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Finger Vibrators Explained

There’s a fairly common phrase that suggests the world is at your fingertips. We can take this so many ways, but it can be quite literally true when it comes to sexual pleasure. There are many devices out there to bring us to the heights of ecstasy, but I’m not sure any are as simple or as intuitive as finger vibrators.

While we love all kinds of vibrators and other sex toys, sometimes you have to manoeuvre your hands into some pretty difficult positions to best take advantage of their special offerings. Finger vibes take that difficulty away by being so small and simple, while still maintaining enough power to send you to that special pleasure place.

What is a finger vibrator?

Finger VibratorsQuite simply, a finger vibrator is a small, battery ­powered sex toy that offers intense and satisfying pleasure. They usually attach to your or your partner’s finger and their small size makes them perfect for clitoral stimulation. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes; some smooth and straight for direct stimulation and others curved and ribbed for new sensations. Whichever type you choose, know that a finger vibrator can completely change your solo or partnered sex life.

As previously noted, finger vibes add a significant amount of flexibility to your sex. For women, using them alone is as easy as slipping them on and touching whichever spots feel best. Because of their size and shape, it is important to note that finger vibrators are specifically an exterior only toy. As much as it might be tempting to guide them inside you, they could possibly slip off, resulting in an unpleasant medical adventure. But don’t worry - you will discover so many other pleasure potentials to keep you plenty busy.

How do I use a finger vibrator?

Of course, some of the best sex toys are the versatile ones that can be enjoyed on your own or with a partner. Ladies, imagine the ease and simplicity of holding a finger vibrator to your clitoris while your partner plunges his penis in and out of you. This is where these sex toys really shine, and their size comes in ‘handy.’ Vibration play can feel amazing during intercourse, but some toys are just a little too unwieldy to get in on that action. Not only can she easily guide a hand with a finger vibrator to the spots that make her moan, but he could as well! Give him the toy while he is pleasuring her - in foreplay or sex itself - and he can help to bring her to many powerful orgasms with penis and touch. Start off with the vibration down low to tease and tantalise and increase the speed as you go. When she's on the verge of orgasm, turn your finger vibe up to a powerful buzz and watch her squirm in pleasure.

Fellas, don’t think finger vibrators are just for women. No way! You or your partner can slip a finger vibe on and see just what awesome sensations it can bring you as well. Imagine a handjob or masturbating with the added stimulation of beautiful buzzing added to the mix. The vibration up and down your shaft can be brilliant. Or, while one hand pumps, the other hand can hold the toy to the tip of your penis, focusing on the frenulum. Either way, the added buzz is sure to enhance your orgasm and you'll definitely want to go back for round two.

Tips to try when using your finger vibrator

Finger vibrators might seem very focused in their abilities, but really, there are many spots on the body that will respond most positively to an extra little buzz. Try some of these tips to get the most out of your plastic fantastic friend.

1. Stimulate the nipples

The nipples have unlimited potential when it comes to finger vibes. Many people have already discovered the wonderful sensations of touching, pinching, twisting, sucking and licking nipples, but bringing vibration into the mix is a whole other story! With your finger vibrator in place, circle your or your partner’s areola slowly. Take your time, continuing that round­ and­ round motion. Eventually, start your way towards the middle and the surely erect nub. Once there, you’ll experience a brilliant bolt of awesome.

2. Stimulate the anus

If you or your partner are into anal play, then taking your finger vibrator on a trip to the backdoor is a must! The anus contains many nerve endings that respond quite positively to vibration - and this move is good for either her or him! For a mind-blowing experience, have your partner lay on their back and work them into a sexual frenzy by stimulating their vulva or penis. Start with the finger vibrator up there and then move it slowly down to their inner thighs, then their perineum and eventually, slowly move it towards their ass. Be sure to take some side trips to their bum cheeks as well - that feels great! But once you get to their pretty little pucker, you are going to have them in the palm of your hand.

3. Stimulate the skin

Okay, this may seem like a cop­out, but a finger vibrator really does feel fantastic over most parts of the body. Slip it on and spread some massage oil all over your or your partner’s skin. Then explore every part with the vibrator in place. It works as a tremendous little concentrated massager, but can also stimulate unexpected parts, like feet, armpits, back of the knees and much more.

How can I buy a finger vibrator?

Do you want to get your hands on a finger vibrator? If so, you can explore our full range of finger vibes here: Buy a Finger Vibrator.

Need more help?

Would you like a little more help before making a purchase? If so, please Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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