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Guide to Nipple Clamps & Chains

Pressure is a word that does not usually have positive connotations when it comes to sex. Nobody should ever be put under any kind of pressure to have any kind of sex. Ever! However, that isn’t to say that pressure shouldn’t be a part of sexytime fun, let’s just make sure we’re talking about the right kind of pressure!

That right kind of pressure is the kind you get from pleasure products that put pressure on your sensitive bits and pieces. The toys that squeeze and test your limits. The delicious devices that give a pervy pinch in all the right ways. The best pressure of all is the pressure that comes from nipple clamps and chains.


What are nipple clamps and chains?

When you think of sex, what body parts do you immediately picture? Vulva? Penis? Breasts? Oh, you’re getting close! The usual association with sex people make is with the genitals. We mean, that’s often where the usual action of intercourse happens, right? That’s where most of our orgasms happen, so it is only natural that is our primary focus.

However, our entire bodies are one great big erogenous zone, with some people experiencing more sensitivity and pleasure in certain specific areas. One of those sexy hotspots that is nearly universal in sexual enjoyment are the nipples! Think about how great it feels when someone closes their warm lips over your small buds. Or rolls them in their fingers. Or even when you’re thinking about sex and they harden and rub against your shirt.

Nipples are definitely one of the sexiest spots on the body - every body! Nipples are most often associated with women’s breasts, but let’s not forget men have sensitive and needy nipples too! Men’s nipples are often overlooked, but should definitely be explored and enjoyed.

One of the best and most thrilling ways to enjoy everybody’s nipples is the exciting mix of pleasure and pain. Nipple clamps and chains have a long history as a sexual aid and device. Because nipples can be so sensitive, applying some pressure to them can be exhilarating! Nipple clamps and chains come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and tension strengths. Some even come with vibration attachments for a new level of thrill.


What type of nipple clamps and chains are right for me?

Nipple clamps and chains are designed to be user-friendly. While they may look a little intimidating at first, you or your partner are not going to be hurt by nipple clamps - unless you want to be. Most nipple clips are adjustable so you can set the level of tension on the clip for the perfect level of pinch. As you play with them over time, you might find that increasing this tension will heighten your pleasure. Or you might be quite content to find your own perfect pinch. Adding a chain gives a delicious pull on your already teased nipples.


Do nipple clamps and chains offer power dynamics?

One of the great pleasures of nipple clamps and chains is playing with power dynamics. Because they are a great sex toy for couples, nipple clamps are great for both role play and light BDSM. You or your partner can play the Dominant, demanding and threatening further punishment by applying nipple clamps to the other. Try giving yourself up to receiving your Master’s demands or take on that role yourself and tease your partner’s nipples mercilessly. This is a great introduction to other BDSM play with pain. As they are adjustable, increase the tension throughout your sexy session to just how far the two of you want to go. Of course, decide on a safe word beforehand!


How can I use nipple clamps and chains?

Before you come at your partner with nipple clamps in hand, make sure you are both clear on your desires and limits. This is why a safe word is key. Be prepared to use it if the clamps become painful or uncomfortable and be equally prepared to stop if your partner requests the same. Safety and care first, folks!

That said, nipple clamps and chains can be exhilarating! When you start out, ensure the clamps are warmed up by holding them in your hands for a bit. Cold could be an uncomfortable way to start. Hopefully your partner is already excited and their nipples are nice and perky, but if not, give your partner a nice, deep kiss and roll their nipples between your fingers. Trying to put nipple clamps on soft nipples is not only uncomfortable, but also challenging!

When you are both ready, run the clamp over your partner’s nipples to let them feel the strength. Ensure the clamp is set to a wide tension. Many clamps tighten and loosen by screws, so you can move them up and down and find the perfect tightness. As you apply the clamp to your partner’s nipple, slowing allow it to close on their delicate skin, all the while checking in to ensure they’re still loving it and not turned off.

Once the nipple clamps are in place, there is so much you can try! Tug on the clamp or attached chain gently to give them a new thrill. Apply vibration to the clamp to send shockwaves through their whole body. Lick the exposed flesh. Blood will collect under the flesh around the clamp. And that’s another great thing to remember: when you take the clamps off, their nipples will be ultra sensitive as endorphins run through their body. Touch and lick and watch the erotic sparks fly!


How can I buy nipple clamps and chains?

Your breasts and nipples hold many pleasure centres just waiting to be explored. If you want to find nipple clamps and chains to enjoy incredible sensations, just head on over to our category: Buy Nipple Clamps & Chains.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if nipple clamps and chains are right for you for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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