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Guide to Textured Vibrators

If you’re sitting on a couch, positioned at your desk or tucked into bed, take a moment to run your hands over the surfaces around you. Some will be smooth, some will be coarse, some will be soft and some will be contoured. We are tactile creatures who react distinctly and decisively to touch. We experience a multitude of reactions to different textures. A soft bunny will evoke feelings of comfort. A piece of cut wood makes us think of nature. And a textured vibrator will just get us horny!

As with everything else in the world, vibrators come in different textures for our varying pleasures. While some people definitely enjoy smooth vibes, others really get off on the sensations from a textured vibrator. Coming in a mix of shapes, sizes and colours, textured vibes are so varied you’ll surely find many that hit your criteria and let you concentrate on their unique textual designs.

What is a textured vibrator?

Textured VibratorsA textured vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that offers maximum stimulation and sensation in the bedroom and beyond. Depending on the particular model you choose, the shaft of the toy will be covered in textures of varying designs and sizes. This could be veins to replicate a real penis, ripples to stimulate the senses or grooves to bring extra enjoyment.

One of the most predominant styles of textured vibrators are the realistic, penis ­like versions. Combining vibration with the ridges and veins of a real erection, these toys are extremely popular. There are those who like their fantasy to align with their real-­life desires, and choosing sex toys that resemble actual penises allow them to further enjoy the toys. Picturing a hard penis sliding into you, feeling the contour of the head and the ripply bits, can be quite a thrill.

Of course, there are surely people who want a nice textured vibrator without the penis imagery. Fortunately there are plenty of models that are not penis­ shaped for everyone else to enjoy. Other types of textured vibrators feature ridges, ripples, swirls, nubs and bumps to add a new dimension to your sex life. As those contours come in contact with your sensitive internal walls, your pleasure is magnified substantially - and who doesn't want that?

What are textured vibrators made from?

Textured vibrators can be made from a number of different materials and each one will give the vibe a different look and feel. We'll explain the three most common types below and how they impact your sex toy.

RubberRubber is a common material used to make textured vibrators and is a mixture between hard and soft. Rubber is a sturdy and durable material which is easy to mould into desired shapes and textures. It can warm to your body temperature which can make your experience much more realistic and enjoyable. Not only that, it is easy to clean and look after.

JellyJelly is a much softer material used in textured vibrators and gives the device a squishy look and feel. Jelly is a cheaper alternative to silicone vibrators as the material costs much less to manufacture and has a very similar effect. It is perfect for those wanting a textured feeling while being mindful of their bank account. Jelly is a common material used in textured vibes as it is easier and cheaper to mould than some other materials. Classic vibrators with realistic veins and textures are often made from jelly.

PlasticPlastic is a hard material and can sometimes be used in textured vibrators. The vibrations are not absorbed into the material like with rubber and jelly, often making them more powerful in vibration. Plastic is easy to clean and look after and is very durable. It is also cheap to mould and manufacture which generally means a plastic vibrator will be more affordable than some of their counterparts.

How do I use a textured vibrator?

Textured VibratorsTextured vibrators are great because they're so extremely versatile. The textured shaft allows for stimulation in numerous parts of the anatomy. No matter if you want to enjoy clitoral stimulation, deep vaginal sensations or anal penetration, a textured vibe is sure to satisfy.

When it comes to using a textured vibrator, these sex toys are best enjoyed with thrusting in mind. You or your partner are going to want to get the full sensation of the ridges, so finding a pleasing thrusting motion is key. Some textured vibrators also come with clitoral ticklers for greater fun. Combining these two sensations is super-hot and sure to lead to great orgasms.

Another great thing to do with your textured vibe is rub and caress it over the clitoris. Sort through each vibration speed and function and slowly glide the vibe over the clit. The ridges and bumps are going to send all kinds of orgasmic pleasures all over your body.

Let’s not forget that the vagina isn’t the only place for textured pleasure. Of course, many women and men love anal penetration and if they like it with real, live partners, then they’ll surely enjoy a back door romp with a textured vibrator. You can use them this way on your own for solo stimulation or with a partner for even more enjoyment.

Some textured vibes can even fit nicely into a strap­-on harness, making them ideal for strap-on action. She can strap one of these toys in, turn it on and penetrate her partner in a variety of ways!

Okay, I want to buy a textured vibrator, what next?

Is the thought of extra stimulation from a textured vibrator turning you on? We thought it might be. The good news is we have a fantastic range of textured vibrators that will pleasure you like never before. You can explore our full range at the following link: Buy a Textured Vibrator.

Need more help?

Still not sure if a textured vibrator is right for you? Don't fear, help is near! We would love to help you on your quest for the perfect vibe. Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be glad to assist you.

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