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10 Tips for Great Spanking

One of the best ways to explore an interest in BDSM is by taking a former fear and turning it into something hot! Nobody wanted to get in trouble and face a punishment. But now the situation is reversed, and you just might be looking to stir things up with a spank! Below we list 10 tips for a great spanking experience.


1. Try different positions

Most people associate spanking with being over the knee. And sure, that is definitely hot, but you can spank someone in many different positions to achieve erotic sensation. Definitely give over the knee a go, particularly in role play, but also try spanking someone while they are standing or on all fours. The skin is stretched in different ways and absorbs the sensation differently for new hot feelings!


2. Vary the speed

If your spanking session involves repeated strikes, vary the speed of your spanks from slow to fast and back again. For some of the time, really draw out the moments between connections and let their skin radiate that pleasurable pain. At other times give a number of fast spanks in a row. This will build the sensation to a fever pitch before you let the skin cool off.


3. Establish a safeword

Safewords are very important in sex, particularly in BDSM. They are one or a series of words that indicate your interest in continuing a particular activity that cannot be mistaken as anything but clear direction to your partner. A common series of safewords is green = go/yes, yellow = slow down, red = stop/no. Safewords can be any word you feel comfortable with and establishing them can ensure activity does not proceed to areas you don’t want it to.


4. Try some toys

Spanking is fantastic with a simple, open hand, but there are also many different spanking toys that could give you special thrills in a scene. Paddles connect with a wide area of skin for a more subtle spank. Whips and floggers bring a number of smalls stings in sensation. Crops and canes centre some pretty specific pain on small areas. You can really vary up the spanking sensation with impact toys!


5. Look to the kitchen

Your kitchen holds a great selection of safe and practical DIY spanking utensils that are a recipe for sexy success. If you’re ever keen to mix it up but don’t have your pleasure chest with you, reach in a kitchen drawer and pull out a spatula or a wooden spoon. Both are fantastic spanking toys!


6. Vary the strength

As with mixing up the speed of your spanks, it is very sexy to alternate the force of your strikes. You can start of with light touches that progressively move to harder and more forceful spanks or you can try soft/strong/soft/strong. Really, any combination can be hot. After a hard spank, a soft one will feel amazingly tingly, and vice versa. It will also add an element of surprise to the session!


7. Sexy talk

Sexy talk during a spanking session can be very hot - and practical! One of the popular ways to keep the words flowing during a spank is to have the person being spanked count off the number of spanks they are receiving. The bottom is “punished” into thanking for each and every time a spank connects. While this is great in a dominant/submissive scene, it is also a good way to check in with each other to ensure everything is still good and sexy.


8. Take your time

Some of the best spanking sessions are the ones that are very slow and drawn out. If you like to incorporate psychology into your BDSM, taking your time during a spanking session will really add to the tension you desire. You can include lots of talking, lots of variance in spanks as well as different elements of BDSM you desire. And if you get turned on by a sexy, red bottom - this is how you’re going to get your wish!


9. Add a little role play

Role play is one of the hottest elements of BDSM that can incorporate spanking! Sure, we may have wanted to avoid corporal punishment as children, but as adults we may be ready to admit that we took those cookies from the cookie jar and ready ourselves for punishment! If you are interested in power dynamics, spanking is definitely a go-to activity.


10. Take lots of care

On the outside, spanking looks like a violent act - and don’t forget, it is! However, because of this, spanking is a very intimate act that can create an exceptional bond. In order to ensure everyone’s well-being during and after a spanking session, take time for care. During a spanking session, ensure there are moments when the top caresses and rubs the tender spank spots and eases some of the pain. And after, be sure to check in and reflect on the scene. Discuss the things you both liked and, possibly, did not like. Everyone will be eager for more if you both feel safe.


How can I buy spanking toys?

Would you like to buy your own spanking toys to act out your spanking fantasies? If so, just head on over to our spanking toys category: Buy Spanking Toys.



Need more help?

Not quite sure which spanking toy is right for you and need a little help choosing? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.


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