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Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys

Beginner's Sex ToysIt has often been said that the world is our playground... and lucky for us we have a toy box full of fun. Sex toy box, that is! And the many toys we now have access to offer so many amazing experiences just waiting to be had. Sex toys come in so many delightful shapes, colours, sizes and textures that will surely bring much delight into your life.

However, there are so many great pleasure products out there, it could get a little intimidating navigating your way around, looking for just the toy to tickle your fancy. We’re here to help you out on your journey with this beginner’s guide to sex toys.

Sex toys can generally be divided into three types: sex toys for her, sex toys for him and sex toys for couples. This isn’t to say that individually­ based toys can’t be enjoyed with your lover - most certainly they can! Some toys are general and versatile in what they can do for you while others are more specific in their intended use. One great thing about all sex toys is that they are only limited by your imagination!

I'm a WOMAN looking for: Try a:
Clitoral stimulation Clitoral Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator, Vibrating Egg, Massaging Wand
Internal vaginal or G-spot stimulation Classic Vibrator, G-Spot Vibrator, Dildo
Both clitoral and vaginal stimulation Rabbit Vibrator
Life-like look and feel Realistic Dildo, Realistic Vibrator
Something very discreet Discreet Vibrator, Discreet Clitoral Toy, Bullet Vibrator

I'm a MAN looking for: Try a:
Lifelike look and feel Masturbation Toy, Sex Doll, Penis Sleeve
Discreet and non-anatomical Stealth Masturbator
Last longer in bed Delay Spray
Bigger, harder erection Cock Ring, Penis Pump, Male Enhancement
Realistic sex Sex Doll, Male Masturbator
Prostate stimulation Prostate Massager

We're a COUPLE looking for: Try a:
A sex toy to improve sex Cock Ring, Penis Sleeve, Butt Plug, Strap-On
A sex toy to use together on him Masturbation Toy, Prostate Toy, Penis Pump
A sex toy to use together on her Bullet Vibrator, Remote Control Vibrator, Vibrating Panties
Something a bit kinky Blindfold, Spanking Toy, Handcuffs

Sex Toys for Her

Women have some very specific needs when it comes to sex. Her anatomy is much less straightforward than his, so different women will react to different sensations. Some women can orgasm from thrusting penetration, while many more women get off from clitoral and G­-spot stimulation.

VibratorsVibrators: Based on this, Vibrators are extremely popular for her pleasure. To continue the theme of variety, vibrators come in many different shapes, speeds and strengths. Some are similar to dildos in shape, with their motor complimenting the shape. Others, such as rabbit vibrators, include vibration as an addition to penetration with a small extension tickling her clitoris. Others are small enough that they slip over the tips of the fingers for direct clitoral stimulation. And the grandmama of them all, the Magic Wand, is a powerful handheld tool that provides intense stimulation.

DildosDildos: While a good vibe can ensure a great orgasm, some women do want a feeling of being filled - and for this desire, Dildos do the trick. There are an unlimited array of shapes, sizes, textures and colours you can choose from. Really, pretty much anything you can fantasize about can come in dildo form. Many are penis shaped, but if that doesn’t turn you on, there are so many others to choose from. Until recently, dildos were predominantly made from jelly, a PVC/plastic substance that we’ve learned is not greatly body ­safe. Nowadays, silicone is becoming the choice dildo material... and it is awesome!

G­-spot StimulatorsG-spot Stimulators: The G-­spot remains a bit of a mystery to the science world, but women definitely know its wonderful erotic potential. And G­-spot Stimulators are out there to help get you there. Just the right stimulation to the G­-spot can provide you mind-­blowing orgasms over and over - and trust us, you want that! There are specific dildos and vibrators that act as specific G-­spot stimulators that get right to your special place... to take you to a special place!

Orgasm BallsOrgasm Balls: Even though they’ve got a bit of a silly name, Orgasm Balls are a wonderfully diverse sex toy that can get your sexy times started before you even get home. You can insert and wear these round or egg­-shaped orbs connected by a “string” discreetly around the house or out and about, turning you on the whole time. They move around inside you creating some deliciously discreet desire. And then, when the time is right, slowly pull them out, one at a time, for a hot experience!

Clitoral ToysClitoral Toys: The majority of women can only reach orgasm with the help of clitoral stimulation. This is where Clitoral Toys come into play - these small but powerful sex toys certainly have what it takes to tip you over the edge. There's a vast range of different shapes, sizes, colours and styles, each one offering a unique sensation that will drive you wild. They are perfect for using by yourself for solo pleasure and even better when used with other sex toys or during sexual intercourse, just place it on your clit and enjoy!

Breast and Nipple ToysBreast and Nipple Toys: Your breasts and nipples are filled with nerve endings just begging for pleasure. Luckily, for both you and your breasts sake, we have Breast and Nipple Toys that will please you in all sorts of ways. The most popular is nipple clamps, small clamps that are placed over the nipples. This mixture of pleasure and pain is truly quite divine, once you get used to it. You can also enlarge your nipples with a breast pump or perform a sexy dance for your partner with tassels.

Sex Toys for Him

Unlike women, men present less confusion when it comes to where and how to stimulate for pleasure. Most of the time his pleasure centre is going to be his penis, but that doesn’t mean his penis is his only happy place! There are many sex toys that focus on cock, but there are some others that just might be a surprise.

Masturbation ToysMasturbation Toys: Masturbation for a fella can be as simple as moving his hand up and down. However, it doesn’t need to be that simple! There are many Masturbation Toys out there a man can use to spice up his personal time - even when he’s just moving up and down. Some penis strokers are a simple sleeve of silicone or jelly material he can hold around his penis. Others are much more elaborate devices - with some of the most popular looking and feeling like body parts for maximum fantasy potential. Add a little lube and you get a brand new sensation.

