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Big Vibrators Explained

Are you ready for the next step? Do you have a craving for more? If you crave more size and more fulfilment in your sex life, big vibrators are the sex toys for you!

A big vibrator will completely change the way you play and masturbate. Great for both men and women to use on their own or with a partner, these vibes will challenge your sexual urges and produce fantastic orgasms and sexy times - and who doesn't want that?

What is a big vibrator?

Big VibratorsWhen we put a vibrator into the big category, it usually measures at least 9 inches in length. That is a lot of toy! And trust us when we say others can get even longer than that! They should also be suitably thick to correspond with the length. Because of their size, big vibrators are not recommended for those who are new to sex toys. Rather, you should have some experience handling that kind of heft. If you’ve been playing with dildos and vibrators for some time and desire a different kind of sensation, moving up in size might be the way to go.

Vibrators of all sizes can be used internally or externally. Every person using them is different about the sexy sensations they seek. The unique feature of most big vibrators is that they are designed to ensure the buzz travels throughout the entire length of the toy. If you like a deep internal vibration, you'll get it. If you prefer the feelings to centre at the entrance to your vagina, that'll happen too. And of course, using your vibe to stimulate your clitoris (and provide a hot visual for you or your partner) will surely result in some amazing times.

What type of big vibrator is right for me?

As with most types of vibrators, big vibrators are extremely diverse in appearance and feel. Depending on your personal preference and what you want to get out of your vibe, you're sure to find one that's right for you. If you're looking for a big vibrator you've probably had some kind of experience using them, so you should know by now what kind of sensations your body likes the most.

Big vibrators can come in a variety of shapes, including smooth, streamlined, textured and a delicious cross­-section of human penis replicas. You'll surely find any colour, curve or contour you're after. The shape and appearance is entirely dependent on what you want to get out of your toy. If you want to simulate good ol' sex, then a phallic­ shaped vibe would be perfect for you. If you're looking for new and different tingles, a ribbed or curved shaped big vibrator might do best.

Don’t forget, we’re not just talking about the size here. If you were only after something big, you could go for a big dildo (and we have plenty of those). But, if you want big and powerful, big vibrators will rock your world! These sex toys are particularly great at getting the buzz deep down inside. And because they have some good girth, that vibration can resonate to all of your tender places. A truly wonderful feeling!

How do I use a big vibrator?

Remember, we recommend that you have some previous experience with sex toys before you jump in with a big vibrator. It is not fun to have to stop a steamy session because you put something a little too big into something a little too tight. We also strongly recommend that you use some lube - regardless of how excited you are! There can never been enough wetness to make a big vibrator slide effortlessly inside.

If you’re looking for a deep penetration, work the big vibrator slowly in and out. Take your time! There is no rush to shove it all the way in. If you’re using it on yourself, take the time to note the different sensations as it enters, fills and possibly stretches your vagina or anus. Also be sure to note if you’re feeling any discomfort. If so, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should stop - you may just need to slow down or apply some more lube. Ease the vibe out and slowly try again. It is possible your eyes have been a little bigger than your belly and maybe you won’t be able to feel it fully inside you the first time. Don’t worry, trying again is always a sexy option.

If you’re using a big vibrator on someone else, again, take your time and check in frequently. Ask if it hurts, if you’re going to fast or if you should stop. Communication is the key to good sex and ensuring your partner is pain­ free is priority number one, especially with a big vibe!

Big VibratorsIf all goes well and you or your partner is fully enjoying your big vibrator, then you can do many different things. Imagine pumping that big thing in and out, soft or hard, slowly or quickly. You could keep it deep inside you and massage your clitoris with your fingers or another vibrator. Because of the girth and the vibrations, a big buzz is perfect to squeeze with your muscles and experience a mind­-blowing new sensation. See how long you can squeeze and hold!

If your choice of big vibrator has different vibration speeds or settings, be sure to try them all out. Each will create a different sensation for you and many come with a variety of different speed settings that will tease and tantalise you in all sorts of new and exciting ways.

If you like to use your big vibe externally on your clitoris, you can massage that sweet spot in a number of different ways. You can use it directly on the clit, near the clit or by swirling it around the clit. Or, for something completely different, take advantage of the length of the vibrator and rub the length of it slowly up and down your vulva. The back and forth motion will give you a wild, slow­ building thrill.

There is no right or wrong way to use your big vibrator - how you decide to 'get off' is entirely up to you! If you aren't afraid to get creative and try new things you're bound to have a lot of fun.

How can I buy a big vibrator?

Think you're ready to GO BIG? If so, we have you covered. You can see our range of big vibrators at the following link: Buy a Big Vibrator.

Need more help?

If you would like a little more help on your quest for the perfect big vibrator, we would love to assist. Please Contact Customer Care and one of our friendly staff members will talk you through the ins and outs of big vibes and help you find the right one for you.

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