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Guide to Nipple & Breast Pumps

One of the most universal sexual thrills is the pleasure derived from sucking. The feeling of a mouth on the skin, taking it in and applying that delicious force of suction can send delightful shivers up the spine. Different people enjoy this sensation over many different parts of the body, but there is one area that suction is almost always loved.

The breasts and nipples are tender and sensitive parts of the body that react significantly to stimulation. The skin of a breast is tender and soft and highly erogenous. Nipples harden at touch and become even more hot when sucked on. But it doesn’t have to just be a mouth that creates this sensation. Nipple and breast pumps will surely arouse your suction interests.


What are nipple and breast pumps?

Everybody's experienced hickeys, right? They’re like a right of passage as your begin to explore sex and are ready to move beyond kissing. Now, some would say this is an activity reserved for the young, but it really doesn’t have to be. The feelings for both the hickey giver and the hickey receiver can be delightfully erotic.

There’s a reason for this. Suction pulls blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. This makes the skin surface ultra-sensitive to further sucking and other types of touch. In the case of hickeys, the suction is extreme enough to burst those blood vessels and leave a mark. While not everybody is keen to have marks, that suction action remains a significantly sexy act that warrants further investigation.

As you grow older, you discover that some of the sexiest parts of the body to play with suction are the chest, breasts and nipples. Not only does it feel amazing when someone uses their lips on you, but there are special, fantastic toys to really bring suction into your play. Nipple and breast pumps are a thrilling addition to anyone’s pleasure chest - and that means women and men! Men’s chests and nipples don’t get the attention they deserve. But you will find that using nipple and breast pumps on a fella will drive him wild!


What type of nipple or breast pump is right for me?

Nipple and breast pumps come in a variety of sizes and pumping types. Because all of our nipples are different shapes and sizes, it would be easy to assume you’d need to consider that when picking a nipple pump. Same with breasts. However, as these toys work by suction, they will suck in what they can and because nipples and breasts are fairly fleshy and pliable parts of our bodies, most people’s anatomy should be accommodated by most toys. Another factor is the type of suction offered. There are bulb, hand pump and electric suction devices. The bulb models offer a lighter, not as deep suction into smaller pumps and are great for beginners. Many hand pumps are for those who are more experienced with toys and offer a larger cylinder to receive the flesh and stronger pumping action. Electric pump toys can be great for both gentle and strong pumping action.


Will they hurt?

As with any type of sex play, everything needs to be considered according to your personal comfort and expectations. Sure, if you aren’t careful with a nipple or breast pump, there is the potential for discomfort or even pain. As you begin playing with your breast or nipple pump, or are using it with a partner, ensure that you remain aware of the sensations it is causing. Even if you’re using it in conjunction with other sexual activities, you need to check in with yourself and your partner as to how it feels. If the sexy tingle moves from hot to hurt, let some of the pressure out of the pump. If you’re up for testing your pain/pleasure limits, these breast toys are perfect for your play.


How can I use nipple and breast pumps?

Breast and nipple pumps are a fantastic type of foreplay leading into some super hot sex. Because they are great to use on either men or women, anybody can take the lead and give this amazing pleasure or receive it. Start your partner off with a nice relaxing massage. Once you’re both feeling sexy and intimate, have your partner lay on their back and give them a chest or breast massage. If you’re using a nipple pump, be sure to pay particular attention to those hot little nubs. Once their skin is nice and warmed up, gently place the pump on their flesh. The first couple squeezes will feel great, but it is really after the skin is enveloped in the cylinder that you will begin to feel ecstatic. Continue to pump to the level that feels most amazing, remembering your pain threshold.

Now it is on to some other activities. Keep the pump in place while you enjoy oral sex, more massage or even some fantastic sex! With so much sexiness going on, you will discover the sensitive skin of your breast, chest and nipples will feel amazing.

And the best part? As you approach orgasm, just as you are about to come, release the suction on the pump! Blood will flood back into your skin with an electric endorphin rush! A truly mind blowing sexual experience.


How can I buy nipple and breast pumps?

Your breasts and nipples hold many pleasure centres just waiting to be explored. If you want to find a nipple or breast pump to enjoy incredible sensations, just head on over to our category: Buy Nipple & Breast Pumps.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if nipple and breast pumps are right for you for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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