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How to Clean Sex Toys

Sex Toy CleanersEverybody knows sex toys are for our down and dirty times, right? You know you’ve had great sex when your toys are sticky, slippery, wet and warm. They are there for our utmost enjoyment so let’s enjoy them fully.

However, whether you’re tickling clits or plugging butts, those toys need some TLC and should be looked after with care. Cleaning your sex toys is essential for our health and theirs. Nobody wants to encounter a dildo covered in fluids of last week!

Here are some ways to pamper your toys and keep them clean.

The basics

Clean your sex toys with a sex toy cleaner both before and after you use them. If one has been sitting around a while, it might have collected some dust or lint. Give it a clean and dry before getting it all wet again. And when you’re done, be sure to clean it again - thoroughly. Putting sex toys away without ensuring they are something you could eat off could result in bacteria growth or toy breakdown. Neither is a happy option. Also remember that toys should not be shared between playmates without first being cleaned.

Buy a sex toy cleaner

Use a sex toy cleaner

There are a number of sex toy cleaners on the market that will ensure your toys are always kept hygienically clean. These products are designed to keep those vibes, dildos and plugs in optimal shape. Sex toy cleaners do a great job, are quick and simple to use and could even be used in the heat of the moment to allow sex toys to move between partners. We always recommend using a sex toy cleaner over other methods as these products contain all the ingredients your toys need to keep them clean and ensure their longevity.

Wrap them up in condoms

A simple way to aid your clean-up process is to wrap your sex toys up in a condom before playing. This may take away some of the sensations of the sex toy, but you'll be able to play with complete confidence knowing your toy is safe.

Know the materials

Sex toys are made from a wide variety of materials, many of which have unique needs when it comes to being cleaned. Some toys, such as those made of silicone, steel, wood or glass, can be wiped down with a damp cloth and some anti­bacterial s ex toy cleaner. Silicone, steel and glass can also be boiled in hot water or run through a dishwasher - without the soap. Jelly, hard plastic and elastomer toys need a deep, thorough scrubbing, after first applying your toy cleaner.

Keep the power compartment safe

We really hope this goes without saying, but if you’re washing battery powered sex toys, be sure to remove the batteries before you immerse in water. Some toys list themselves as waterproof, others water resistant. Use your sex toy cleaner and a cloth with these toys.

Give them time

Once your toys are squeaky clean, ensure they are fully dry before you put them away (read our How to Store Sex Toys guide). It is best to leave your sex toys out to air dry. Wiping them with towels can leave bits of lint on them before you even put them away. Giving them room to breathe will keep them in tip­-top shape. And once they’re dry, you just might be ready to get them wet again!

Need more help?

If you're still a little unsure how to best clean your sex toys and need a little more help, please contact Customer Care. We'll help you get your sex toys sparkling clean so you can use them right away! Use our contact form and we'll reply as soon as possible.

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