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Guide to Vibrating Panties

Make no mistake about it, lingerie is one of the hottest parts of sex! Women love to get dressed in their favourite sexy under-things and everybody loves to look at them in them. This may sound odd, but it is actually possible to take the sexiest panties out there and out do them. Make your panties something to really get everyone excited by wearing vibrating panties.

Super-hot and ready to please, vibrating panties will significantly increase your pleasure. Whether you’re wearing them and controlling them or letting your partner take charge, vibrating panties are a great way to explore your exhibitionist side, as well as your desire to play with power exchange. Great at home or out and about, these innovative sex toys will make your knees weak.

What are vibrating panties?

Vibrating PantiesPublic sex is one of the most popular - and hottest - fantasies out there. Perhaps you’ve got an exhibitionist streak where you’d love for people to watch you get it on and get turned on seeing you being sexy. Or perhaps you’re a little more discreet and want to experience pleasure with other people around - but without them actually knowing what is happening.

If the idea of secret sex appeals to you, then we recommend some hot vibrating panties for you or your female partner. Imagine, a vibrator you can walk around wearing - without people knowing! You can go about your day - shopping, running errands, riding the bus, working, visiting friends - with the ability to receive a sensuous buzz of pleasure any time you want. Of course, you can also just wear them around the house and during sex - some pleasures you might just want to keep at home!

Vibrating panties come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit your own sexy interests. Some are actual panties with a space to hold a remote or bullet vibrator while others are similar to a strap­-on harness, holding a wide variety of hands­-free vibes in just the right spot. You can definitely wear many styles out and about, while others are more geared to use during sex, particularly as a wonderful addition to intercourse.

What size vibrating panties are right for me?

It is important to get the right fit to your vibrating panties. They do come in many different sizes and styles, so do consider your ideal undies. You want the vibrator to fit snug against the clitoris and vulva. Vibrating panties that don’t reach the right bits just won’t do! Some vibrating panties come with a bullet vibrator that you will need to turn on and off, while others are accompanied by a remote vibrator which gives you much more freedom of control. If you’re interested in vibrating panties that allow for access, ensure you can pull the harness nice and snug. You don’t want to be fussing with the device when you’ve got other things on your mind - and inside you.

Can I use vibrating panties with my partner?

Giving over your sexual pleasure to someone else can be extremely sensual, intimate and hot. Imagine slipping on a pair of vibrating panties and going out for a date. As you head out the door, you hand your partner the remote for the vibrator and a note that says “Turn me on all night long.” Throughout the evening, whether you’re at dinner, a film, a concert or dancing, they can tease you with sweet vibrations. Maybe they don’t want to tease, maybe they want to watch you have a full­-on orgasm in the midst of unknowing strangers. The possibilities are endless! There is a strong, sexy psychology happening in this situation, where you can explore your submissive side, and your partner’s dominant side. Just don’t get too worn out before you get home!

How do I use vibrating panties?

Vibrating PantiesVibrating panties are pretty easy to use - slip them on, turn them on, turn you on! But they may take some getting used to, wearing a device like that as you move around. We do recommend that you try them around the house first, getting used to the feel of the toy between your legs, testing out the different vibration settings and determining how loud it - and you - are when the vibrating panties are turned on. Many varieties feature very quiet vibrators, but depending on where you plan to wear them, you should be plenty aware of their potential. The library might be a little too quiet!

If you’re trying one of the hot models to be worn during sex, slip them on just as things are getting started. You and your partner can both enjoy the vibrating panties! You can do all kinds of different activities while wearing them, including oral and anal sex - all the while stimulating your clitoris and turning you on. And if you’re having hot sex with a fella, he’s going to get the additional benefit of feeling the vibrations up and down his penis as he slides in and out of you. While you’ll surely be plenty turned on and wet, some additional lube could definitely help him glide effortlessly against this super toy.

How can I buy vibrating panties?

Ready to take your sex life to the next level with vibrating panties? If you want to buy your very own, you can explore our full range of vibrating panties here: Buy Vibrating Panties.

Need more help?

Would you like some more help before choosing the right vibrating panties for you? Don't fear, help is near! Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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