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Buyer's Guide to Pheromone Sprays

Pheromone SpraysSometimes, in this day and age, we think we’ve got sex all figured out. We’re learning more about pleasure, about how to share great feelings and we’ve also invented countless amazing sex toys to get ourselves to those pleasure points on our own in solo sex or with a partner. As well, there are also countless articles and guides telling us how to pick and find the perfect mate, so surely we’re all set in that department, right?

Well, scientists have long known that our sexual desires are controlled by more than just personal preferences. When you meet someone and think they are super hot and super attractive, it isn’t just your eyes that are sending that information to your brain, your heart and... elsewhere. You are actually sensing hormones called pheromones and if you’d like to enhance the chances of yourself being attractive to a special person, try spritzing yourself with a pheromone spray.

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are hormones our bodies release outside of the body that have an effect on another person. These effects can be respecting a territory, following a food trail, alarm or, in the most fun way, sexual arousal. We cannot see or taste or smell pheromones, but when we want someone to notice us, their presence can be unmistakable.

What are pheromone sprays?

Pheromone sprays are sex appeal in a bottle. Infused into colognes and perfumes, pheromone sprays are attractive scents that have pheromone hormones added. A couple of sprays before heading out for a night on the town to meet someone new or with your partner can make those you spend time with even more excited to spend time with you! Pheromone sprays come in formulations for her, him and unisex.

Why should I use pheromone sprays?

The idea of a pheromone spray is to increase your sex appeal. As your partner or people you meet sense the pheromones in the air, their sexual arousal will be piqued. This is not to say that using pheromone sprays will have people falling at your feet, you can’t be a complete jerk and still have people be attracted to you! But using a pheromone spray will increase the chances those you meet will be interested in getting closer to you.

How can I test pheromone sprays?

Pheromone SpraysThere are so many factors that go into meeting new people that it probably won’t be a fair test to try pheromone sprays out on new people when you first hook up. However, if you’d really like to see if pheromone sprays work for you, try using one around someone you already have a clear mutual attraction with. Before meeting up, add some pheromone spray to your sexy self and see what happens when you connect. You might be surprised by just how much more into you that person becomes!

What are pheromone sprays made from?

The active ingredient in pheromone sprays is alpha-androstenol. This hormone is known for the way it affects our social interactions. It can give people ease in conversation and produce more chitchat. It can also allow people to feel more socially at ease and produce more social fluidity. It is the hormone that makes the room more fun!

How do I use pheromone sprays?

Pheromone SpraysRemember, pheromone sprays aren’t some kind of magic potion that will somehow make you the hottest person in the room. You’re not going to be able to spray some on and then get laid just by walking out the door. You’ve still got to be that supersexy person we know you are!

That said, if you would like to enhance your chances of meeting someone new or turning someone you already know on even more, just give yourself a couple of spritzes of pheromone spray before heading out for fun. It doesn’t take much and because some are infused in perfume or cologne, you don’t want to over do it. Don’t forget your charm along with it!

How can I buy pheromone sprays?

Are you ready to smell irresistible and ooze more sex appeal? If you would like to buy your own pheromone sprays, head on over to our pheromones category: Buy Pheromone Sprays.

Need more help?

Still not quite sure if pheromone sprays are right for you and need a little assistance? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you.

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