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How to Use a Massage Candle

Massage CandlesTouch is a primal human need. We crave it and seek it in many different ways. We use touch to express joy and to comfort sorrow. We use touch to share a wide range of emotions and can sometimes suffer greatly when touch is not a regular part of our lives.

Of course, one of the most basic forms of touch that people crave and desire is sexual touch. The ways we enjoy sexual touch are widely varied and entirely individual, but that connection is something many of us crave every day. One of the sexiest ways to experience touch is through a sensual massage. And one of the best additions to massage is using a massage candle.

What are massage candles?

Massage candles fulfill more than just our desire for skin-to-skin contact. They are specific wax and oil formulations that burn at a specific temperature, providing a great massage oil as well as the sensual experience of candlelight and often a delicious scent to tickle our noses - while other parts are also tickled! Just light the candle and enjoy all of these delights.

What are massage candles made from?

Massage candles are a combination of oil and wax that look like a candle but melt into slick and sexy oil. Many massage candles are made from all-natural materials such as soy wax or shea butter, both of which feel great when absorbed into the skin. They also burn at a lower temperature, providing an oil that isn’t scorching hot and dangerous to use.

Safety with massage candles

As with all sex, it can be easy to lose yourself in pleasure and then not pay attention to little details. Well, with massage candles you’re playing with fire and you need to be aware of where they are and what you’re doing in bed. It is all too easy to put your lit massage candle on the bedside table, start with sexytimes and then accidentally push a pillow or blanket up against the table. We want you to have hot sex... but not that hot! Beyond the fear of fire, it should also be remembered that the oil produced is not condom safe and should not be used as a lube. Keep it external!

How to use massage candles

Massage CandlesOne of the great things about using a massage candle is that they do take some time to burn and build up a pool of slippery liquid. We wonder what you can do during that time! Depending on the candle, it may take up to a half hour before you have massage oil to enjoy. While you can definitely start sooner and keep adding more oil to your hands, this might be up to the situation you find your sexy selves in.

One of the hottest ways to enjoy the oil from a massage candle is a mutual massage. Here you’ll want to let the candle melt a fair amount. Pour some oil into both of your hands and slowly rub it into each other’s bodies. You can both lay down on your sides or sit up facing each other. You can try mimicking each other’s massage strokes or work completely different sexy bits.

Of course, massage candles don’t have to just be for couples or groups. Everybody deserves pampering, and solo time can be great for that! Light a candle, read some erotica or watch some porn and get nice and worked up. When the oil is ready, spread it on whatever parts of the body you want to stimulate - including your genitals (just the outside). Keep the candle burning in case you linger or find a really long DVD or story to enjoy!

Buy massage candles

Are you ready to set your senses alight with a massage candle? If you would like to buy your own massage candle, head on over to our category: Buy Massage Candles.

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