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Guide to Anal Lubricants

Anal Lubes

In many ways, sex is still a rebel’s game, we seem to like it better when there are less rules. But that just isn’t always possible. As sex moved out of repressive societal controls and beliefs and we took it back as a pleasurable and wonderful thing, we, informally and collectively, have had to come up with some guidelines and general structures to ensure sex remains a pleasurable and wonderful thing, and not an oppressive, damaging or even a painful experience (unless that’s what you’re interested in!).

So, there are some rules. They can be flexible, they can be open to some interpretation. And no, they're not written anywhere at all, but rather passed on as shared knowledge. One of these rules concerns a particular sex act that has gained significant traction as formerly taboo but now smokin’ hot! Anal sex is as popular as it ever has been and one of the most basic sex rules you’ll ever learn is that you need to use lube when having anal sex. And it’ll only get better if you use anal lube!


What is anal lubricant?

Anal lube is a great addition to your sex essentials kit because more and more people are getting into ass fun and you want to be prepared! We need to use lubricant for anal penetration because unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce any natural lubrication. Anal lubes are specifically designed with anal pleasure in mind, ensuring things are always kept nice and lubricated. Not using lube can result in anal fissures and lacerations from the friction and stretching of penetration. That can open you up to potential infection, which, among other considerations, could have a negative effect on your sex life! Anal lube will ensure a smooth and sexy ride.


Should I use a thick or thin anal lubricant?

As long as you’re using lube for bum fun, that is great. However, you may want to experiment with different types of anal lube to find out which type you like best. Thicker lubes coat a penis or sex toy more thoroughly and usually require less frequent re-application. They are, however, a bit more messy. Thinner lubes, many folks find, feel a little nicer, however they will require topping up on your bottom more often and can get a sticky feeling (if they are water-based). This decision is all about what you and your partner feel most comfortable with.


Anal Lubes

What are some tips for using anal lubricant?

One of the best ways to introduce the pleasures of anal sex to a partner is through sexy finger play. It helps loosen people up, help them relax and, of course, is the easiest way to spread a nice coating of anal lube. Spend a lot of time massaging the outside of the anus, relaxing the muscle and spreading anal lube across as much of the skin as possible. Remember to also stimulate your partner’s vulva or penis at the same time. Soon, they’ll be very excited and eager for you to dip your finger inside them. Once there, you’ll find that touching the inside of someone’s ass is a total thrill on its own. A new place to explore! And if you’re playing with a man, be sure to go looking for his prostate to drive him absolutely crazy!


What are anal lubricants made from?

You can find anal lube in any of the standard lube formulations: water-based, oil-based and silicone. Many people find silicone and oil-based to be the most consistent and pleasurable, because they last much longer without the need for re-application. However, if you choose an oil-based lube, you have to remember that those products are not condom-safe.


How can anal lubricant be used?

One of the best things about anal lube being an integral part of anal sex is that it isn’t just an accessory. Playing with anal lube can become a part of foreplay! You can easily integrate it as an essential part of your bum fun play by spending a lot of time applying it to your partner’s bottom. Go slow and really work it across their skin. Get a little artistic and finger paint if you’re both feeling a little silly. The key is to ensure their anus receives the proper lubrication it needs.

Anal Lubes

One thing that will always help anal sex is to take some time to warm that lube up before applying it to anyone’s butt! A cold dollop of lube right on the anus could stop all of your fun right from the get go. Lube can be warmed up by placing the bottle or tube in a glass with warm water, or by slipping the bottle or tube between your legs while enjoying other foreplay fun.

Remember, regardless of the type of lube you use, you have to continually monitor how it is feeling for you and your partner. It never, ever is a problem to apply more anal lube. Even in the heights of your passion and hot action, check in with your partner to see if he or she feels good and that the lube feels good. Don’t let too much time pass before reapplication. You don’t want someone feeling rubbing and chafing in the bum! But if you stick to keeping everything lubed up, anal sex can be mindblowing!


Okay, I'd like to buy anal lubricant, what now?

If you would like to buy some anal lubricant to enhance your anal play, just head on over to our anal lubricant category: Buy Anal Lubricants.



Need more help?

Would you like a little help choosing the right lube for you? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other lubricant guides here.


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