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Guide to Paddles

bondage paddlePain is a very interesting sensation. Because it is so closely related to pleasure, it can be sometimes a little tricky to differentiate between the two. Indeed, some people enjoy both in equal amounts - and some people might even like pain more!

Just like pleasure, there are so many different ways to receive and enjoy pain. Some people like quick and sharp and other folks like a dull ache. There are many different types of impact toys that can bring about the former, but if you’re looking for the joy of the latter, a spanking paddle should become an essential part of your BDSM pleasure chest.

What are paddles?

Some people might say a paddle is the thing you use to propel a canoe across the water. And, yes, that is a type of paddle - but it isn’t the one that elicits tears of sexual joy. Paddles are a wide, flat impact toy with a flat surface. They are closest in shape to actual bare hands and the sensation resembles that of a spank. Paddles come in different shapes and sizes, with heavier toys more likely to cause hurt.

Are you a top or bottom or switch?

As in most BDSM play, there is often a top (dominant) and/or a bottom (submissive) and either of those could be a switch (enjoys either role). The paddle is the tool of the top who would administer paddlings to the subordinate. In some relationships, the bottom might also spank the top, but that needs to be clearly negotiated and is usually at the behest of the top. However, paddling isn’t a free-for-all for the top. Safewords must be respected and the bottom should receive care throughout the scene.

Can paddles be used for punishment?

Many people out there will be very familiar with paddles as they were used in schools as a punishment. Having to bend over in front of, or, even worse, over their knee to receive your punishment was so embarrassing and a real shot to your pride. The good news is that practice may well have inspired some hot fantasies in adulthood. Paddles are the perfect impact toy to take a punishment spanking to the next level. Establish any kind of authority breach you can think of and watch the sexy sparks fly!

What are paddles made of?

Paddles are predominantly made of wood, leather and PVC. All three have relative merits for a good paddling. Wood is durable and natural feeling. Leather also feels delightfully natural, but also has a bit of cushion to it. PVC can add just the extra bit of slap to the spank.

How can I use a paddle?

bondage paddlePaddles are an essential impact toy for those who like spanking and some pain. Because they are wider, they disperse the pain over a wider impact surface. The sensation you will feel is more of a dull throb. Of course, if someone really swings hard, a paddle will definitely hurt, but it is different from the very distinct feelings of whips or canes.

The classic pose for a spank is over the knee or bent over on all fours. You can use a paddle on other parts of the body, but the ass cheeks and upper thighs are prime paddling territory. They can safely receive a significant amount of impact without consequences. It is imperative you never use a paddle on someone’s chest, neck or head.

There are many different ways to use a paddle. Slow and steady spanks or a rapid number of spanks in a short burst. Make sure you and your bottom communicate about what feels good.

How can I buy paddles?

Is the thought of spanking someone or being spanked with a paddle turning you on? We thought it might be. If you would like to buy your own, just head on over to our paddles category: Buy Paddles.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a paddle is right for you and need a little help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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