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Guide to Waterproof Vibrators

When we’re young, taking toys into the bath is only natural. Who can ever forget their first rubber ducky? Once we grow up, toys are too often replaced with a get clean and then get on with your day mentality. However, being surrounded by warm, cascading water - be that in a bath, a shower or even a spa - brings out feelings of both comfort and excitement. The soothing water might relax your muscles to take the stresses of life away, and it might ease your mind to let you concentrate on more appealing thoughts.

Now you can entertain good and sexy thoughts all the more by harkening back to those rubber ducky days and bringing a sex toy into the water with you. The idea of bringing an electrical appliance into the tub seems dangerous, but don’t worry, waterproof vibrators are safe and great to use when you’re looking to get a little dirty before you get clean.

What is a waterproof vibrator?

Waterproof VibratorsA waterproof vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that can be fully submerged in water. This makes them an ideal toy to bring into the shower, bath, spa and a variety of other wet and fun locations. Because they can be wet to your hearts content, they are also easier to clean as you don't have to worry about damaging any part of the toy with water.

Waterproof vibrators come in an abundance of wonderful shapes, sizes, functions and colours so you can choose the perfect vibe for you. Some have straight shafts to give them a simple and classic feel, while others are curved, rippled and filled with interesting nooks and crannies to stimulate you in all kinds of unique ways. They can range in size from under an inch, like our bullet vibrators, to over 18 inches, like some of our massive vibrators. They can range differently in their functions, with some basic waterproof vibes offering simple on/off vibration and other more technologically advanced vibes offering a multitude of vibrating speeds and rhythms that will delight in all kinds of new and exciting ways.

This array of product specifications ensures you can find the perfect waterproof vibrator to suit your needs, no matter if you're a fan of blue, pink, green or yellow. Once you do find a waterproof vibe that meets all of your requirements, we imagine you're going to become a water-lover very soon indeed.

Do I really need my vibrator to be waterproof?

While it isn't essential for your vibrator to be waterproof, if you plan to use it in the bath, shower, spa or other water locations, it is. Adding water to the equation opens up more possibilities for you and your pleasure, and more possibilities when it comes to sex is always a great thing! Besides, having a shower or bath is the perfect time to enjoy a vibrator!

One of the really great words to describe sex is wet - wet and wild. By the very nature of how our bodies work, fluids and flow are a necessary part of the good time. So, it only makes sense that we need sex toys that are able to be submerged into our deepest fantasies. In reality, most of the vibrators sold online at Cherry Banana are waterproof for that very reason. Vibrators are going to get wet, but not just with our own luscious liquids. We know that sexy playtime in the bath, shower or spa is a must try whenever you get the chance!

Of course, bringing an electrical device into a water environment is a risky proposition, but that’s why most vibrators are waterproof. Battery casings are sealed in a waterproof compartment and the motor is protected as well. Not only do we want to ensure you stay safe, but that your vibe does as well.

What size waterproof vibrator is right for me?

When choosing the right sized waterproof vibrator for you, it's going to come down to a few key factors. The first is your experience level with sex toys and vibrators in general. If you're new to the joys of vibes and want something to get you started, a smaller, thinner vibrator would be the better option. Once you learn how it stimulates and reacts to your body you can always increase the size and shape of your next vibe. It's not a race, take it slow and listen to your body. We'll always be here when you're ready to upgrade!

If you know your way around a vibrator already and are looking for something new to get you off, you probably know what sizes you like the most. This is probably where you'll be looking for more than just size. Think of it as a package, what other great features should your vibe offer? Do you want it to be single speed or multi speed? Do you want it to be smooth or textured? Do you want it to be straight or curved? Once you decide exactly how you plan to use your vibe and a few specifications it should have, choosing the perfect vibe for you will be an easy and fun task.

Will my waterproof vibrator make bath sex easier?

Waterproof VibratorsUsing a waterproof vibrator in the shower, bath or spa makes it easier to give and receive pleasure. People are naturally drawn to water - so it makes sense we’d want to get busy in the stuff too! If you’ve ever had shower, bath or spa sex, you know that the actual intercourse part can be tricky. Tubs are very slippery and very hard and it can be difficult to get a good position where one or both of you isn’t uncomfortable.

However, if you settle in with a waterproof vibrator, on your own or with a partner, whoever is enjoying the waves of pleasure can stretch out on their back and enjoy the waves of pleasure. Seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve used a waterproof vibrator in the bath, with it fully submerged. That orgasm is something special! If you have access to a spa or whirlpool bath, it is even better!

How do I use a waterproof vibrator?

Using a waterproof vibrator isn’t like trying out a new toy. In fact, you'll probably use it in your bedroom too. The variable here is the water and how it can make your sex a whole new experience.

If you’re bringing the vibe into the bath, be sure to take some time with it and don’t just go right for your tingly bits. The warm water will make your skin extra sensitive, so running the toy up and down your legs, arms, belly and pelvis will feel wonderful and get you even more excited. This also works great in the shower, as an alternating sensation between the pounding of the waterdrops and the buzz of the vibe.

Once you decide you’re ready for more (even if that is just 10 seconds!), pleasure yourself or your partner in the same way you would on dry land. It may seem the same, but it will feel completely different. The little bit of motion in the water with the vibrator will ripple around the genitals in the most delicious way. Orgasms underwater are unbelievable - the warmth envelopes all of your muscles and is both thrilling and relaxing at the same time.

If you like using your waterproof vibrator for penetration, remember that water is great and slippery, but it isn’t an effective long­-term lubricant. It is a good idea to add a silicone or oil-based lubricant to your underwater exploration to avoid irritation. A water-based lube isn't going to work very well in a water environment, so stick to silicone and oil-based and your vibe will be sliding in and out to your hearts content.

How can I buy a waterproof vibrator?

Does the thought of having your vibrator join you in the shower or bath turn you on? We thought it might. If you're ready to get wet and slippery, you can explore our full range of waterproof vibes here: Buy a Waterproof Vibrator.

Need more help?

Do you need a little help choosing the right waterproof vibrator for you? Don't fear, help is near! Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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