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Guide to Suction Cup Vibrators

Let’s face it, sometimes sex can be tricky! We're not talking about meeting people, establishing relationships or getting tired and sleepy while swiping right all the time. We mean sex can be actually, physically challenging at times.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, if you enjoy solo pleasure, and in particular, solo penetration, you know that simply getting sex toys and your body to interact properly can take a certain level of contortion! Being able to reach down and work a toy in and out of your vagina or anus can not only be tricky, it can become downright uncomfortable as you try to reach all of your favourite spots.

And sure, this might be an inconvenience that causes discomfort for some, but for people with disabilities, not having the opportunity to utilize the myriad of sex toys out in the world limits their opportunity for pleasure and sexual fulfilment. Dexterity is a significant factor in how toys are used and having diminished motor skills can make some downright impossible. And everyone deserves the opportunity for potential pleasure.

Fortunately, there are some options out that can help everyone! One of the best is our line of suction cup vibrators. This simple addition makes these vibrators so much more versatile and available for use by many people.

What is a suction cup vibrator?

Suction Cup VibratorsA suction cup vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that has a suction cup attached to the base. This allows the vibrator to be placed in a variety of positions and on a variety of objects. You can attach it to the wall, the floor, the shower, the head board, the chair... heck, you can even attach it to your car bonnet if you wanted to!

Regardless of where you use it, being able to attach the suction cup vibrator to a surface allows you to free up both of your hands for other kinds of stimulation - either your own body or someone else’s! This takes the worry out of holding your vibrator so you can focus on how it feels instead. A woman could stimulate her clitoris and breasts while at the same time enjoying amazing internal stimulation. A man could enjoy wonderful anal sex and stroke his penis at the same time. The possibilities are endless!

There is just one key: you’ll need some kind of hard surface to adhere the suction cup vibrator to. This makes suction cup vibrators very versatile in how and where you use them. Even if you do require the assistance of mobility devices, there are opportunities to reach exquisite erotic potential. It might be as simple as sticking the vibe to a small hard surface and slipping it underneath you to either rub against or take inside you.

What size suction cup vibrator is right for me?

Suction cup vibrators come in a number of different sizes ranging from 5" to 18". If you're new to vibrators, we recommend starting with a smaller size until you gain some experience and feel more comfortable with your vibrator and how it responds to your body. When you're feeling a little more adventurous and think it's time for something a little bigger, you can increase the size accordingly.

Of course, this is just a guideline. If you wanted to start with a monster 12" suction cup vibrator for your first time, we certainly aren't going to stop you, but this may cause you more grief than pleasure. It's important to know your limits and your comfort zone and move from there. And if you do want to go big, we definitely recommend having some lubricant nearby - you're going to need it.

The bigger and heavier your suction cup vibrator is, the more pressure this is going to put onto the suction cup. You may find it a little harder to get your giant 18" suction cup vibrator to stick to your shower wall than you would your 8" one, so make sure you choose an area that is really clean and super smooth.

Where can I put my suction cup vibrator?

Suction Cup VibratorsBecause you can take suction cup vibrators all over the house, there are many possibilities for wild pleasure at your fingertips. Here is a list of fun spots around the house that may be a good place for your new vibe. Don't be afraid to get creative either, think about some spots in your house where using a suction cup vibe could be fun and give them a try!

The Shower: Many people love getting wet and wild in the shower. If you count yourself among this number, bring your suction cup vibe in with you. You can attach it to the wall and then enjoy the sensations as water streams over your body. One important note: be sure the toy you choose is deemed waterproof before bringing it in for wet and wild fun!

A Chair: Riding a cock, whether you’re a woman or a man is a wonderfully intense and hot experience. Being in control of your pleasure like that and aiming the suction cup vibrator to the spots you like best can feel amazing. Simply place the sex toy on the seat of the chair and ride away. Try straddling the seat or facing away and holding on to a table or counter.

A Wall: The great thing about putting your suction cup vibe onto a wall is that there is so many to choose from! This lets you use your whole house as your personal sex cave. Find some smooth areas on your walls in various rooms around the house, stick your vibrator on them and enjoy! You can use it standing up, or an even better and sexier idea is in the doggy-style position and back your way onto the vibe.

Outside: If you fancy a sneaky sexy interlude, bring your suction cup vibrator and a blanket out into the yard and find your favourite garden chair. Discreetly attach the toy to the chair and position it how you’re best going to get off. To help you keep a straight face through the pleasure, hide a little erotica inside another book!

When it comes to places you can use your suction cup vibrator the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and get creative and you're sure to have an unforgettable experience.

How can I buy a suction cup vibrator?

Do you want to enjoy hands free fun with your very own suction cup vibrator? If so, you can browse our full range of suction cup vibes here: Buy a Suction Cup Vibrator.

Need more help?

Do you need a little assistance choosing the best suction cup vibe for you? We'd love to help! Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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