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Guide to Male Enhancement

Male Sex EnhancersDo you dream of being an absolute stud in bed? Do you want to be that guy that your partners tell all their friends about in breathy tones? Do you want to elevate your sexual prowess from good to great and possibly to legendary?

Every guy has it in them to be a sexual superstar, but some fellas need a little extra help to go that extra mile. And whether your chosen partners are women or men, it is possible to take every sexytime experience to the next level and possibly beyond. And to help make that possible, be sure to check out our impressive range of male sex enhancers.

What are male sex enhancers?

Male sex enhancers are creams and sprays that can help you realize your sexual dreams. Specially formulated to help with different sexual challenges, male sex enhancers can help with a variety of sexual challenges including erection issues, over sensitivity and anal pleasure. Simply apply these products before your desired sexytime fun and you may notice immediate changes.

What different types of male sex enhancers are there?

There are many different types of male enhancers, letting you pick the product best suited to your needs. Here we list the six most common types:

Erection creamsErection creams:

If you are having issues maintaining an erection, these creams and sprays can help you achieve that rock hard cock both you and your partner crave. These products not only help with sexual performance but also maintain personal self confidence.

Throat spraysThroat sprays:

Do you want to give or receive unbelievable blowjobs? Do you dream of deep throat? These sprays contain a gentle numbing agent that can ease the throat muscles, allowing a hard cock to sit in the mouth nicely to absorb that awesome sensation.

Stimulation lubesStimulation lubes:

Want to heat your sex life up or provide thrills with chill? Be sure to explore the many different lubes that provide these (and others) sensations to make your sexytimes a little more spicy.

Delay spraysDelay sprays:

Penis sensitivity can definitely put a cramp on how you enjoy sex and for how long. If you worry that you don’t last long enough for your partner’s pleasure, try a delay spray. These unique products are just a spray away from giving you the confidence and ability to enjoy longer, amazing sex.

Male aphrodisiacsAphrodisiacs:

Aphrodisiacs for men provide a number of great benefits to your sex life, including increasing your libido and sexual drive. Coming in various forms including tablets, drops and serums, they'll turn you into a sex god in no time.

Better anal sexBetter anal sex:

No matter if you plan to be giving or receiving anal sex, or maybe both, we have a variety of anal creams and desensitizers that allow for better anal sex. They're especially suited to anal beginners or those who are overly sensitive down there.

How can male sex enhancers improve my sex life?

The easy answer of how male enhancers can improve your sex life is that they give you more and longer-lasting sensation. However, there is more to it than that. When men cannot perform sexually to their own and their partner’s expectations, they lose confidence in their abilities and their egos take a hit. Once you start down this slippery slope, it can be a hard climb back to feeling good about yourself. Male enhancers can return your sexual confidence.

Are male sex enhancers safe?

Male enhancers are made with body safe materials that meet the high standards and needs of our sexytimes. Many male enhancers are even made from natural materials to better blend with your body. All of this said, it is still important to read the ingredients of male enhancers to ensure they are safe for your body, in particular. And before you try them with a partner, be sure to test them on a different part of your body to rule out a possible allergic reaction.

How can I buy male sex enhancers?

If you want to try something new in the bedroom and enhance your sex life, our male sex enhancers can do just that. Head on over to our male enhancement category and take your sex life from bland to grand. Buy Male Sex Enhancers.

Need more help?

Not quite sure which male sex enhancers are right for you and need a little help choosing? Just Contact Customer Care and a member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to help you enhance your sex life.

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