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Guide to Novelty Blow Up Dolls

There are certain staples of sexual humour that cannot be denied as funny every damn time. And that’s something we really should always keep in mind - sex can be really hilarious! Sure, sometimes your sex is going to be passionate, serious, caring, considerate and so many more complex feelings and emotions. And other times sex is going to be one big laugh!

Mining this potential for sexual shenanigans, comedians and films have long taken advantage of one of the tried and most true sex humour symbols. And you can too if you’ve got someone's bucks night or hens night coming up. Time to put your lips together and blow up a novelty blow up doll!

Novelty blow up dolls explained

novelty blow up dollsSometimes, you just have to make sex silly and fun. We take a lot of things seriously in life, maybe a little too seriously. There’s work, there’s family, there’s relationships - all of these take time to nurture and grow - and all of them can leave us tired and frustrated.

Sex, of course, is a great outlet for relieving stress! Sex keeps us happy and puts a big smile on our faces. But sex can get a little too serious sometimes as well. There are many factors that come with having sexual relationships that can get a little murkier and just as challenging as the other parts of our lives.

When this starts to happen, we need to step back and have a laugh. Share a giggle with friends. And if you can combine sex at the same time, you’ll really have a great time! Fortunately, novelty sex dolls are here to both make you laugh and maybe even get you off too!

When you think of sex dolls, it is probably the silly novelty version you picture from movies and television. Sure, there are other higher quality ones that are truly great for sex, but novelty sex toys will be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face based on their silliness! Great as gag gifts, hen and buck parties and adult surprise parties, novelty sex dolls come in a wild variety of shapes and sizes, as well as stereotypes and other surprises.

Novelty blow up dolls are great for parties and jokes!

Just imagine your buddy’s face when you hand over a well-wrapped and lovely looking gift - only for him to later open it and learn that there is a ridiculous novelty sex doll inside! You’re going to turn heads and make everyone laugh. Novelty sex dolls are definitely meant to take the edge off any situation. There are so many different goofy models - from parodies of cultural stereotypes to riffs on celebrities to exaggerations of people with different body shapes, including obese and little people, to animals! It shouldn’t be any problem at all getting a rise and a laugh out of your friends!

Novelty sex dolls are great for exploring fetish and fantasy

As noted, there are many different types of sex dolls out there, with some being specifically for great sex and others seeming to be for great laughs. However, this doesn’t mean novelty sex dolls are exclusively jokes! They are, after all, still sex dolls! Because some people are still shy about exploring sex, novelty sex dolls can be a gateway into trying new sexual things. They can be purchased under the guise of being a gag gift, even if they’re meant for sexual pleasure. And anyone can pick one up of any type, whether you want to experience a celebrity fantasy, a fetish involving midgets or any other wild sensation you want to try!

How to use and enjoy different scenarios with novelty blow up dolls

If you decide to take your novelty sex toy out of the joke realm and into the sexy realm, have fun! To do so, be sure to have some lube on hand to enjoy and explore the various holes and sensations these toys offer. Depending which novelty sex doll you choose, you’ll be able to try some new things and combine these nifty little bedroom additions with some deeply held fantasies!

Have you ever wanted to feel what it is like to have a midget ride you? Or perhaps a larger person? You can definitely explore some new fantasies and have great orgasms when fulfilling existing ones.

Another hot idea is to pick up some of the novelty blow up dolls that are based on celebrities. Now, we’re not saying these toys are meant to be these people, but they will resemble some of the world’s hottest stars - and you’ll be the one having them in your home and in your bed!

Buying a novelty blow up doll

Would you like to purchase your own novelty blow up doll and be the life of the party? If so, just head on over to our category: Buy Novelty Blow Up Dolls.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a novelty blow up doll is right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.

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