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Guide to G-spot Vibrators

It is hard to believe that there could be so much confusion, doubt and misinformation about an erogenous spot on a woman's body. Even though we've known about the G­-spot forever, it is only recently that "science" has caught up to recognize the tremendous sexual potential of this mysterious collection of nerves. And now that we know more about it, a variety of toe curling G-­spot vibrators are coming to the market for you to enjoy.

G-­spot vibrators are distinct from other vibrators in one specific way: their curved tip. In order to come into contact with her highly erotic zone, you need to use a curve­ tipped vibrator. Because there has been so little known or considered about the G-­spot (named after Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg who discovered it in much the same way Columbus discovered America), many don't even know where to find this special area. G-­spot vibrators are a great way for women to discover their own G­-spot or to teach others.

What is the G­-spot?

G-spot VibratorsThe G-spot is a part of the female body that can release intense sexual pleasure when stimulated. Located on the anterior (belly) side of the vagina, the G-­spot is typically about one curved finger­ length in. We say curved because as you insert your fingers you need to bend them in a "come here" motion to finger the soft, sponge tissue of the G-­spot.

G­-spot vibrators, because of their unique shape, are perfectly designed to find that spot with ease. These vibes will find any woman's G­-spot, regardless of her shape or anatomy. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and textures to suit your personal desires. If there is trouble locating this pleasure spot, try moving the sex toy around. Once you do get there you'll be sure to know, as waves of intense and satisfying pleasure shoot through your body.

Before you try out your new G­-spot vibrator, get a feel for the power it can produce. Many models come with variable speed settings that you will, no doubt, be eager to try. However, we do recommend that you work up to these stronger settings and try them out on the vulva before inserting the toy. A surprise bolt of sensation just might ruin the mood. If you turn the toy on and run it over your (or her) labia, clitoris and skin in general, you will get a good sense of the power the toy can produce. Of course, there is also the end of the nose trick!

How do I use a G-spot vibrator?

G-spot VibratorsOnce you’re ready to really try your G-spot out, you can do a number of things to enhance the sensations of a G­-spot vibe. Some women will like it moving in and out, slow or fast, thrusting or lingering. That motion rubbing against the G-­spot will build and heighten the growing excitement. Every movement will increase her pleasure and bring her closer to orgasm. Other women will prefer the toy to stay in one spot, motionless but working her big time. The concentrated, continuous pressure will also be wildly stimulating.

If you really want to drive her or yourself over the edge, use your tongue, fingers or another vibrator on her clitoris at the same time as caressing her G-­spot. This will surely create a tremendous orgasm in no time - perhaps even a special one.

There is no right or wrong way to use your G-spot vibe; how you decide to 'get off' is entirely up to you. It all comes with experience and as you gain more confidence using your vibe you'll be familiar with the best ways to use it. Each woman has different needs and desires and their body reacts differently to different pleasures. You'll soon learn what you like best and how to best stimulate this special zone.

Can my G-spot vibrator make me squirt?

In short, yes. One of the most sexy parts of G­-spot touch is the potential for her to experience female ejaculation. While not all women can do it, some can naturally and many others can learn. The orgasm that accompanies female ejaculation is entirely different than any other a woman can have. And one of the best ways to try and capture this feeling is a combination of a G­-spot vibrator and clitoral stimulation. Putting these two intense sensations together can create a chain reaction of overpowering pleasure that may result in her expressing liquid at the height of orgasm. If you are specifically trying for this hotness, plan to pull the G­-spot vibrator out just before the crest of cumming - or you might miss it!

How can I buy a g-spot vibrator?

Does G-spot stimulation sound good to you? It certainly sounds good to us! If you want to add one to your sex toy collection, you can see our full range here: Buy a G-spot Vibrator.

Need more help?

If you need a little more help before starting your search for the perfect g-spot vibrator, we would love to hear from you. Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will respond as quickly as possible.

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