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Guide to Male Sex Dolls

The most common (and completely stereotypical) complaint that women and gay men use in movies and television is that they just cannot find the perfect man. There is always something - maybe just one thing - about a guy that turns a woman off. It could be their personality, their attitudes, their bodies or their habits that prove them to be “not the one.”

However, what if we told you there was the perfect fella out there, ready and waiting for you! He’s good looking, doesn’t argue and, best of all, has a hard cock waiting for you every time you want it. If all of this appeals to you, then you’re ready for a male sex doll!

What are male sex dolls?

male sex dollsThere are countless jokes about what makes the perfect partner. Most of these jokes are terribly sexist (in both directions!) but they do speak to an underlying desire that many people have: we just want someone to have fun with. Of course, there are lots of ways for people to pursue sexual pleasure, but sometimes those options just aren’t available. You could be too shy and nervous around prospective sex buddies. You could be too worried about catching something in casual encounters. You might even already be involved with someone - but are looking for something different.

Any of these situations (and many more) speak to the need for sex dolls! These unique and exciting pleasure products take fulfilling your needs to a whole new level!

Now, we recognize that most sex dolls model the female form for male pleasure. However, there are an array of sexy and silly male sex dolls for those seeking a more masculine adventure! Male sex dolls are inflatable and come endowed with magnificent penises. You’ll find fellas of all sorts, ready to please you in all kinds of ways. Some even feature delectable little assholes for your pleasure. Male sex dolls offer a bit more than a regular dildo. Some people want something more substantial to hold on to!

Are male sex dolls great for gifts?

When you check out the different male sex dolls that are available, you’ll notice they fall into two general styles: the sexy and the silly. As women are “not supposed to” really take charge of their sex and sexuality, many types of male sex dolls have evolved as silly and funny. And, truly, they are! You’ll find spoofs on famous men and many different types of characters. They can make for great practical jokes as well as super gag gifts and decorations on hen’s nights! Hopefully the bride to be will be thinking how good she’s got it with the fella she’s marrying and not secretly take home the blow-up bozo!

Are male sex dolls good quality?

Any kind of sex toy you pick should be durable and tough enough to hold up to all of the fun times you planned have with it. Male sex dolls - even the silly ones - are made from high quality materials that can withstand some sexy pressure. It is recommended that you do not overinflate your male sex doll, to avoid wear and tear on the seams. It is going to take a lot to burst your buddy, but it is recommended you only inflate the doll two-thirds of the way. Then, if you do put a little pressure on his body, he won’t be what everybody hates in a man - a limp, deflated noodle.

How can I use male sex dolls?

The best way to use a male sex doll is to simply have fun with it. Get creative with the different ways you like to touch a person and be penetrated. Male sex dolls are even a great way to experiment with new positions and sensations! If you can figure out a way to prop your inflated fella up and in different configurations, you can enjoy him in different ways! You can even experiment with forms of bondage! Tie him up in any way and he’ll still have a smile on his face and a hard cock! And once you’ve had your fun, you can just wipe him off and put him away. Because male sex dolls are made of different materials, it is strongly suggested you use lots of lube on his dick before you use him for penetration.

How can I buy a male sex doll?

Would you like to explore your fantasies with your own male sex doll? If so, just head on over to our category: Buy Male Sex Dolls.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a male sex doll is right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.

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