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10 Reasons Every Couple Should Use Breast & Nipple Toys

If there is one body part our culture has embraced and adores the most it is the chest. Granted, women’s breasts are the most focused on, but all those firefighter calendars will tell you that men’s chests have a definite fan following as well. Breasts, chests and nipples are beautiful to admire and lovely to play with, so it is no wonder so many are hot for them! And when you do touch, lick and tease someone’s sexy chest, some specialized toys will greatly enhance their and your pleasure.

So if you're looking for some reasons to start exploring and playing with breasts, chests and nipples, here's 10 Reasons Every Couple Should Use Breast & Nipple Toys.


1. Loving suction

Remember when you were just starting out, your first forays into sex. You move beyond kissing and glide your lips to your partner's neck for that rite of passage: the hickey. It may seem like something reserved for experimenting youth, but hickeys and other sexy suction are a hallmark of sexual joy. You can take this one step further by trying a nipple or breast pump. Recreate that curious sensation!


2. Underappreciated?

It might seem odd to say, but breasts are underappreciated! In society, no, everything is all about titties. But when it comes to foreplay, breasts can be given little attention or ignored altogether. Breast and chest play, with clamps, lotions and pumps can be an integral part of sexual stimulation for some people and when they don’t get it, they just aren’t satisfied.


3. New sensations

Beyond hickeys and teasing pinches, many people haven’t much experimented with suction and pressure. But when you apply these sensations to other sensitive parts of the body, such as breasts, chests and nipples, you’ll discover amazing new heights of pleasure. With pumps, the blood collects in the pumped up area creating a tingling feeling. When released, the blood flows freely and that tingling spreads along with increased endorphins. With clamps, you can experiment with delicious levels of pain, all the while enjoying a different endorphin rush sensation.


4. Good vibrations

We all know how great vibrators feel on our main sexy spots, but have you ever tried applying a vibrator to your nipples? This is one of the most underrated activities you can try! Many nipple clamps come equipped with mini vibrators to add that delicious buzz to an already amazing sensation. A fantastic addition to intercourse and orgasm.


5. Re-sexualize breasts after breastfeeding

After having children and breastfeeding, many women experience a loss of ownership over their breasts. While they may have enjoyed sexual breast and nipple play before having a baby, after the child is done breastfeeding, they might need to regain that feeling of sexualized breasts. Some women even experience a loss of sensation. Breast lubes and creams can be an intimate and exciting way to regain sexual feelings - both physically and psychologically - after a baby. She can touch, sooth and enjoy them on her own or with her partner to bring those sexual sensations back.


6. Roleplay it up!

Roleplay has fast become one of the most exciting and intimate activities for couples looking to add some adventure to their sex lives. And one of the most popular ways to take on a new perspective is the sexy strip tease. Add a pair of hot tassels or pasties to your randy routine and you will drive your partner wild! Live your inner burlesque dreams!


7. Welcome to BDSM

As some breast and nipple toys do involve playing with pain, they can be a great beginner’s step into the world of BDSM. While some of these toys will let you get a little extreme, most fall under the umbrella of “light” in terms of BDSM. But nipple clamps and pumps can help you explore the physical and psychological aspects of pain play and power exchange.


8. An eyeful of fun

Those firefighter calendars and beach beauty posters (and loads of porn!) can certainly attest to how much we like looking at breasts, chests and nipples. Now imagine your partner rubbing a sexy breast lube all over themselves. Imagine them tweaking their luscious nipples to attach clamps. We love to see these images in society because we want to gaze hungrily at our partners. And better yet, watch them.


9. Don’t forget the fellas

It is easy to forget given how prevalent breasts are in popular culture, but men’s chests and nipples are just as sensitive and ready for loving as women’s are! If you’re a guy and you haven’t had anyone explore your chest and nipples, you can try it yourself with nipple clamps and pumps. And if you have a special fella and haven’t touched him this way yet, you will be surprised by just how excitedly he reacts when you do!


10. Two handfuls of orgasm

Breasts, chests and nipples are all so sensitive for many people that playing with your partner’s while you are having sex will surely result in stronger, more mind blowing orgasms. If you attach clamps or pumps during foreplay, keeping them in place until just before your partner explodes will make that orgasm all the more amazing. If you get the timing just right, it just might be their best climax ever!


How can I buy breast and nipple toys?

Your breasts and nipples hold many pleasure centres just waiting to be explored. If you want to find breast and nipple toys to enjoy incredible sensations, just head on over to our category: Buy Breast & Nipple Toys.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if breast and nipple toys are right for you for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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