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Guide to Remote Controlled Vibrators

Sexual tension can make any encounter that much more thrilling and exciting. When the two of you just look at each other and know what you both want - but can’t quite take - you will be smouldering in erotic anticipation. And even if you can do whatever you want, slowing things down and drawing your foreplay out can lead to even bigger and better orgasmic bliss.

One of the best ways to create strong sexual tension is by incorporating some teasing fun with a remote vibrator. A fantastic sex toy for couples, remote vibrators can be incorporated into sex play in unique and exciting ways to bring more and more tension, more and more stimulation until you or your partner are ready to take pleasure to the next level.

What is a remote vibrator?

Remote VibratorsRemote vibrators are innovative vibrating sex toys that are controlled with the use of a remote control. The control itself can either be attached to the vibrator with a cord or completely wireless for even more possibilities. Being able to control the vibration speed and function of your vibrator with a remote means you don't have to fumble around the base of your toy and ruin the awesome positioning half way through!

Remote vibrators are one of the hottest ways to play solo or with a partner. While other vibrators are great and can serve many purposes, remote vibrators give your hands more flexibility to crank up the speed or go for a slow, easy orgasm.

Coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials and textures, remote vibrators require less attention from both of your hands if you’re masturbating. While you hold the toy in place, you can change the speed and vibration patterns with the touch of your thumb or finger. Then you can set the control down and enjoy the ride. Or maybe you’ll let your partner take control!

What size remote vibrator is right for me?

Remote vibrators come in so many different shapes and sizes, you’ll always have lots to choose from. Smaller versions might be easier to hold in one hand while you control the tempo with your other. Larger ones could nestle firmly in place between your or your partner’s thighs, snuggly caressing the vulva and clitoris while you set the vibration. You can then drop the control and orgasm hands free! Another consideration is slipping the remote vibrator in a pair of panties. You’ll definitely need to consider the size then.

Once you gain some experience with vibrators and learn what kind of shapes, sizes and sensations you like to feel, choosing the perfect remote vibrator will be a much easier task. If you're new to vibrators we suggest starting with something on the smaller side to begin with. Once you're ready to move up and try something a little bigger, we'll be here with an amazing selection on hand. If you already consider yourself a bit of a vibrator expert and are looking for a new addition to your collection, you can try something a little out of the ordinary. A curved tip, textured shaft and wide girth perhaps?

Can I use a remote vibrator on the go?

One of the great things about remote vibrators is that they have the potential to be used on the go - when you're out and about running your errands. Remote vibes, especially wireless ones and vibrating panties, allow you to go outside and enjoy the world while you pleasure yourself at the same time! Some models are very quiet and it is possible to have some sexy time in a public space. Or, if you still want to get that out­-of­-doors sensation but not be so blatant about it, slip a remote vibe in and then go for a drive with your partner.

Even better, give the remote to your partner and let them surprise you with vibrations when you least expect it. Shopping for the groceries, driving to work, eating out at a restaurant... the sky is the limit to potential locations and scenarios to use your remote vibe in!

How do I use a remote vibrator?

Remote VibratorsDue to their versatility, remote controlled vibrators can be used in a variety of fun and exciting ways that are sure to get you off. The great thing about them is there is no right or wrong way, how you decide to get off is entirely up to you! The only limit is your imagination.

In saying that, most remote vibrators are ideal for clitoral stimulation, although they can definitely create some awesome feelings against the vulva, anus and nipples. Because the controls are separate from the toy itself, the whole device is set up to bring you pleasure. With the whole surface of the sex toy vibrating, you can position it however you want and feel the joy! If it's big enough, it could be held against the length of the vulva, stimulating both the labia and the clitoris at the same time.

Of course, you don’t have to be the one in charge of the good times. If you’re playing with a partner, give the control over and let them pick the speed, vibration pattern - and even when it turns on and off! This randomness, as an orgasm builds in your or your partner, can be so hot! As the sensations increase and moans are filling the room, slow things down and take a breather. Then slowly ease back up to that speed. Repeat this pattern a few times, slowly and surely driving you and her wild!

Imagine lying back naked, your body open to the world. Your lover kneels beside you, gently caressing you, every part of your body. First with hands, then with lips, followed after by the delicious feel of a delicate tongue. Your body is there and ready for your partner to explore, play with and tease. You revel in and adore the attention.

But your partner carefully avoids one spot where you have a special treat tucked between your legs. You hold it there firmly, waiting, anticipating. It all feels so good that you don’t notice one of your partner’s hands leaving your body and flicking the switch until wonderful vibrations flood your genitals. You were already turned on, now you’re wild with passion!

How can I buy a remote controlled vibrator?

Are the possible locations and scenarios where you can use your remote vibrator running through your head? If you want to turn your devious plans into action and buy one for yourself and your partner, you can explore our full range of remote vibes here: Buy a Remote Controlled Vibrator.

Need more help?

Would you like some more help before choosing a remote controlled vibrator? Don't fear, help is near! Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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