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Guide to Rechargeable Vibrators

There is nothing worse than getting all excited for something, only to have it fall through. And when that happens in a sexual situation, you’re bound to be left frustrated and annoyed.

This doesn’t just happen with people. How many times have you reached over for your favourite vibrator, gotten all tingly - only to have it sputter out in seconds because the batteries have run out. Imagine how much worse that will be if you don’t have any fresh ones! Fortunately, all of this can be avoided with a rechargeable vibrator - a vibe that will never let you down.

What is a rechargeable vibrator?

Rechargeable VibratorsRechargeable vibrators are vibrating sex toys that provide maximum enjoyment and satisfaction in the bedroom. They come in an assortment of fascinating shapes, sizes and colours and have a variety of different functions that are sure to get you off. They are just like other vibrators except they plug in to a wall to get their power, instead of taking batteries. If they do run out of charge, many models will still work if they are plugged in. Even if you lose charge, you won’t run out of gas.

Have you ever been on the verge of an orgasm only to have your favourite toy run out of juice? No, we're not talking about being with a guy who orgasms too soon, we're referring to your vibrator's batteries giving out before you get off! This is an all­ too­ common scenario for vibrator users over the years. You get nice and close and then the speed slows and eventually tapers right off. And sometimes, if you’ve been enjoying vibration, going back to fingers or tongues or anything else just won’t do it. A rechargeable vibrator solves this problem by always being ready and waiting for you every single time you want to orgasm.

Rechargeable vibrators are also great to travel with. Imagine setting into a hotel late at night on a business trip. You’re relaxing with some take out in your hotel room, you’ve got something sexy on the tv and you just want to get off to relieve the tension of the coming meeting. You reach into your bag and pull out your favourite vibe... only to find you forgot to pack batteries! And it is too late to go out and get more. With a rechargeable vibrator, you won’t have to worry about this situation at all. Just plug the sex toy in when you get to your room and you’ll be ready for action!

What size and shape do rechargeable vibrators come in?

Rechargeable vibrators come in basically any shape and size you can imagine, and they only keep getting better and better as time goes on. With technology constantly advancing, new and innovative rechargeable vibes are being brought to market. From smooth to curved, wide to thin and long to short, you'll be sure to find a rechargeable vibe best suited to your specific requirements.

If you're new to the joys of rechargeable vibrators are you're trying to figure out which shape and size is right for you, you’re really going to have to think of your primary need for the toy and what kind of sensations you want to enjoy. For example, if you were mainly wanting your new vibe for clitoral pleasure, a smaller, smoother vibrator could be the better option. If you want to try and see how big you can go, a large vibrator with a tapered head would be a suitable choice. If you wanted to use your vibrator anally, a vibrator specially designed for the anus is ideal. Once you figure out what you would like to get out of your vibrator, choosing the right size and shape is an easier process. And hey, we'll always be here when you want to try something new!

How are rechargeable vibrators better than battery operated ones?

Rechargeable vibrators have many benefits over their battery operated counterparts, mainly on both cost and convenience. You'll save money in the long run by not having to replace your batteries and you'll find it much easier to give your vibrator power exactly when you need it. Just plug it into your wall or USB and your vibrator is good to go!

Beyond convenience, rechargeable vibrators are simply better for the world in general. It is unlikely there has ever been a definitive study, but rechargeable vibes surely do account for some of the batteries that are used and disposed of throughout the world. Maybe not a huge amount, but some! So, every time you buy and use a rechargeable vibrator, you are contributing to a better world by using a renewable energy source. Every little bit counts, folks.

What are the best practices for using a rechargeable vibrator?

Rechargeable VibratorsA rechargeable vibrator is used just like any other vibrator, but the care and maintenance of it is more important to consider (well, not really more, but you should). With some rechargeable devices, it is best to use the toy until it runs out of charge completely before plugging it back in to power up, even between uses. Some charge will dissipate over time, depending how often you use your rechargeable vibe. And sure, that might lead to a temporarily flat toy when you go to use it. However, it will greatly benefit the battery of the vibe and make the rechargeable vibrator last longer.

When you’re done enjoying immense sexual pleasure at the hands of your favourite rechargeable vibe and it's nearing the end of its charge, clean it up with some sex toy cleaner and plug it back into the wall outlet or USB port. Once it's finished charging and you're ready to put your vibe away until your next sexual urge strikes, put it in a safe and dust free environment. A satin bag, a clean sock or a plastic case are all good options. Charging, cleaning and storing your rechargeable vibrator in the correct manner will ensure maximum longevity and enjoyment out of it - and who doesn't want that?

How can I buy a rechargeable vibrator?

Is the thought of a rechargeable vibrator getting you all charged up? We thought it might. If you're ready to buy your very own, you can explore our full range of rechargeable vibes here: Buy a Rechargeable Vibrator.

Need more help?

Would you like some more help before choosing a rechargeable vibrator? Don't fear, help is near! Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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