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Guide to Wireless Vibrators

Have you ever wanted to play puppet master? Have you ever wanted someone else’s desire to hinge on your whims? Fantasy and pleasure can take on a brand new twist when control and submission enter the relationship. By taking hold of someone else’s desires and only fulfilling their needs on your time, the person who wields the control maintains both a physical and a psychological hold on their partner. They can be across a room or inches apart - that power relationship is established.

If this appeals, as either the person in control or the person being controlled, a perfect sex toy that could change everything you know about dominance and submission is the wireless vibrator. Imagine the anticipation of laying back on a bed, naked and wanting, waiting for your lover to give you the sweet vibration you need to orgasm. Or maybe you’re the one with the remote, holding back and teasing.

What is a wireless vibrator?

Wireless VibratorsA wireless vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that offers couples complete control over each other's pleasure. Have you ever had fantasies of giving up complete control of your body to another person? This can take many different forms, including many types of BDSM and roleplay. One of the hottest ways is giving your partner the power to drive you to - or keep you from achieving - that mind-blowing orgasm you desperately desire.

To fulfil this fantasy, you’ve got to try a wireless vibrator. Coming in many different shapes, sizes and textures, wireless vibrators are the ultimate way to hand over, literally, the control of your pleasure to another person. With multiple models and ways to hold the vibe in place, a wireless remote control can activate the toy whenever the holder wants to. Maybe they turn it on a slow setting and let your passion simmer and build. Maybe they turn it on to high and jolt you into sexual ecstasy! With wireless vibrators, the options truly are limitless.

What size wireless vibrator is right for me?

Picking the right size wireless vibrator truly depends on how you want to use it. If you’ve got a bit of a public sex fantasy, you’ll likely want a smaller remote vibe so that it will fit between your or your partner’s legs. Imagine slipping one in and walking around with it on! Or sitting on the bus, or as the passenger in a car. So many different stimulations will drive you wild. A small wireless vibe will also work for a male. He can hold it in place against his hard penis while his partner turns it on and off. If you’re planning on using the sex toy at home, a larger version might work better to hold in place against your or your partner’s vulva or clitoris - or both!

Once you get familiar with wireless vibrators you can get creative and try a variety of different shapes and sizes. Try something on the smaller side, something on the larger side and something in-between. Make sure you explore different parts of your or your partner's body at the same time!

What is edging?

You know how hot it can be to move closer and closer to orgasm. That build up and that anticipation can be the sexiest part of the whole experience. Some people enjoy making that build up the main focus of the sexual experience. This is called edging. You get yourself or bring your partner closer and closer to climax, but stop just short time and time again. This could go on for hours and hours if you like, heightening the experience for all involved as time ticks by before an orgasm is allowed. Wireless vibrators are a perfect addition to edging and will give you complete control over their pleasure.

How do I use a wireless vibrator?

Wireless VibratorsAs with other vibrators, wireless vibes are ideal for clitoral stimulation. Of course, they can be used on other sensitive parts of the body, but when it comes down to it, the clit is where it is at. The difference between wireless vibrators and others is the control factor. Giving up control is a significantly sexy, psychological act and giving your partner the control of your sex is as hot in your brain as it is in your groin.

And there are many different ways to experience this sensation. You could use the wireless vibrator on your partner - and blindfold her. She’ll never know when you’re going to turn it on. Or, you could sit across the room while she lounges on or, if you’re into further BDSM, is tied to the bed. Being a spectator to the control you have will drive anyone wild!

At the same time, while she is at the whim of your desires, her own excitement will build each time you turn the wireless vibe on, turn it up or change the vibration pattern. Not knowing when or for how long you’re going to be given the opportunity to experience pleasure can put a delicious pressure on your urges to orgasm. Pushing for it to happen, not knowing when the wireless vibe will turn off is a huge turn on and will make the eventual climax that much stronger and powerful.

Of course, don’t forget that this action doesn’t have to take place at home. Slip a wireless vibrator into her panties and keep the control handy in your pocket. Watching her react to the stimulation in different public settings will be so exciting! And for her, the feeling of being secretly pleasured can be another strongly sexy bit of psychology.

Okay, I want to buy a wireless vibrator, what next?

Is the thought of hands-free pleasure with your partner turning you on? We thought it might be. The good news is we have a fantastic range of wireless vibrators that will stimulate you in all sorts of new and exciting ways. You can explore our full range at the following link: Buy a Wireless Vibrator.

Need more help?

Still not sure if a wireless vibrator is right for you? Don't fear, help is near! We would love to help you on your quest for the perfect vibe. Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be glad to assist you.

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