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How to Give an Erotic Massage

There is, perhaps, no sexier situation than a hot erotic massage. This type of sexy situation requires so much touch, so much closeness and a focus on connection. It is a perfect way to feel your partner’s energy and to share yours. It can also be as therapeutic as it is sensual. Of course, some massages are just massages and won’t lead to sex. But when the two of you get really into an erotic massage, amazing sensations are sure to follow.

Set the scene

Massage ProductsA great erotic massage is not just hands on skin. To truly turn the experience into something amazing and memorable, there are many different elements that can be added to create a wonderful sensation that transcends touch. Well before the massage starts, prepare the room with some of these sensual massage products. Add a soft, fluffy towel to the bed to provide a luxurious place for your partner to relax as well as protection for your sheets. Turn the lights down low or light some candles around the room to give the space an ambience of mystery. If you and your partner enjoy scent, light some incense for an olfactory thrill. Finally, pick a soundtrack that evokes feelings of languid sexuality. Nothing too overpowering, but not too relaxing either. You don’t want your partner to fall asleep! Another helpful tip is to put your bottle of massage oil in a mug full of warm water. Nothing sets sexy relaxation back like cold oil on warm skin!

Share a shower

Once the room is set, invite your lover into a hot and steamy shower. The massage can technically begin here, with your soapy hands gliding over each other. A great way to ensure relaxation is to know that you and your partner are as clean as you both can be. You don’t want a lingering worry about a hard day’s work of musk lingering. The hot water will also be the first relaxing of the muscles, preparing for the delightful hands that will soon follow.

The real thing first

An erotic massage does not just have to be an excuse to get to sex. If you’re both all prepped for it, give some actual massage and tension relief before things turn sexual. Starting your partner on their belly, with their back exposed the perfect way to commence, spread the oil all around and begin kneading your partner’s muscles, starting at the top of the back and working down. Make your way down to their lower back and then move back up. When you reach their shoulders, also be sure to give their neck some massage love. And then work your way back down. With each up and down track, expand the area you massage until you’re working their legs and feet. Along the way, be sure to linger on their bum and upper thighs. Sure this might feel great as a real massage, but you’ll definitely be entering erotic massage territory at this point.

Turn your partner over

Massage ProductsWhen your partner turns over and lays on their back, they are going to be both fully relaxed and incredibly turned on. Just take a look at their nipples! Muscles may be loose but those little buds will surely be rockhard. Get ready with more oil and work it into their ready skin just as you did their back. Move your strong hands around their body, focusing on muscles - but entirely avoiding their sexy bits. Leave your partner’s breasts, nipples, vulva, penis and any other particularly sexy parts for last. Slowing build up to these special places, coming closer and closer with every motion. When you finally start touching them, relaxation will no longer be the focus. Your erotic massage will have definitely taken a turn to sexual.

Knowing your partner’s body, you’ll be aware of which sexy spots to touch. However, one last note: before you proceed to the genitals, spend some time on the inner things. This will build up a delicious sexual heat, something so strong you’ll possibly never have experienced it before!

Now you’ve come to an important decision: Will the two of you proceed with fantastic sex... or switch positions and extend the erotic massage to you?

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