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Guide to Breast Lubes & Creams

One of the hottest sights in sexytime fun is playing with, cupping, fondling or otherwise enjoying the sensation and sight of breasts. Yes, yes, we’re aware that breasts aren’t primarily sexual but remember, neither are a number of other body parts that receive significant sex-focused attention. But even all of those different sexy spots combined do not at all compare to the universal love of breasts!

Whether you’re lucky enough to enjoy the boobs of your lover or have a beautiful body of your own to play with, there are many ways to stimulate breasts and nipples. Slow and sensual or rough and wild, breast play is all about finding that sweet spot that readies yourself or your partner for more fun to come. And one of the best ways to enjoy all of the sensations breasts have to offer is by applying breast lubes and creams.


What are breast lubes and creams?

Look over there, what do you see? I basket of fruit with two perfectly round oranges in it? And over there? Are those two sloping hills side by side? And in almost any advertisement that features a woman? Yes, you see them! Breasts!

Breasts have become an integral part of our culture - sexual and otherwise. They are there for us when we’re babies and many people certainly like to get their mouths back on them as adults. And not just women’s boobs, but men’s chests are highly prized for their sexiness. Touching, licking, sucking and squeezing - there are so many exciting ways to stimulate and tantalize your partner and yourself!

One of the hottest ways to bring a new dimension of fun to your breast play is to add a breast lube or cream to your action. These products offer many different uses and delights, from improving breast appearance to teasing nipples with new sensations. While breasts are often an integral part of sexual play, they are often only focused on for a short time during foreplay. Well, give a breast lube or cream a try and you just might experience significant new pleasures and potential orgasms!


How do they work?

The variety of breast lubes and creams work in a number of different ways. Breast lubes are just like any other lube that you can spread on your body. You can find types that are made from the best ingredients that also soften and nurture your skin. Taking these smooth and sexy solutions all over your skin can lead to great massages... that can lead to great sex! Breast lube allows hands and other parts to glide with ease across the boob, perking up nipples in no time. Breast creams have potentially therapeutic aspects. The creams encourage breast tissue development by potentially expanding fatty tissue and ligaments around the breast, which help to increase support and shape. These creams can help women regain confidence in their breasts’ appearance. Nipple lube can come in different flavours and feature tingling sensations when applied to sensitive nubs. They also taste sweet and sexy on the tongue when your partner moves from touching to sucking.


Who can use them?

Breast lubes and creams can certainly be used by anyone, though some products can be specific to women. For example, a breast firming cream or enhancement cream might not be something that intrigues men, whereas flavoured and tingly nipple drops can be enjoyed by everyone. And of course, any kind of lubricant can increase the good times while decreasing the friction of any hot and sexy situation.


Can they be used as normal lube?

Yes! Well, some. Whenever you try to use one product as another, be sure to read the labels carefully. But many breast lubes are also great to use as vaginal and anal lubricants. This can certainly lead you to think about covering each other in these luxurious lubes and rubbing up against each other all night, doesn’t it?


How can I buy breast lubes and creams?

Your breasts and nipples hold many pleasure centres just waiting to be explored. If you want to find some great lubes and creams to enhance your sensations, just head on over to our category: Buy Breast Lubes & Creams.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if breast lubes and creams are right for you for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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