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How to Introduce Anal Toys Into Your Relationship

One of the hottest ways to explore sex is by considering your personal, sexual boundaries and testing them, pushing them and maybe even breaking past them. There is no way that everybody is going to like everything when it comes to sex - we are all individuals! But as you explore and try new things, you just might discover hot new experiences you and your partner want to try.

Given how popular it is now, it is almost hard to believe that anal play was once a big taboo for many people. The ass was considered entirely off limits. However, over the past 20 years (with a big assist from porn), anal pleasure is a very popular and generally accepted form of sexytime fun. And one of the hottest ways to enjoy the unique sensations of anal sex is by using awesome anal toys.


Conquering fear

Now, this doesn’t mean that everybody is jumping on the buttsex bandwagon. There is still a lot of fear and stigma associated with having things in our rears. The common misconceptions are that it will hurt and that men who like their bums pleasured must be questioning their sexuality. So, before we talk about how to bring anal toys into your relationship, let’s quickly dispel these thoughts. Yes, anal touch can hurt - but it doesn’t have to if you do it right (we’ll tell you how!). And no, a man who likes anal touch is not necessarily questioning his sexuality - he just knows what feels good!

It is important to consider those thoughts, because the key to bringing anal toys into your sexy fun is communication. In no way is it acceptable to “surprise” someone by trying to slip anal beads or a butt plug into someone’s bum. The first thing to do is ask if your partner has ever experienced anal touch - whether that be on themselves or on someone else. Let’s not forget that you might be asking so that you can have your partner use them on you!


Lots of lube!

If the two of you have a mutual interest in exploring backdoors with great new toys, then you are ready for the second key ingredient: lube. All anal toy fun begins with lube. Lots of lube. Think you’ve added enough lube? Nope, add more. Basically, there is no such thing as using too much lube when it comes to your anal fun. And remember to use the right type of lube for the type of toy you plan to use. Water-based is generally the best because you cannot use silicone lube with silicone toys.

Another key element is actually being experienced in the way the ass works and feels good before using toys. It is not recommended that you jump right into using anal toys without first experimenting with fingers, tongues and possibly even penetration. The anus feels and reacts differently than a vagina does, so it is a good idea to explore the unique ways an ass feels with lots of lube and fingers. We don’t have the same sensitivity while holding a toy against someone’s very tender bum.


Different types of anal toys

There are many different types of anal toys to try and you are going to have some amazing sexual experiences as you discover what you like best. From anal beads to butt plugs to anal dildos and anal vibrators, the toys you can choose from are so varied and exciting you will definitely want to try more and more! However, as exciting as this new adventure can be, ensure that you continue communicating with your partner about what the two of you want and need out of the experience.

One of big factors to consider is the little factor. When you are starting out with anal toys, it is best to start off small. A good rule of thumb for the size of your first anal toy is something about the length and width of a finger. Anal touch is an entirely different and amazing experience, but it is definitely something to work up to when it comes to size. If you show up ready for action with some kind of monster of a dildo, your partner is probably going to re-experience the common fears of pain and that can make many people nervous about anal fun.

So, even better than showing up with a new toy, shop together! Remember, anal pleasure is definitely a two way street - both of you can enjoy the toy! Look for something of the right size, the right shape and appeals to the both of you. And then, take turns (washing in between of course!).

Anal toys can add a great new dimension to many of your sexual adventures and once you introduce one, you just might be back for more.


How can I buy anal sex toys?

If you want to engage in anal sex, and want some anal toys to start your adventure with, we have you covered. Just head on over to our anal toys category: Buy Anal Sex Toys.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if anal toys are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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