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Guide to Stealth Masturbators

Sex toys are a big part of our lives and the stigma around them has definitely decreased. There are far fewer judgemental looks or cocked eyebrows when they are discussed. People are recognizing sex products as an important part of both sexual pleasure in partnered sex and solo sex.

That said, not everybody is comfortable leaving their sex toys strewn about their home for everybody to see. It would certainly be handy for spontaneous sexytimes and some look like awesome little works of art, but comfort is the most important thing. So if you’re a little more privacy-minded but still love to enjoy sexual pleasure, stealth masturbators are a great, discreet thing to have around.

What are stealth masturbators?

discreet masturbatorWe often associate sex objects with blatant displays of sexuality. Well, that seems fairly obvious, but it is a little more complex. Erotica and romance books that feature a steamy image on the front get more notice than those with plain text cover. Porn DVDs that depict the specific acts the performers are gettin’ into also get more notice. And the most enduring images of dildos are the dongs that most resemble actual penises.

In a lot of ways, this makes sense. Sex = sex. But as we’ve learned over the years, not everybody who happily and positively enjoys sex is always into a visual representation of it. Rather, they’d prefer toys and covers to be more discreet. This can apply to sex toys too.

One distinct example of a very non-sexual appearing sex staple is the vibrator. Many favourite vibes do not look like a sex object at all. Many personal vibrators feature a simple, almost industrial look - but they sure do get the job done. And this same thinking can be applied to stealth masturbators.

Masturbation can be an intensely personal act and some people need their self-love to be just right. And for those who prefer a little discretion in their sex toys, stealth masturbators are just perfect. They feel just as amazing as other masturbators, but they come in simple casing that can be closed up and stored away - and not look at all like a sex toy.

Why do some people need discretion?

There are many reasons why someone would prefer their sex toys to be understated. As mentioned, some people just aren’t into overtly visual sex objects. They prefer a design that doesn’t try to replicate human anatomy. Some people also want their toys to be hidden in plain sight. Stealth masturbators can be used, cleaned and closed up and then left anywhere you want and nobody will be any the wiser that your toy is right there.

How good do stealth masturbators feel?

Just like other masturbators, stealth models are a fantastic way to get off. The way they hug and caress the contours of your cock are mindblowing! The soft material and varying textures inside can feel so much like a real person that you’ll be amazed at the sensations you will experience. And stealth masturbators have the added advantage of a firm outer shell to grip and guide your experience with. There are also stroker models where you can control the grip on yourself. As well, you just won’t believe the intense feelings you’ll receive with vibrating stealth masturbators. Out of this world!

using discreet masturbator

How can I use stealth masturbators?

The key to enjoying your stealth masturbator is to have a good - and proper - lube on hand. Remember, if your masturbator is made of Cyberskin, you can only use water-based lubes with your toy. If your toy is made from silicone, you cannot use silicone-based lube. Using the wrong lube can result in damage to your masturbator, and you surely don’t want that.

Once you have the right lube warmed up and ready to go, apply a generous amount to your penis and your toy and slide it right down on top of you!

Stealth masturbators are definitely one of the easiest and most intuitive sex toys to figure out, but that doesn’t mean they are boring. You can experience many different types of pleasure with stealth masturbators just by mixing up speeds and motions. And if you are okay with sharing your stealth masturbator just a bit, imagine the sexy fun you can have with your partner controlling those motions!

What are stealth masturbators made from?

Stealth masturbators can be made of different materials commonly used in sex toys. The majority feature life-like Cyberskin on the inside to simulate the wonderful sensations of being inside another person. Others are made from high-quality silicone or even jelly. Each material will feel different and awesome, but you’ll have to be the judge of which you like best!

How can I buy a stealth masturbator?

Would you like to buy your own stealth masturbator to take your masturbating pleasure to new and exciting heights? If you would like to browse our range, just head on over to our category: Buy Stealth Masturbators.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a stealth masturbator is right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.

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