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Guide to Anal Desensitizers

Anal DesensitizersCan you guess what type of sex is becoming one of the most popular and exciting across the world? Here are some hints: it was formerly pretty taboo to even talk about and has so many layers of stigma attached to it. Still not sure or have you got a pretty good idea? Some folks might be surprised to learn that anal sex is increasing in popularity and curiosity all the time. And other folks might not be surprised at all! Those people who aren’t surprised have probably tried it and know the amazing pleasures that ass sex can offer.

But there are still those fears that people have about anal. First and foremost among them is the idea that ass fun is going to hurt. Of course, this is a valid concern. If you and your partner do not approach anal sex properly and practice the best methods, indeed, having something inserted into your bum could very well cause some discomfort. Fortunately, there is another way to help ease your ass and your mind. Anal desensitizers can be a great way to get ready for anal pleasure.

What are anal desensitizers?

Anal desensitizers are a helpful way to reduce the discomfort that can sometimes happen during anal sex or when using anal toys. There is no denying that the anus is built as an exit... but who ever said following the rules is the best thing? Mixing things up can be much more fun! Desensitizers can potentially reduce or eliminate pain during anal sex. Anal desensitizers contain a combination of numbing agents and soothing lube to help make your experience amazing. They relax the skin and make it more elastic.

Why should I use anal desensitizers?

There are many different guides and videos you can watch about how to eliminate pain and discomfort during anal sex. The best techniques demonstrate the necessity of both patience and lots and lots of lube. However, even with all the proper preparation in the world, your desired pleasure might still hurt. Anal desensitizers are best suited to those who are neither entirely new to anal sex nor very experienced. Those who are too new might push themselves past their body’s abilities with anal desensitizers and those who are too experienced might get a little greedy with how much they think they can handle. However, if you have tried anal sex and are curious to learn more, anal desensitizers can help immensely.

Are anal desensitizers safe to use?

The ingredients in anal desensitizers are definitely safe for your body. They will provide just the right amount of decreased sensation but will not interfere with pleasure. The only safety issue related to anal desensitizers is what was mentioned above. Just because your body feels like it can handle more and more, you do need to remain conscious of your body’s limits. There is the potential that your anus could be injured and you not feel it. So, it is not recommended that you participate in really hard pounding while using anal desensitizers.

How do I use anal desensitizers?

Anal DesensitizersAs with any new sex-related product or cream, we recommend you test your anal desensitizer product somewhere else on your body. You’ll want to make sure it doesn’t cause an allergic reaction. During anal fun is definitely not a sexy time to learn about this kind of situation.

Another good practice to try before you and your partner explore your anal desensitizer together is trying it on yourself on your own. Learning how your anal desensitizer feels on your body, when you’re the one in control will ensure that you understand what is happening and how to react when you and your partner get up to some sexytimes. Get yourself worked up and horny, touching your vagina or penis and slowly introduce a bit of anal desensitizer to your ass. Spread it around with your fingers and let it sink in. When you start to feel the effects, let your fingers take a dip in your eager hole. Take time to really enjoy the sensations!

When you are ready to experience anal desensitizers with your partner, keep in mind those important techniques for anal and combine them with your desensitizer. Go slow, add some lube to the mix and take your time. Don’t jump right into penis penetration. Definitely try fingers and even a small dildo first. These tips combined with an anal desensitizer are a great recipe for pleasure.

How can I buy anal desensitizers?

If you want to enjoy the amazing pleasures anal sex can bring, head on over to our anal desensitizers category. You'll find amazing products to help ease you into anal sex. Buy Anal Desensitizers.

Need more help?

Still a little unsure if you should add an anal desensitizer to your arsenal? We would be happy to help. Just Contact Customer Care and a member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to help you explore anal play like never before.

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