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Guide to Discreet Vibrators

Modern society has come a long way when it comes to sex. There used to be a time when we couldn’t talk openly about our sexual needs and desires - let alone sex toys to satisfy those needs and desires from the comfort of our homes. But now we can have conversations, we can read sex toy guides and sex toy reviews and we can all enjoy these wonderful products to our orgasmic best.

However, not everyone is always able to be quite as sexually open. And others just don’t want to be so open. Of course, we hope that everyone enjoys sex toys to their most comfortable best. If you need to be careful about who might see or know of your sex toy use, we’ve got you covered. If you just prefer people do not know of your toy collection, we’ve got your back too. This is where a discreet vibrator comes in handy.

What is a discreet vibrator?

Discreet VibratorsA discreet vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that is disguised as something else. They can take the form of many shapes and sizes and are perfect for when you need complete privacy. Some examples include lipstick vibrators, duck shaped vibrators and vibrating eggs. Discreet vibrators are exactly what their name implies - nice and discreet!

When you want to be able to have sexy fun but not necessarily broadcast that you’re doing it, a discreet vibrator is the perfect option. There are a multitude of different models and styles, each one capable of satisfying any sexual appetite. Some are small and easy to hide away in your bag or top drawer, others are shaped like an unassuming object and others are so quiet no one will hear what you're up to - we can't guarantee the same about your moaning though.

Discreet vibrators provide a variety of different pleasures and are well suited to many sexual needs. If you're a woman wanting to enjoy alone time, a couple wanting to spice things up in the bedroom or a man wanting to enjoy new pleasures, a discreet vibrator is the perfect option and ensures a good time with the click of a button.

What type of discreet vibrator is right for me?

To find the most suitable discreet vibrator for you, let's first determine the type of discretion you’re after. Do you want a vibrator that people might not guess is a vibrator if they happen to stumble across it in your home or are you after a vibrator that you can use around other people to have sexy, secret orgasms?

Discreet VibratorsIf the former appeals to you, there are actually a number of discreet vibrators that look almost like small pieces of art. Just try to leave them on your coffee table and see if anyone notices! There is a broad selection of intriguing shapes and sizes that are very unassuming and easy on the eye. Not only do these types of vibrators look discreet, their different shapes can tease and tickle parts of your body that other vibrators can't reach. Browse our range of discreet vibrators and you're sure to find a selection of weird and wonderful designs that will look great on your mantelpiece while being great in the bedroom.

If you need a discreet vibrator to enjoy sneaky sexy times, some of the hottest discreet vibes for this are vibrating panties and vibrating ben­-wa balls. Either can be used walking down the street and nobody would be any the wiser! If you go the balls route, just slip them in and head out the door. You can walk around with them in your vagina or anus until your knees go weak. The balls will oscillate inside you sending waves of incredible pleasure with each stride. The same thing applies to vibrating panties. These are simply sexy panties with a quiet vibrator strategically placed to stimulate the clitoris. Some models of vibrating panties afford a delicious twist. While some of the discreet vibrators in them are wired, others are remote­ controlled. This means you can give the controls over to someone else who can turn them on and off at work, at home or in public! What a delicious game to see if you can get off in public without being obvious!

What are some key features to discreet vibrators?

While discreet vibrators vary greatly, there are some specific features that will help maintain your privacy.

1. Unassuming design

Most discreet vibrators offer unassuming designs that help them to live up to their name. Some are disguised as other house hold items like lipsticks and eggs, while others offer unique shapes that closely resemble works of art. Each one ensures your complete privacy and discretion.

2. Small size

Many discreet vibrators are on the small side - a great big vibrator is a lot harder to keep under wraps. Small discreet toys are easier to tuck into the backs of draws or hide at the bottom of your bag. Smaller designs are also less likely to resemble specifically sexual shapes.

3. Quiet vibrations

Most discreet vibrators run a little quieter than other vibes. This makes them great for people who live in dorms or whose walls are particularly thin. Some of the bigger toys are downright loud and some people really don’t want their neighbours to know they’re in the middle of getting off.

4. Portable and easy to carry around

Combining all of the above factors makes discreet vibrators pretty portable. Small enough to fit in a bag and designed to not look anything like a sex toy, it is easy enough to throw them into your stuff if you’re headed somewhere you think you might have the opportunity for a little fun. If you’re headed to the office, it still isn’t advisable to put them in your briefcase.

How can I buy a discreet vibrator?

Is the thought of a completely discreet and private vibrator getting you hot and heavy? You can buy one for yourself or a loved one at the following link: Buy a Discreet Vibrator.

Need more help?

If you would like a little more information about discreet vibrators and how they can improve your sex life, please Contact Customer Care. We will be able to help you find the perfect discreet vibrator. We have staff waiting on standby ready to assist.

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