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Guide to Beaded Vibrators

Some of the best surprises are hidden within an unassuming exterior. Take, for example, the lowly clam. Some might confuse it for a rock and pass right on by without giving it a second thought. However, we do know that inside that little clam's shell might be a valuable pearl, a precious item you can cherish forever.

Well, clams aren't the only things hiding valuable pearls! Some vibrators do too.

Now, nobody is going to call a vibrator unassuming. We can very well assume the sex toy is going to fill us with pleasure. But some have a hidden, secret function that is wonderfully valuable. Beaded, or pearl vibrators, are one of the most all­-over awesome sex toys on the market. They combine the erotic sensations of vibration with the potential of penetration.

What is a beaded vibrator?

Beaded VibratorsA beaded vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that has one purpose in mind - to give you amazing sexual pleasure.

Imagine your average vibrator, complete with variable speeds and rhythmic settings. Now picture the shaft of the vibe being flexible and inside that shaft you see a number of small beads that turn, vibrate and move in the shaft of the toy. Now imagine how good that will feel!

These beads add a tremendous amount of new stimulation to your body. In many models of beaded vibrators, you or your partner can activate the vibration, the beads or both, at the same time! They oscillate in the shaft and are a great way to reach tender and sensitive spots through the vagina. The beads can also be strategically placed right at the vaginal opening. This soft, elasticy tissue is a prime spot for both vibration and motion. Turn both motors on and pump the toy in and out. You'll experience sensation overload!

What size and shape beaded vibrator is right for me?

Beaded vibrators come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and textures. Some are phallic­ shaped with a concentration of vibration in the head of the toy and the beads mingling with vein shapes down the length. Others are smoother which really makes the pearly beads prominent. For extra fun added sensations, a number of beaded vibes are also outfitted with rabbit vibrator ­like attachments that can directly stimulate the clitoris while all of this other action is happening. Wow!

Beaded VibratorsWith so many different shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, you're bound to find the perfect beaded vibrator that's right for you. If you're new to beaded vibrators and vibrators in general, it is probably a good idea to start with something a little smaller. You don't have to opt for something huge right away. Start with something small and get used to the sensations and the feel of the toy. Caress it, insert it and play with it a few times to become familiar with the functions and the stimulation it provides. And don't worry, when you're ready to try something a little bigger we'll be here to help.

The shape of your beaded vibrator is also something to consider. If you want to enjoy G-spot or prostate stimulation, a curved-tip vibrator is an ideal option as these vibes are specifically designed to pleasure these special zones. If you prefer to simulate the feeling of a penis during sex, a straight and smooth beaded vibrator could be a better option. Once you get familiar with your vibe and how it responds to your body, you can get really creative with your vibrators and sex toys and have a few different shapes in your collection to ensure any sexual urge you have will be satisfied.

What are some tips for using a beaded vibrator?

One of the great aspects of a beaded vibrator is that it can be super-duper to use solo or amazing fun when used with a partner. Giving over all of those controls to someone else, wherein they can pick and choose which functions are in play, can be utterly delightful. Of course, that person is going to listen to you when you offer up a preference. But at the same time, it can be sexy and surprising to have your partner pick how you get pleasured.

To get the most out of your new found beaded friend, try these positions for maximum enjoyment. These dynamic toys offer so many sensations - but some of these sensations can differ depending on your position. Tilt the body in different ways and you’ll feel all kinds of yummy new things.

Missionary position

We have to include the Missionary position because it is the general starter position and a classic for both masturbation and fun with a partner. If you’re getting yourself off, being able to lay back and just reach down with the sex toy is both comforting and hot. If you're using a beaded vibe on someone else, kneeling between her legs, pleasing her beautiful pussy while at the same time admiring her stunning body... well, that’s priceless. Missionary will allow you to control the depth of the toy and have a good sense of aiming it in just the right spot.

Doggy­style position

This is another position that can be managed either by yourself or with the help of a partner. Being ass up opens the vulva and vagina in different ways, and you will find that the part that gets the most stimulation is the back wall of the vagina, based on the angle that she will be able to insert the beaded vibe. If a partner is in control, they will be able to move the vibe around with great flexibility and dexterity, hitting all of her hot spots. Plus, again, that view! If your beaded vibe has a tickler, you can aim that at either the clitoris or the anus.

On her side position

This is predominantly a really hot solo position, but if a partner is involved it will be quite a show! As she reclines on her side, she can open her legs and insert the beaded vibrator. Once the toy is positioned just how she likes it, she can close her legs and hold it firmly in place. If there’s a tickler, it should sit perfectly on her clit. But the main action will be the internal vibration and oscillation of the beads, which will be greatly heightened as she flexes and clenches her leg muscles for increased effect.

How can I buy a beaded vibrator?

Do you feel the need for beads? If so, you can explore our full range of beaded vibes here: Buy a Beaded Vibrator.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a beaded vibrator is right for you and need a little help? Don't fear, help is near! Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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