take pleasure to the extreme by expanding the different erogenous zones you’ll be enjoying. Whether you are extending from vagina to clitoris or vagina to anus, double entry vibrators ensure you will stimulate many different sensitive spots!

Learn more in our Guide to Double Entry Vibrators.

Anal VibratorsAnal Vibrators: Pleasure takes many different forms and one of the increasingly popular forms is anal exploration. People have discovered just how much fun and orgasmic ass fun can be. Of course, a hot way to explore the unique and delightful sensations to be found in the anus is with an anal vibrator. These toys are typically slimmer and a little easier to insert than regular vibrators for nothing but the best feelings!

Learn more in our Guide to Anal Vibrators.

Waterproof VibratorsWaterproof Vibrators: Sometimes the sexiest spot in the house isn’t the bed - sometimes it is the shower! Everybody loves the feeling of warm water cascading over their naked bodies, and now you can enjoy the feeling of hot vibration at the same time with waterproof vibrators! Entirely safe to take in the water, these toys will let you enjoy the sumptuous luxury of water caresses while being pleasured in your own personal oasis.

Learn more in our Guide to Waterproof Vibrators.

Glass VibratorsGlass Vibrators: Sex toys come in a variety of different materials and everybody has their preference. But not everybody knows that there are some materials being used that can blow your mind! Glass vibrators are an extremely intriguing toy - glass just seems so unusual! But really it is perfect for those who like their toys to have some strength and tension to them. Glass is also an excellent conductor of vibration!

Learn more in our Guide to Glass Vibrators.

Metal VibratorsMetal Vibrators: Much like glass vibrators, metal isn’t usually associated with sex toys. It seems cold and harsh. Really, metal is an excellent sex toy material - and perfect for vibrators! The metal actually warms to the user's body temperature and is so sleek and smooth. Metal is also an excellent conduit of vibration, so you can be assured you will be feeling the fun all over!

Learn more in our Guide to Metal Vibrators.

Remote VibratorsRemote Vibrators: One of the best ways to play with a partner is to bring a remote vibrator into the bedroom. You can lay back, hold the toy in just the right place and let your partner tease and please you! With many different speeds and settings, you’ll be taken up and down the sexy thrill roller coaster over and over again. Of course, you can also do all of this on your own too. A great, versatile toy!

Learn more in our Guide to Remote Vibrators.

Wireless VibratorsWireless Vibrators: If you like the sound of what remote vibrators can do, imagine taking your pleasure to the deluxe level by choosing a wireless vibrator. You can add a new dimension of control play with these toys as your partner can be on the other side of the room controlling your pleasure. Or, you can just look at it from a practical sense: no wires in the way!

Learn more in our Guide to Wireless Vibrators.

Rechargeable VibratorsRechargeable Vibrators: Concerned about the environment - but still want hot orgasms? Don’t want to be caught with no batteries in the house? Pick up a rechargeable vibrator! Featuring long-lasting charge and amazing sensations, these toys pack a sexy punch. And when you’re done, you just plug them in and get ready for next time!

Learn more in our Guide to Rechargeable Vibrators.

Strap-On VibratorsStrap-On Vibrators: Even if you weren’t born with all of the equipment, it doesn’t mean you can't be the top in some great sex! Strap-on vibrators attach with a harness for explosively sexy experiences. Women can relish the experience of being the penetrating partner and giving their partner deep vibration through intense intercourse. And some models even ensure she gets some of that sexy feeling too!

Learn more in our Guide to Strap-on Vibrators.

Massagers & WandsMassagers & Wands: The majority of women can only reach orgasm with the help of clitoral stimulation. This is where a massager and wand comes into play - these powerful sex toys certainly have what it takes to tip you over the edge. There's a vast range of different shapes, sizes, colours and styles, each one offering a unique sensation that will drive you wild. They are perfect for using by yourself for solo pleasure and even better when used with other sex toys or during sexual intercourse, just place it on your clit and enjoy!

Learn more in our Guide to Massagers & Wands.

Vibrating PantiesVibrating Panties: Have you ever wanted to walk around and enjoy some sexy sensations - all without anyone knowing? Slip on a pair of vibrating panties and you can do your shopping, lead a board meeting or enjoy time with friends while a nice little buzz keeps a smile on your face. Controlled by a remote control in your pocket, vibrating panties will make all of those everyday activities so much more fun!

Learn more in our Guide to Vibrating Panties.

Okay I'm ready to buy a vibrator, what next?

Congratulations for deciding it's time to take the plunge (no pun intended) and buy a vibrator. If you've read this far you're well on your way to becoming a vibrator expert! Just follow this link and you can start browsing our impressive collection: Buy Vibrators.

Need more help?

Getting familiar with all the vibrator types on the market can be a little overwhelming, so if you need any more help before making a purchase we're here to assist! Feel free to Contact Customer Care and one of our vibrator experts can help you choose the perfect vibe for you.

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