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Guide to Bullet Vibrators

When we say bullet, we don't mean a bullet in the traditional sense. It may be hard to associate something so sexy with something so destructive, but a bullet vibrator offers nothing but toe tingling, sheet clenching pleasure. They get their name from their shape and size, which often resembles the shape of a bullet.

These vibes are perfect for clitoral stimulation and are powerful enough to give you orgasm after orgasm with the flick of a button. They are small, discreet and intense enough to be used in any situation and should be a definite must for your sex toy collection. Let us explain these fantastic toys in more detail below.

What is a bullet vibrator?

Bullet VibratorsBullet vibrators are great beginner's vibrators that are also great for a lifetime of sexy fun. Small, powerful and versatile, bullet vibes are easily transportable, wonderfully adaptable and a great addition to your sex toy box.

Don't be fooled by their small size though. These compact, no nonsense sex toys are the perfect introduction to vibration sensations. They can be used in almost any sexy situation­­; on their own during masturbation, with a partner during sexual intercourse or paired with another sex toy. Many bullet vibrators offer a single click vibrating function, making them a quick grab for fun times, while others offer a variety of orgasmic speed settings and functions designed to drive you wild.

Bullet vibrators make a great introductory toy because they are small, versatile and relatively inexpensive. Some people are intimidated by the size and shape of other vibrators, but a bullet vibe fits neatly into your hand. They are also quite simple to use and manipulate. Just click the button­­ and enjoy! And you can definitely enjoy them all over your body. A bullet's vibration is strong enough to use over and over, but not too overwhelming. Touch them on your or your partner's nipples, vulva, anus and, of course, clitoris, to enjoy a variety of amazing sensations. If you're unsure whether or not you will like this new fun, a bullet vibrator won't break the bank. Their ease of use and affordability means you can experiment with a number of them until you find your perfect match.

How do I use a bullet vibrator?

There is perhaps no more easy­ to­ use sex toy out there than a bullet vibrator. Just turn it on and touch the skin! That might seem a little simplistic, but it is really how you choose a bullet vibe that makes sex a great adventure.

Because of their size, bullets are specifically an external only toy. You don't want to lose one inside! Fortunately, there are so many outer parts of our sexy bodies to stimulate.

These little wonders are a great addition to both foreplay and intercourse. Turn your vibe on and massage the nipples, muscles and back. When you're ready to, go down a little further and buzz around the labia and vulva. Don't forget, bullet vibes feel great on penises too! Add something special to a handjob by holding a bullet to his shaft as you stroke. And everybody can enjoy the truly unique experience of a bullet vibrator lightly touching their anus! A new thrill to be tried!

Bullet VibratorsWhere a bullet vibe truly excels is clitoral stimulation. The concentrated vibration is perfect to hone in on her love button during foreplay or intercourse. She or her partner can hold it in place­ and press against or rub up and down the clitoris. Its small size means it will not impede other action.

Bullet vibrators can be so powerful and so simple to use, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little creative. A great way to get creative with your new found friend is to make it portable. There’s nothing that says bullet vibrator pleasure only happens while you’re laying down. Because they are small enough, a bullet vibe can be turned down and then tucked right against her clitoris in her panties. How much can she do with so much pleasure coursing through her body?

This may seem odd, but you can completely change the type of sexual sensation you get if you hold your bullet vibrator in your non-­dominant hand. It isn’t as used to the movements you like and when you try to replicate them, you’ll notice the slightest, sexiest difference. It's a great way to experience even more sexy pleasure.

How can I buy a bullet vibrator?

Do you like the sound of amazing clitoral stimulation with the flick of a button? We thought you might. If you're ready to purchase your own bullet vibrator and start enjoying new pleasures in the bedroom (or anywhere else you desire), you can browse our range at the following link: Buy a Bullet Vibrator.

Need more help?

Still not sure if a bullet vibrator is right for you? Don't fear, help is near! You can Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team can help you find the perfect vibe for you.

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