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How to Care for Your Lingerie

Lingerie & Costumes

The sexiness of lingerie cannot be disputed. Dressing up is a favourite pastime that we cherish when young and love when we are adults. Lingerie can make the wearer feel like the sexiest person on the planet - and rightly so. A big part of feeling sexy is self-care and esteem. And wearing lingerie can definitely boost self-esteem!

But just as lingerie can help us take care of ourselves, we need to take care of our lingerie. Almost all lingerie is made from a specialty material, be that lace, lycra, spandex, satin, nylon, latex or leather. All of these materials require some form of special care to make your sexytime outfits last.

Check out these tips on how to care for your lingerie.


One of the best ways to care for your lingerie is by ensuring it gets put on a hanger in a closet. And none of these metal wire hangers! Get yourself lots of plastic hangers for your or your partner’s lingerie collection. Many different lingerie materials are prone to wrinkling, and sometimes those wrinkles will turn into permanent creases. These will not only compromise the look of your outfit, but those creases might also compromise the material, possibly leading to holes after some time.

Lingerie detergents

For those who are doubtful, different laundry detergent actually does make a difference in the longevity and look of your clothes. So it is only natural that there be a special lingerie washing detergent. These products are specially designed to treat your delicates with the delicate care they deserve! Lingerie laundry detergent will keep all of your soft materials nice and soft. If you’re hard pressed to find it, baby shampoo can be a good substitute.

Read the labels

It is essential that you are familiar with the special needs of all of the different materials in your closet. And that’s what those annoying labels are for. It is best that you not clip those labels off because you will surely need to refer to it at some point later on. The label will tell you whether it is washer safe or if it should be hand-washed. Should your lingerie be placed in the dryer or is that not advisable? Different types of lingerie have various different wash and dry requirements and it is important to know the differences.

Special care for fetish materials

Depending on your sexual interests, your choices in lingerie might be a little more diverse than the mainstream. If you’re into BDSM or fetish acts, you might be keen to add some leather, latex or rubber to your closet. All of these materials require special care. Leather should be treated with a leather cleaner. Latex needs to be cleaned and dried carefully and rubber should also be cleaned, but not placed in a way that it can stretch.

Lingerie & Costumes

Know when to say goodbye

One of the most important things to remember about taking care of your lingerie is knowing when to let it go. Sure, you’ve had some sexytimes, you’ve driven your lover crazy with lust and you’ve felt like the hottest person on the planet. But, everything gets worn out and needs to be retired or replaced. And this isn’t about changing styles or tastes, this is all about practicality. More often than not, we like to mix and match our pieces of lingerie. It is a great way to spice things up! And if a particular bra or garter belt becomes worn and frayed, it might expose metal or plastic clips or clasps that might catch on other sexy pieces of lingerie, possibly ruining another! Just remember to know when to say when and say your goodbyes - and then get something new!

Buying lingerie and costumes

Would you like to buy your own lingerie and costumes to look and feel sexy? If so, just head on over to our lingerie and costume category: Buy Lingerie & Costumes.

Need more help?

Would you like a little more help on how to best care for your lingerie? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other lingerie and costume guides here.

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