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Guide to Massagers & Wands

There’s a reason why the Magic Wand is the bestselling sex toy in the world. High power and a comfortable grip make this particular toy a must have in bedrooms across the world. The fact that it can actually work as a great massager helps as well. Because of the success of the Magic Wand, other massagers and wands have taken off and become mainstays of sexytime.

The intense vibration of massagers and wands do make them perfect for satisfying back and muscle massages - as well as electrifying other sensitive parts of your body. Their long handles make them easy to hold and manipulate, ensuring that you reach that perfect spot every time.

What are massagers and wands?

Massagers & wandsWhen it comes to defining massagers and wands in an adult context, they refer to vibrating sex toys that are designed for maximum pleasure. They're primarily toys for clitoral stimulation that will tease and tantalise the vulva and clitoral region. While that's their main purpose, you can use them in a variety of other ways including massaging the penis, the breasts, the feet, the back and basically any other body part you can imagine! You’ve got to love a sex toy that has a totally legitimate dual purpose but can also provide a knock your socks off orgasm.

Wands and massagers are the multi­-purpose sex toy that can take away the stresses of a hard day and then transition into one helluva clitoral massager! These toys offer extremely intense vibration that provides a great deep muscle massage and also strong pulses to really shake up your genitals. Their shape and length make them excellent sex toys for playing on your own as well as with a partner. There are many different models of wands and massagers, many of which can also slip right down between you for the ultimate connection of awesome feelings when you use them during intercourse.

It might sound a fun coincidence that these sex toys also make other parts of your body feel good. But if you’d like an interesting read, look up the history of the Hitachi Magic Wand (now just known as the Magic Wand). This grand-daddy of wands and massagers didn’t start out as a sex toy, but once people realized the potential, it took off as a must­ have in the bedroom.

Massagers and wands can be battery­ operated, rechargeable or wired. The most durable and strongest are the ones that plug right in. Battery and rechargeable operated can run out mid­-session, whereas the reliable plug­in versions can go for ages - as long as you want and need! Some models also feature different textures to further stimulate you and drive you wild.

What other uses do wands and massagers have?

Massagers and wands can serve a variety of purposes apart from sexual pleasure, and the giveaway is right there in their name: massages. Many of the most popular wands and massagers work great for muscle massage as well. If you’d like to pamper your partner, have them lay on the bed and work a nice massage oil into the skin. Then turn the wand or massager on and run it up and down and all over their body. If you know any particularly sore spots, concentrate there. As your partner moans in relaxation and pleasure, slowly work the toy closer and closer to their genitals. Massage is a great type of foreplay that can lead to some amazingly hot sex. One little note though: do not try to massage your partner’s head with a wand or massager. The vibrations are too strong and could cause discomfort.

How do I use a massager or wand?

Massagers & wandsAs massagers and wands are pretty much just bigger and badder vibrators, you can use them in your own preferred way that you would with a 'normal' vibrator. Maybe you like holding it tight against your clitoris, keeping it still until the orgasm hits. Or perhaps you prefer to roam with it, moving it up and down and around your vulva and clitoris. The clitoral stimulation from a wand or massager is going to feel great no matter how you or your partner apply it to your body.

But let's not forget the fellas! Massagers and wands feel great caressing their bodies too - particularly their penises! While some might find the pleasure a little too intense, others love the feel of the vibration up and down their shaft and circling their penises.

In short, there is no right or wrong way to use your massager and wand. How you decide to 'get off' is entirely up to you! Take your time to explore your or your partner's body with the toy and sort through the different vibrating speeds and functions. Once you play around and get familiar with the sensations, we're sure you will find a few sweet spots that will tip you over the edge.

How can I buy a massager and wand?

Are you ready to enjoy the amazingly satisfying sensations from a massager or wand? If you want to buy your very own, you can explore our full range of massagers and wands here: Buy a Massager & Wand.

Need more help?

Do you need a little more information about massagers and wands to see if they're right for you? If so, we would love to assist. Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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