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Guide to Delay Sprays

Delay Sprays & CreamsWhat would most guys give for the one sexual ability that has been most coveted throughout history? Sure, we talk about wanting bigger penises and better looking bodies to please our partners, but are those really the most pressing concerns we have when it comes to performance in the bedroom?

In reality, the number one ability most guys would love to have to make the most out of sexy times with their partners is the ability to last longer during sex. Whether that be oral, vaginal or anal, not only would fellas like to have longer staying power to please those they are with, but also for themselves! Sex is great and feels fantastic! It is only natural to want to enjoy it for as long as possible. If you are interested in increasing the duration of your sexual performance, be sure to check out our range of delay sprays.

What are delay sprays?

A big problem in male sexual performance is feelings of stress or inadequacy when not being able to last long enough for your partner’s pleasure. If this is a problem, give a delay spray or cream a try. Available as a topic spray or cream, or even in lube, delays sprays reduce sensitivity without diminishing any of the sexy sensations. Sex statistics show the average length of sexual intercourse is just a few minutes long. However, if you can increase that sexytime even just a few minutes more, both you and your partner will love it!

Will they make me last longer during sex?

Yes, they definitely can! Everybody reacts differently to products, but delay sprays have been shown to increase men’s ability to delay orgasm. Of particular note, delay creams can be most helpful to men dealing with premature ejaculation issues. If you have a very sensitive penis, delay sprays can reduce oversensitivity, offering the potential of a longer, more satisfying sexual experience.

Are delay sprays safe to use?

As with all products, it is important to read the labels and learn about the ingredients. Some delay sprays use natural products that are fine for your body. Some use topical anesthetics which some folks might have difficulties with. Most delays sprays are meant to be external use only and should be rubbed in and absorbed into the penis skin before proceeding to intercourse. You can use them in combination with a condom if there are no oils listed in the ingredients.

How do I use a delay spray?

Delay Sprays & CreamsThe great thing about delay sprays is that they can be incorporated into lots of different foreplay in natural ways as to not seem like you’re introducing a medical aid. You and your partner can play together as you would any other time and then just slip some spray or cream on your hands to help increase the fellas lasting power when or if you proceed to intercourse.

Imagine how great it will feel to receive a handjob that also includes a slick and slippery spray or cream? Your partner can coat their hands in the sexy delay spray or cream and then rub that all over your penis and balls. You can enjoy hot handjob pleasure while at the same time preparing for amazing sex!

Or, if you’re a bit of an exhibitionist or your partner really likes to watch, you can apply the delay spray or cream yourself! Make a big show of you touching and stroking your penis. Show your partner how excited you are to be hard and ready - and able to last a long time!

How can I buy delay sprays?

If you want to last longer during sex, you're in luck. We stock a variety of amazing delay products for men at Cherry Banana that will turn you into the sex god you know you can be. Please browse our category here: Buy Delay Sprays & Creams.

Need more help?

If you would like to know more about our delay products and the best ways to use them, we would be happy to assist. Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in contact right away to help you.

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