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Guide to Anal Douches & Enemas

Most people will tell you they like their sex dirty. But there are two different meanings to the word. There’s the sexy version which alludes to wanting your sexytimes to be a little raunchy, a little naughty and maybe even a little nasty. This is the type of request you partner will whisper in your ear before leading you to the bedroom.

But there is the other meaning of dirty. You know, physically messy and gross. Not many people are keen on this when it comes to sex - particularly anal sex. In fact, that is one of the biggest reasons many are afraid to try bum loving. Fortunately, if this is a concern, check out the possibilities with anal douches and enemas.


What are anal douches and enemas?

For many, the most challenging hurdle to overcome before engaging in any kind of anal sex or anal play is the potential mess factor. A lot of people are really turned off by the possibility of encountering fecal matter during sexual fun. It is easy to say “oh well, shit happens” (literally!) but for many trying to have a great sexy time, to have it interrupted by the appearance of a little brown is enough to turn people off bum fun forever.

There are some precautions you can take to avoid uncomfortable situations. You can watch your diet, be aware of your body’s health, have a bowel movement a good while before engaging in any kind of play. And while all of these can be effective, they really do not guarantee 100% cleanliness.

However, a significant way to reduce the possibility of encountering fecal matter during anal sex is to use an anal douche or enema a short while before your sexy times start. These nifty devices insert water into the rectum, allowing you to rinse as much potential poop out as possible. There are a number of different models and types to ensure you find the style that is perfect for you.


Why should I use an anal douche and enema?

Anal douches and enemas provide peace of mind when engaging in anal touch, sex and rimming. The potential of encountering fecal matter during sex is actually small (it is not stored in the rectum), however, a good feeling of cleanliness can allow everyone to relax (and potentially save your sheets).


How hygienic are anal douches and enemas?

Anal douches and enemas can also help reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses. The anal cavity is tender and vigorous play can result in small rips and tears of the membrane. While you certainly cannot completely eliminate fecal matter from the area, you can reduce the likelihood of rubbing it into wounds, thereby reducing the chance of infections. We recommend you stick with simple warm water when using a douche or enema kit. Commercial douching products can contain ingredients that could irritate or dry the anal cavity, making it more prone to injury.


How are anal douches and enemas used?

We will readily admit that using anal douches and enemas for the first time can be a somewhat awkward experience. Not everybody is familiar with the idea of shooting warm water up their bum! And that is, essentially, what you’re doing when using a douche or enema. Douches are more typically pump-action devices that squirt the liquid into your rectum. Enemas are more often bag and hose devices that use gravity to insert water inside you. Both are effective, and after you use them a while, you might even find them fun!

The first step is filling the bag or the douche with warm water and having it set up and ready to go. You can do this part (or the whole experience) in the shower where your muscles are warm and relaxed. When using either a douche or an enema kit, apply a small amount of lube to both the nozzle and your anus. It is important to insert the nozzle far enough that it clears your anal sphincters and rests in your anal cavity. If you do not clear those tight muscles, the liquid may not properly enter your rectum - possibly even squirting out the opposite direction! Once you feel the liquid filling you up, either by squirting or through the hose, try to squeeze and keep it inside you. Let the warm liquid rest in your rectum for a little while, the heat will loosen any residue. Once you have given some time to let the water work, you’re then ready to expel the liquid from your body. Remove the nozzle or the hose and step out of the shower to the toilet. Then let it go! For added comfort, you can repeat this activity a couple of times, but don’t over do it!


How can I buy an anal douche or enema?

If you want to engage in anal sex or anal play, you need to add an anal douche or enema kit to your arsenal. Just head on over to our category: Buy Anal Douches & Enemas.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if an anal douche or enema kit is right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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