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Guide to Slim Vibrators

We all know that looks can be deceiving. Just because something looks a certain way, you shouldn't discount its potential. We're all taught to seek the best out of every situation and that should definitely include sex as well!

On first appearances vibrators that fall into the slim category might look a little dull compared to their more fancy counterparts. But don't be fooled by their appearance. Slim vibrators are a wonderful addition to your sexual treasure chest. While they may look somewhat simple, slim vibrators definitely have the ability to take you to special places - no matter if you're a vibrator beginner or a vibrator expert.

What is a slim vibrator?

Slim VibratorsA slim vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that can tease and tantalise your intimate spots - and anywhere else you can think of. They are thin in size compared to other sized vibrators, making them easier to insert. Their smaller size also allows for stronger vibrations as there is less surface area for the vibrations to travel.

When you first explore the world of sex toys and, in particular, vibrators, it can be a little intimidating. There are so many options to choose from, offering so many different features, it is enough to make your head spin ­­before you even get naked! Many people start off with a slim vibrator as their first. Their size is more comfortable for beginners to wrap their heads and hands around and they make an ideal vibe for those wanting to learn the vibrator ropes.

This is not to say that slim vibes are just a beginner toy. Not at all! Sometimes you may want to enjoy buzzing sensations without feeling too full, and this is where a slim vibe can come in handy. Not only will it feel amazing inserted into your body, it will feel incredibly orgasmic teasing and tantalising your clitoris.

What are slim vibrators made from?

Slim vibrators can be made using a number of different sex toy materials. While the materials listed below definitely aren't an exhaustive list, they are some of the most common. Each material will give your vibe a different look and feel, resulting in different sensations and pleasures. We recommend trying them all so you can learn which ones you like the most.

SiliconeSilicone is a soft and durable sex toy material that gives vibrators a realistic feel when touched. Silicone is fast becoming the most popular material to use in vibrators as its very sturdy, reliable and ensures longevity. If using a silicone vibrator be sure to use a water-based lubricant rather than a silicone based, as silicone lubes can break down the silicone material in your vibrator.

JellyJelly is another popular sex toy material used in slim vibrators. It is soft to touch, similar to silicone, and has a jelly feel to it (suits its name quite well, don't you think?). The 'squishy' feel means it's quite realistic when inserted inside your body, coming close to the sensations a real penis would provide. A cheaper material to produce than silicone, jelly vibrators are often more affordable.

PlasticPlastic is another popular material used in sex toys, especially vibrators. Due to nature of the material, a plastic vibrator is going to feel much harder than other types of material such as silicone and jelly. A benefit of using plastic vibes over other materials is that plastic vibes usually offer better vibration. Pair this with the slimness of your vibe and you'll be experiencing incredible vibrating sensations.

How do I use a slim vibrator?

Slim VibratorsJust like with any sex toy, there is no owner's manual on how to use it. How you decide to pleasure yourself is entirely up to you! Your body is going to respond differently to stimulation than Marie from next door, so it's important to go with the flow and do what feels best for you. In saying that, here are some scenarios for using your slim vibrator that are sure to bring complete enjoyment. These are just scenarios - you do you!

Sim vibrators are wonderfully versatile making them perfect for a number of uses - both internally and externally. They are perfect for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation and can even be used anally if back door pleasure is something that turns you on. Not only are they great for pleasing you in a sexual manner, they make great massagers as well.

If you want to experience the joys of a slim vibrator for yourself, we first recommend testing out the vibration speeds on your hand. Depending on which particular vibe you choose, that could be a basic one-click vibration setting or something more advanced. Some offer a variety of orgasmic speeds like escalation, pulsation, roller-coaster and multi-speed options. Get used to the stimulation each one provides and then get ready to enjoy that pleasure somewhere else!

If you're a woman, start teasing your inner thighs with your slim vibe and slowly run the vibe over the skin. Get closer and closer to your vagina and eventually run the tip of the vibe onto your clitoris. If you have natural wetness, then great. If not, it's probably a good time to apply a little bit of lube. When you and your toy are nice and wet and ready for action, circle the head of the vibe around your clitoris, paying special attention to the sides. When you're feeling incredibly horny and enjoying the sensations, press harder onto the clitoris and let the vibrations buzz all over. Flick through the settings and lie back in ecstasy as each setting tickles and teases this pleasure zone.

Slim VibratorsWhen you're ready for a little more, slowly slide your slim vibe into your vagina. As you slowly get deeper and deeper, play and sort through the different vibration options. Try them all and see which ones your body responds to the best. By now your body and natural instincts are going to take over, so let your body tell you what to do from here. Slide your vibe in and out and try not to moan so loud your neighbours will hear you. We know it will be hard, but try.

If you want to take your vibrator play a little further, why not stimulate your anus as well. A slim vibrator is the perfect vibrator to do this - especially if you're an anal beginner and want to learn the ropes. You're going to want to use a generous amount of lube here. Slowly tease and tantalise your bum first, swirling it around each cheek and then teasing your entrance. Slide it in slowly, getting further and further inside as the vibrations send you into orbit with the irresistible orgasmic pleasure.

Of course, these are just some scenarios on how to use your slim vibrator. You can do whatever feels good for you! Don't be afraid to get creative and try new things. After all, that's the secret to great sex.

Tips for using your slim vibrator anally

When we think of slim vibrators we usually associate them with clitoral or vaginal play. However, one of the great secrets to these fabulous vibration toys is that they feel amazing when used anally. We brushed on this subject briefly above, but we thought we better go into a little more detail here so you can make the most of some bum lovin'.

Our backdoors and anal vicinity are wonderful treasure troves of pleasure ­giving nerve endings. Even if you've explored anal touch or anal sex before, adding vibration into the mix takes hot fun to a whole new level. The sensations a vibrator gives to the anal region is one that is hard to explain; it's something you really need to try for yourself.

Slim VibratorsSlim vibrators are a great introduction to anal vibration sensations. Given their smaller girth, they will certainly be a better fit in your anus than a larger vibe. You're probably not going to enjoy a 3" wide King Kong sized vibrator for your first anal experience, so a slim vibrator makes for the perfect starter toy. Once there, you can then begin to explore the many possibilities a slim vibe has to offer.

Start out by gliding the slim vibe all around the perineum. This spot, commonly known as the taint, is very sensitive and loves the feeling of vibration. Once you're ready to slip your vibe inside, you'll discover that the anal cavity is just begging for hot fun and vibration feels fantastic! The vibration will set all of your nerve ending alight in unbearable pleasure and this can be felt throughout your entire body.

One particular feeling not to be missed out on is for the fellas. If the vibe is long and, hopefully shaped properly, vibrations on your or your partner's prostate are unbelievable. Depending on the person, proper prostate massage can lead a man to orgasm­­ without any touch to the penis! And what an orgasm this will be!

How can I buy a slim vibrator?

Are you ready to enjoy the incredible pleasures a slim vibrator can provide? If so, you can explore our full range of slim vibes here: Buy a Slim Vibrator.

Need more help?

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