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How to Store Sex Toys

How to Store Sex ToysSex toys make a great addition to everyone's sex lives. Whether you use them on your own or with others, the added sensation these toys can bring can take you from 'oh' to 'OHOHOH!'. Because they are such an intimate friend, it is not unusual for special bonds to develop.

However, as with any great relationship, you've got to take special care of your friend to ensure you keep having a good time together. And it's important to know the specifics of how your sex toy likes to be pampered.

Keep them clean

Sex toys are made from a wide variety of materials. Dildos and vibrators alone are constantly evolving with better body­-safe materials. It is important to know what your playthings are made of to ensure you are cleaning them properly before putting them away. If you don't, sex toys can become a breeding ground for bacteria as they await your next sexy session. Many toys can be cleaned with a sex toy cleaner, others should take a turn through boiling water and others should be used with a condom for best cleanliness. Make sure you always clean your toys before putting them away. Find out How to Clean Your Sex Toys.

Give them space

While you may want to get close and cuddle after hot sex, your sex toys do not. If you keep your collection in a drawer, make sure they have some padding so they don't rattle and roll around while you're rifling around for a sex friend. Also, as you learn what your toys are made of, you'll discover that some materials should not touch each other for long periods. Jelly and not­ pure silicone toys will react with each other. A great idea is to have a separate storage bag for each toy. This will keep them safe, free from lint, dust and pet fur and also make them easier to travel with.

Store them in a cool, dry place

Your sex toys may get hot up between your legs (and beyond!), but those same toys should not be stored in an excessively warm or hot place. Heat and sun can cause some toys to discolour, warp and potentially breakdown. This can render your toys unusable. Be sure to store your friends in a cool, dry place between each use.

Take the batteries out

When it comes to battery powered sex toys like vibrators, be sure to take the batteries out before you store them away for future use. This saves on batteries (they can slowly discharge even when not in use). It also saves your device. If a battery breaks down and leaks fluid, you’ll have to throw that toy out. Nobody wants to do that! And if you’ve ever taken your toys on the road and suddenly had to explain a low hum from your suitcase, you’ll know another great reason to remove them!

Keep them nice and dry

Once your sex toys are all clean and you’re ready to tuck them in, make sure they are well and dry. Sit them out and let them air dry, don’t just rely on a wipe down. Putting them away wet could lead to bacteria happening.

Storing Sex Toys

Start a treasure chest

Some people just drop their sex toys in their underwear drawer, bedside table drawer or even just leave them out. However, if you’d like to keep them safe and clean, why not designate a specific container - your very own Treasure Chest! Pick something that goes with your room’s decor. Or something outlandish that screams “I love sex!” They are your special friends and are meant to give you and others lots of pleasure and revelry in the joy of sex. Why not start it with the box they’re stored in?

Need more help?

If you're still a little unsure how to best store your sex toys and need a little more help, please contact Customer Care. We'll help you keep your sex toys safe and sound! Use our contact form and we'll reply as soon as possible.

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