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Guide to Female Enhancement

Female Sex EnhancersEverybody is different in their sexual needs and desires. Everybody enjoys sex differently and everybody gets off differently. You would think that we’d explored all of the different ways to get the most out of our sexytimes, but that discovery has been patently one-sided. Sure, we’ve checked out every nook and cranny of male pleasure, but what about women?

Female sexual pleasure has been ignored by our collective sexual consciousness for far too long, but now women are taking back their sexual desire and making the most of it. What was once an afterthought, women are now empowered to get everything they want out of sex and love it! And a great way to make that happen is by bringing female sex enhancers into the bedroom.

What are female sex enhancers?

Female sex enhancers are creams and sprays that can help you realize your sexual dreams. Specially formulated to empower women to achieve the same or more sexual satisfaction than their male partners, female enhancers can help with a variety of sexual challenges including discomfort, lack of sensation and anal pleasure. Simply apply these products before your desired sexytime fun and you may notice immediate changes.

What different types of female sex enhancers are there?

There are many different types of female enhancers, letting you pick the product best suited to your needs. Here we list the six most common types:

Throat spraysThroat sprays:

Do you want to give or receive unbelievable blowjobs? Do you dream of deep throat? These throat sprays contain a gentle numbing agent that can ease the throat muscles, allowing a hard cock to sit in the mouth nicely to absorb that awesome sensation.

Anal comfortAnal comfort:

Not only are more and more men getting into anal sex, but women have discovered the sensational delights of ass sex as well! Anal comfort creams and serums can help ease the potential discomfort that can happen in anal sex.

Stimulation lubesStimulation lubes:

Want to heat your sex life up or provide thrills with chills? Be sure to explore the many different lubes that provide these (and others) sensations to make your sexytimes a little more spicy.

Vaginal tightening creamsVaginal tightening creams:

Over their lifetime, and potentially after childbirth, women’s vaginal muscles can become slightly looser than they were in your younger days. Vaginal tightening creams stimulate the muscles to contract when the cream is applied.

Orgasm gelsOrgasm gels:

For amazing sensations to the clitoris and outer vaginal areas, orgasm gels are the perfect choice. These products provide tingling, cooling or warming sensations that will set your senses alight with pleasure.


Aphrodisiacs for women provide a number of great benefits to your sex life, including increasing your libido and sexual drive. Coming in various forms including tablets, drops and serums, they'll turn you into a sex god in no time.

How can female sex enhancers improve my sex life?

For far too long society has looked past the importance of female sexual pleasure. All of the emphasis was placed on men getting what they “deserve.” Well, women are finally being acknowledged as the very hot and horny folks they are who crave, desire and deserve all of the pleasure they can get! To help in that department, female enhancers can help stimulate women in the ways they need it that are unique to their bodies.

Are female sex enhancers safe?

Female enhancers are made with body safe materials that meet the high standards and needs of our sexytimes. Many female enhancers are even made from natural materials to better blend with your body. All of this said, it is still important to read the ingredients of female enhancers to ensure they are safe for your body, in particular. And before you try them with a partner, be sure to test them on a different part of your body to rule out a possible allergic reaction.

How can I buy female sex enhancers?

If you want to try something new in the bedroom and enhance your sex life, our female sex enhancers can do just that. Head on over to our female enhancement category and take your sex life from bland to grand. Buy Female Sex Enhancers.

Need more help?

Not quite sure which female sex enhancers are right for you and need a little help choosing? Just Contact Customer Care and a member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to help you enhance your sex life.

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