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Guide to Masturbation Lubricants

Masturbation LubesThere’s a pretty famous phrase that can sum up most common feelings about sex and sexuality: to each their own. Everybody has different preferences and desires. Everybody has different things they love and things they totally dislike. Everybody wants to enjoy sex as much as possible in the ways that feel the best to them. As well they should!

One of the most important ways that we should seek out and fully realize our erotic potential and desires is through enjoying our own bodies. Masturbation is the love and pleasure we can always give - and always receive! We all develop our own self-pleasure styles and preferences over time, but there is always time to learn more! And one of the best new additions you can make to your sexy solo time is by adding masturbation lube.

What is masturbation lube?

To be specific, masturbation lubes are primarily meant for men and other folks with penises. There are many other lubes that will work better for women and folks with a vulva. The reason masturbation lubes are male-focused is their different thicknesses and viscosities. Masturbation lubes are meant to maintain a long-lasting wetness without becoming sticky. They are ideal for the hot stroking and pumping primarily associated with penis stimulation.

Why should I use masturbation lube?

If you were to poll a room full of dudes, you’re likely to find a pretty even split between those who use a lube for masturbation and those who prefer to stroke dry. Of course, this is a preference thing. From those who do prefer some added slickness, their reasons are usually about slickness and glide. Using a lube is a more close approximation of what it feels like to slide into another person’s vagina, mouth or anus.

Should I use a thick or thin lube?

Masturbation LubesMasturbation lubes come in different levels of wet and wild thickness. Some will pour into your hands in an almost water-like density. Others will come close to feeling like a gel. And then there’s everything in between. The thickness of your preferred lube can depend on how you like to stroke. Thicker lubes are great for someone who likes fast action, up and down the cock, with swirls around the sensitive head. Thinner lubes are great for slow squeezes up and down the shaft and frisky forays around the scrotum.

Can I use masturbation lubes with a partner?

Of course, it is important to remember that how we enjoy masturbation and self-love is entirely up to us. This is our time, our pleasure, our desire. However, that isn’t to say we can't spread a little bit of the self-love around and share a masturbation session with our partners! A lot of folks find watching their partner jerk off to be incredibly sexy and a massive turn on. You can lay on the bed, on the couch, sit in a chair or even stand and give yourself all of the good feelings, while at the same time turning your partner on. Depending on the situation, you might have to agree to not go all the way to orgasm - other activities might be desired!

What are masturbation lubes made from?

Back in the day, guys were finding anything slippery to use as a masturbation lube. We’re talking olive oils, butter, Crisco and more. Fortunately, personal lubricants have advanced out of the kitchen and now there are many different masturbation lubes to choose from. A great many are silicone-based, but some folks will prefer water-based. For different sensations, you can also find creams and oils.

How can I use masturbation lubes?

Everybody masturbates in different ways, however, there are some specific titillating tricks that a great many folks will find they enjoy. It isn’t only about the pull and stroke!

Masturbation LubesOne thing many fellas overlook when it comes to their self-love is actually three things! Don’t forget that your sexual unit is more than just your penis. One sexy trick, if you have both hands free, is to not only stroke your penis, but to also cradle and lightly pull on your scrotum and testicles. They can be nicely sensitive and add a significantly sensual addition to your fun. Getting your scrotum nice and slippery with masturbation lube will feel amazing.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of guys like to watch porn as they enjoy some solo pleasure. And while they watch their favourite performers on the screen, they often fantasize about being in porn and having the opportunity to enjoy that performer’s body! Well, since that dream is probably out of reach for most guys, why not get as close as you can by matching the action on the screen! Add a generous amount of masturbation lube and copy everything you see on screen, including starts and stops. Can you make it to the money shot?

How can I buy masturbation lubes?

If you would like to enjoy more pleasure when you masturbate, just head on over to our masturbation lubricant category: Buy Masturbation Lubes.

Need more help?

Would you like a little help choosing the right lube for you? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other lubricant guides here.

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