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How to Prepare for Anal Sex

Imagine the scene: Candles are lit, soft music plays. The bedroom door is left suggestively open. You’ve been planning this rendezvous all day! First there was wine and then a delicious dinner. The two of you shared dessert on the loveseat. Close, touching, gazing into each other’s eyes.

But now is the time for more.

You lead your partner through that open door, prepared for a night of bliss. Tonight is the night you open up to a new sexual adventure, something you’ve never tried before. Your partner has previously asked for this formerly taboo love and after gentle conversation, you’re finally ready. Ready to explore anal sex.

The two of you undress and begin ravishing each other’s bodies. Mouths, lips, tongues, hands flying everywhere! Suddenly, you push your partner away and put your finger to their lips. And slowly, you turn your back and present your delicate bottom. Turning your head and grinning, you give the “c’mere” curl with your finger and beckon. You partner doesn’t wait and for the first time ever, you feel their wet finger on your anus.

This is the ideal way anal sex happens for the first time. Well, you can decide on your own whether the candles are necessary, but these two folks did many great things to prepare for anal sex. But there is more!


Talk about it first

Anal sex is not one of those things that just happens (really, no sex act should be like that). If you intend to play with your partner’s ass, the two of you need to discuss it. Many people still have hang-ups about anal sex, despite its growing popularity. Do not think that slipping a finger to the promised land during other activities is the way to introduce anal touch. If you’re into it, say so. And hear your partner out. Sure, it would be great if the idea was greeted with a rousing “Yes!” but chances are you will need to talk about it.


Anal fun is for men and women

Fellas, don’t forget you’ve got a butt too! Anal pleasure is not specific to females, so it shouldn’t be presumed she’s the only one who will take it and he’s the only one interested in giving. He could be just as up for bum fun of his own, and if she’s keen to try, you should discuss it together.


You’ve talked, now you’re ready for more

If you’re both in agreement that anal sounds awesome, then you’re ready to start thinking of the physical considerations of anal sex. Even if you both absolutely love it, neither of you are going to be up for anal sex every day of the week. Our bodies just aren’t built that way because the bum is also part of the digestive system. This is an important thing to remember.

The first thing to think about, when the possibility of anal sex arises, is your own digestive health. Do you feel good? Stomach okay? Stool coming out alright? This is all great! However, if you aren’t feeling your best, or if you had something like curry for dinner last night and leftovers for lunch, then you might need to take a pass on anal play that evening.

But here’s the thing: accidents might happen. Sorry to be so blunt, but as you start having anal adventures, you’ll find this to be true and it is best to just be prepared and move along. Remember, the ass has that other function and at some point, despite all of your preparation, you might encounter some poop. Really, as much as it might be challenging at first, it is no big deal. You can attempt to avoid this happening by using a douche some time before you plan to have sex to clear out the pipes. If you choose this somewhat controversial technique, use a simple warm water douche. Chemical-based products can irritate your sensitive anal membranes.


Have the right supplies

Many different kinds of sex can just happen - any time, any place. But anal isn’t like that. If bum fun is on the menu tonight, be sure to have some essential supplies on hand: anal lube, a couple of warm, damp towels, condoms and, if you prefer, gloves. It is best to get all of this ready beforehand, when possible, to ensure your scene goes nice and smoothly.


Getting your body ready

The key to great anal sex is getting your body ready and relaxed - both physically and mentally. If either part of you is tense, the other will surely follow suit. To get your body in the sexytime mood, have a nice, hot shower with your partner. The warm water will cascade over your skin and ease your muscles. At the same time, the two of you can get all lathered up with a sensual soap, putting your mind at ease in terms of cleanliness. And just imagine all of the fun and sexy play that can be a great lead up to the upcoming anal adventure!


Avoid expectations - and have fun!

Finally, one of the worst mood killers and good-time wreckers is unrealistic expectations. If you’re a fan of anal sex porn, get those images out of your head right now. Anal sex is a process - and ultimately - one that just might not be right for everyone. Go into every anal experience hoping for good times, but prepared if things don’t work out. Both you and your partner need to care for one another’s feelings and sexual health in all situations and getting upset if your anal dream isn’t fulfilled will only cause unneeded hurt. Remember, sex is supposed to be fun, enjoyable and amazing!


How can I buy anal sex toys?

If you want to engage in anal sex, and want some anal toys to start your adventure with, we have you covered. Just head on over to our anal toys category: Buy Anal Sex Toys.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if anal toys are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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