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Beginner's Guide to Electro Sex Toys

Think about those times when the air is really dry but you’re feeling hot, so you walk across the room in your socks to give your lover a kiss. You smile, bring your face next to theirs. The heat of the moment is getting you all worked up. And as your lips are about to touch, a small electric shock passes between the two of you in a very surprising shock!

Some might feel a little sting at this kind of sensation, but it really doesn’t hurt. Instead we usually laugh it off. However, that little tingle could lead you to an exciting, albeit shocking, new enjoyment of sex. Just wait until you discover electro sex toys!

What are electro sex toys?

Electro Sex ToysSometimes, the most exciting types of sex are the most shocking. Literally! There are many ways we can step outside our sexual comfort zones, and these methods are becoming more and more accepted all the time. It used to be that partaking in the taboo, the extreme was a one way ticket to being called a ‘pervert’ - and not in the fun way.

Nowadays, you’ll find exciting and electrifying new ways to reach those sexual heights you’ve only dreamed of. If you’re looking to add a new zip to your love life, there are a number of options you can try, but perhaps the best way to get plugged in to new sensations is to try an electro sex toy!

It might seem completely reckless to harness the erotic energy of electricity, but once you’ve tried an electro sex toy, you’ll understand and be willing to take the risk. Electro sex toys emit an electric discharge on the skin that encompasses so many different sensations at all once. These unique and powerful toys are unlike any other sex toy on the market. Using electricity as a sexual stimulant is a rarely known technique, but one you’ll remember for a long time.

Will electro sex toys hurt?

Whether or not electro sex toys hurt is a matter of perspective and who is using them. Yes, they do have the power to emit an electric discharge that can be painful. However, when using them, you can change settings to ensure you only feel the level of sensation that is right for you. And this will vary among different people. Some might enjoy the tickling and pin-pricking sensations, while others might find these too strong. When using an electro sex toy, ensure the toy is off when you first apply it, and then work the intensity up until you reach your optimal sensation.

Who are electro sex toys best for?

Everybody has a different meaning of sexual excitement. For some, slow and gentle is the way to go. Others want it hard and fast. And, of course, there are countless variations on both sides of those scales. If you’re considering an electro sex toy, you’re probably someone who likes the combination of hard and slow. It is essential you take your time, but remember, this is electricity you’re playing with. The sensations definitely skew more to the extreme than the gentle.

How can I use electro sex toys?

As noted earlier, be ready to take your time and work up the intensity of the electro sex toy, starting off with the toy off, rubbing it all over the skin. When using external attachments, use an electro-conductive gel. If you plan to use internal attachments, use a water-based lubricant only, never use a silicone-based lube. Once you’re all ready, turn the toy on!

The sensation will be fantastic and probably different than anything you’ve ever tried before. Remember to start off slow, taking your time to find the places on your body that feel the best. As you discover the sensations that take you higher and higher, you can amp up the power of the toy. The first few times you play with your electro sex toy, you’ll need to feel out the limits you want to take your body. You can turn it up just a little too high, but that is the thrill of this kind of adventure.

At the same time, it is important to remember that there are some reasons you should not use an electro sex toy:

  • if you have a pacemaker or heart issues
  • while pregnant
  • when you are unwell, fatigued or dehydrated
  • when your skin is irritated or with wounds or cuts

How can I buy electro sex toys?

If you would like to purchase your own electro sex toys to experience shocking sensations in the bedroom, just head over to our category: Buy Electro Sex Toys.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if electro sex toys are right for you and need a little help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.

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