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Buyer's Guide to Sex Toy Batteries

Sex toy batteriesCan you even imagine a world where sex toys didn’t have some kind of power and vibration? Most of us can’t. Ever since that sensation was discovered the sex toy industry has gone full tilt discovering new and exciting ways to tease and please us all with different levels and types of electric power.

Of course, to put that power into your hands, we need reliable sources of electricity. For some, wired and rechargeable toys will do just fine, but for most folks, we need the versatility and power of battery-operated sex toys. And if you’ve got those toys, you’ll need to make sure you’re stocked up on powerful sex toy batteries to make your sexytimes amazing.

What batteries do I need?

Sex toys can take any number of different batteries. Be sure to read your toy’s requirements to ensure you get the right sex toy batteries. To find out what batteries your sex toy needs, go to the product page and look for the 'Power and speed' section.

sex toy batteries

'Power source' tells you what type of power the sex toy uses. If it's a battery powered sex toy, you'll see Battery operated written there.

'Batteries required' tells you what battery size your sex toy needs and how many. E.g. 3 x AAA batteries.

What battery types are there?

C BatteriesC Batteries:

These big beastly batteries convey their need just by looking at them. C sized batteries are perfect for big sex toys that need lots of power.

AA BatteriesAA Batteries:

These are your standard batteries that you’ll find all over the house. They provide good power and are usually readily available because they are used in so many other devices.

AAA BatteriesAAA Batteries:

Not quite as common as AA, these batteries are still a good one to have around the house. They are becoming more popular in sex toys as toys become skinnier and require a smaller battery casing.

N BatteriesN Batteries:

These batteries look similar to a AA battery, but shorter in length. They usually power smaller vibrators and bullet vibrators that need a lot of power in a small space.

Watch-style BatteriesWatch-style Batteries:

There are many different sizes of watch-style batteries and you will need to check your toy’s requirements carefully to ensure you purchase the right ones. Predominantly, these batteries are used in bullet vibrators and cock rings. The three most common watch battery models are LR44, LR54 and LR41.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in sex toys?

You can use rechargeable batteries in sex toys, but they might not always be the right fit - literally! Rechargeable batteries are sometimes slightly bigger than alkaline batteries, making it possible they will get stuck in the battery casing. You don’t want dead batteries jamming up future fun times! Also, rechargeable batteries tend to hold less charge over time, potentially lessening the effectiveness of your toys.

How do I take care of my battery-powered sex toys?

After you’ve enjoyed your fun with your battery-powered sex toy, the best thing you can do to care for that toy (which might have been an expensive purchase) is to take the batteries out. First, you should wipe your toy with a sex toy cleaner to take care of it. You don’t want bacteria hanging around on your plaything. And you don’t want to wash a battery-powered toy with the batteries in it.

Once your toy is nice and squeaky clean, don’t put the batteries back in. It is best to store your sex toys with their batteries out. Unless you’re a daily user and going through batteries frequently (good on ya!), then batteries that sit in sex toys can begin to corrode if left unattended for a length of time. Also, if the batteries are not touching their contacts in the toy, they will retain their power longer. And that means more orgasms for you!

One last note: if you are travelling and definitely have to bring your battery-powered sex toys with you, be sure to remove the batteries before you pack your playthings. Not only could it be embarrassing to have your toy turn on inside your luggage, but you’ll also get some serious consideration from security if they suddenly hear a motor going off in your suitcase!

Ready to buy your own sex toy batteries?

Hopefully by now you have some sex toys picked out you'd like to buy and know the batteries you need. Just head on over to our batteries category and give your toys the power they need! Buy Sex Toy Batteries.

Need more help?

If you need a little assistance choosing the right batteries for your sex toys, we would love to help! Just Contact Customer Care and a member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch immediately to point you in the right direction.

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