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Body Paint & Topping Guide

Body paints and toppingsIt could be argued that humans have two great passions: eating and sex. Sure, there are all kinds of other things we really, really like, but when it comes down to it, our desire to eat delicious things and feel the pleasure of the flesh do seem to trump anything else in terms of catching our attention.

Of course, these bodily pleasures do not live in two solitudes. For many, combining food and sex into an entree of pure physical delight would represent the perfect way to spend a lusty evening. You can raid your refrigerator looking for carnal cuisine, or you can enjoy a scrumptious spread of sexy body paints and toppings.

What are body paints and toppings?

Body paints and toppings are a wonderful way to have silly fun and incredible intimacy with your partner - at the same time! Body paints are non-toxic and washable paints that can be spread all over your partner’s body with a brush or even your fingers. They come in a variety of colours, including glow in the dark. Some are even edible. Body toppings, such as sauces and oils are a tasty treat - even when you thought you had your mouth full!

Why should I use body paints and toppings?

Everybody takes sex seriously. Of course, much of the time, we really should. Sex can involve significant emotions, feelings, needs and desires. That said, it doesn’t always need to be a completely heady affair. It is also important to laugh and joke and have some silly fun during sex. Body paint and toppings are an awesome way to get creative and have some laughs with your lover. Just imagine the different images, shapes and objects you can decorate each other with!

Body paints and toppingsTo bring your sexytime back from the silly (a bit), body paints and toppings are a great way to set up a sexy scavenger hunt. But this time, you won’t be running around the house - you’ll be running your tongue along their body! Your partner will use different flavoured body paints and toppings on different areas of their body. It is then your job to find those different tastes! And what better way than with your tongue?

Some people have a really hard time talking about what they want in bed. It can be an intimidating subject, particularly with a new partner. This is where body paints and toppings can be a very helpful sexual education tool. You and your partner can take turns painting different areas on your own body to indicate the sexy spots you like to be touched and the areas you’d prefer to keep out of bounds. You can even add the flavoured formulations to those parts you really like licked. Visual aids are never a bad idea, particularly when it involves your sexy body!

How to use body paints and toppings

Before you start your sexy artistic careers, it is a good idea to spread some old sheets or towels around. These products are supposed to be non-staining, but you’re better safe than sorry. You never know if your particular materials are susceptible to the body paints and toppings.

Once the scene is set, body paints and toppings are a great addition to erotic massages. Warm up your lover’s body by relaxing their muscles with your hands. Give them some special and comforting treatment. After a good time of working their body with your finger, replace your hands with a nice, soft brush. Dip the brush into the body paint and spread it slowly across their skin. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, you’ll be amazed at the way sexy art can come out in the moment!

How can I buy body paints and toppings?

Would you like to get creative with your partner in the bedroom with your own body paint? Just head on over to our body paints and toppings category: Buy Body Paints & Toppings.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if body paints and toppings are right for you and need a little more information? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you.

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