Sex DollsSex Dolls: A male sex toy guide would not be complete without mention of a Sex Doll. These toys offer a man everything he could want in a partner. There's a huge selection available in the marketplace and we have quite the collection to choose from, some pretty basic and great when you need to blow your load, and others more advanced with realistic skin and features. You can choose between a variety of openings to penetrate and some are even so realistic you could take them out to dinner! They're great for all occasions no matter if it's some sexy time or a birthday party.

Penis PumpsPenis Pumps: For a thicker, harder and bigger erection that is sure to impress, a Penis Pump should be in your arsenal. A popular item amongst toilet humour (think Deuce Bigalow), these male toys should be taken a lot more seriously than they often are. When used with a correct and regular pumping routine, many men have noticed both short-term and long-term increases in penis length and girth. There's plenty of pumps available suitable for both beginners and pumping experts.

Penis SleevesPenis Sleeves: Just because you're born with your penis the way it is doesn't mean it has to stay that way, at least short term. Thankfully for all you fellas, Penis Sleeves are a great temporary method for giving your cock a bit of personality. You can use a penis sleeve to gain length, girth or texture that will ensure both you and your partner enjoy a new sexy experience every time. Some even offer vibration that adds extra stimulation. Not only are they great for pleasure, they're perfect for men with erectile difficulties.

Cock RingsCock Rings: Some sex toys not only feel great, they also serve a dual purpose. Cock Rings not only feel great when a guy wears one at the base of his penis, but they can also help him maintain a strong and hard erection. These nifty little rings, which can be jelly, silicone, steel or even leather, can make a guy last longer during intercourse - and who doesn't want that? We recommend every man own a cock ring and keep it close by; you never know when you'll need it!

Prostate MassagersProstate Massagers: The hidden jewel of men’s sexuality is their prostate. Many guys don’t even know the intense pleasure they can achieve by finding their love button, the poor sods. And there are special Prostate Massagers that reach right to that special place. These toys feel great with and without penis stimulation and can even give him an orgasm! Trust us when we say this, you got to try one for yourself!

Sex Toys for Couples

As we were growing up, we were always taught to share our toys. And that is great advice for sex toys! Playing with partners adds a whole new dimension to delicious desire. Of course, all of the above toys can be used with someone else, but some of the following are specifically designed to be enjoyed together.

Vibrating PantiesVibrating Panties: Vibrating Panties are great for couples to use in all sorts of sexy situations. They are perfect for foreplay to get the juices flowing, and perfect for taking out on the town to surprise your partner when they least expect it. We recommend them to couples wanting to try something different and experience pleasures in a new and exciting way. No matter if you're the one wearing it or the one in control, they're sure to turn you BOTH on.

Double Ended DildosDouble Ended Dildos: Double Ended Dildos are one of the most popular dildo types for couples, and for very good reasons. With dual ends of pleasure, these toys let the both of you in on the action (and sometimes more). If you've ever wanted to enjoy ass-to-ass, vagina-to-ass or any other sexy scenario you can think of, a double dildo lets you do just that. There are plenty of colours available from pink to blue and plenty of sizes available from small to large.

Strap-OnsStrap-Ons: One of the hottest ways to try something new in the bedroom is to switch things around - and a Strap-On is a must have for this! Strap-ons are a combination of a dildo and harness that's worn by a person who wants to be the one getting inside their partner. The great thing about strap­-ons is that they can change depending on the mood. Want something thicker? Longer? Smaller? You can mix and match to get just the right sensation! There's even hollow strap-ons that are perfect for men to use.

BDSM ToysBDSM Toys: The world has become much more attuned to the sexy potential of kink and BDSM and all of the BDSM Toys that come along with it. There are so many different ways to meld pain and pleasure in a delicious blend of erotic sensation. You can use paddles, cuffs, whips, gags, blindfolds and so much more to explore your and your partner’s limits and desires. There is a lot that goes along with BDSM, including communication and understanding each other, but these additions can take it up so many more notches of naughty fun.

Penis SleevesPenis Sleeves: We mentioned penis sleeves above under male toys, but they definitely need mention again here as they're perfect for couples to use. A Penis Sleeve allows for new and exciting sensations to be experienced during sex, for all parties involved. Not only can they can add length and girth to the penis, they provide stimulation with vibration or with their texture. Your partner can enjoy the feeling of a different penis while still making love to yours, and that's a win-win for all involved.

Vibrating Cock RingsVibrating Cock Rings: Never underestimate the power of a well-placed Vibrating Cock Ring. These male sex toys may be small in size, but their impact can be huge. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, each one provides amazing pleasure to both the penis and the vagina. If used during sex, the cock ring will vibrate onto the penis and down the shaft. If you choose a cock ring with a clit tickler, she will gain maximum pleasure as the tickler vibrates and stimulates her clitoris with each thrust. Definitely one to add to your collection!

Anal ToysAnal Toys: We've spoken a lot about penis and vaginal pleasure (and even breasts), but one thing yet to mention in detail is Anal Toys. These toys unlock a whole new world of pleasure that is hard to describe unless you try it. You may be a little uneasy at first with something going into your ass, but if you start off small and use plenty of lube, your experience should be very enjoyable. To help with your anal fantasies we have butt plugs, anal dildos, anal beads, anal vibrators and other delicious anal products that are guaranteed to satisfy.

Okay I'm ready to buy sex toys, what next?

If you think you're ready to start enjoying sex toys, head over to our main sex toys category here: Buy Sex Toys.

Need more help?

Starting out with sex toys can be quite overwhelming, so if you would like a little assistance before you get started we would love to help! Just Contact Customer Care and one of our sex toy experts will be in touch immediately. Don't be shy, ask us anything you like.

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