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Guide to Prostate Toys

One of the most intriguing forms of pleasure and stimulation that is emerging as a favourite for many folks is hidden deep inside the body. You can’t see it and it might be a little hard to find at times, but you’ll love the sensations you discover. Don’t worry about any negative stigma or foolish comments - the prostate is worth all of the effort and creative exploration.

Once you do find the prostate and start to experience all of the pleasure and sensation the prostate has to offer, you’ll be super excited to try more and more! After you’ve experienced the delights of finger fun against the prostate, try a new type of exploration with prostate toys!


What are prostate toys?

Did you know there is a way for men to experience out-of-this-world sexual pleasure - without anyone even touching his penis? So much of men’s sexuality is centred on their penis. Well, really, all of it, that it is easy to forget (for guys themselves) that they are more than just a walking cock. Sure, you’ve got nipples and necks and backs and fingers and more that feel great when touched. But there is one hidden gem of sexual pleasure that can bring guys to their knees, begging for more.

What is this special place, you ask? The prostate! A small gland located on the anterior wall (belly side) of the anal cavity, the prostate is involved in the flow of seminal fluid for ejaculation. It also happens to be extremely sensitive and feels fantastic when stroked, rubbed or even just touched!

Now, a lot of men have concerns about connecting sexual pleasure with their ass. Let’s get past those right now and concentrate on the pleasure. No, enjoying anal touch of any sort does not make you gay. Being gay makes you gay. And no, if it is done right, anal touch does not have to hurt. Use lots of lube. Take your time. You’ll be fine.

And back to the intense and amazing orgasms! Because the prostate cannot be visually located, it is important to explore. One of the best ways to have prostate adventures is with a prostate toy! These specially designed sex products come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and textures but they do have one feature in common: they are specifically shaped to stimulate the prostate. Some also include vibration to add even more electric energy to your erotic action! And best of all is that many models are actually designed to be used hands-free so you can get up to other fun things at the same time.


How good does prostate pleasure feel?

Mind blowing. Electric. Life-changing. These are some of the common terms that men come up with when they describe prostate stimulation and orgasm. And it is men: men can climax - complete with ejaculation - just through prostate pleasure. Because the prostate is so sensitive, it is entirely possible the man may actually jump in ecstasy the first time his is touched. It is then important to learn which toys and types of play work best for him. Maybe some constant motion, or maybe just touch. Or maybe a bit of vibration as well!


What functions do prostate toys have?

Some prostate toys act much like butt plugs and others are meant for play similar to dildos. Their common feature is a largish head curved specifically toward the prostate for either direct or indirect connection. The plug-type toys feature a slim base, focusing the anal pleasure on the prostate stimulator. The dildo-like toys have the curved head and a wider base to distribute the feelings throughout the ass. Many also feature an extra stimulator for the outside of the anus to massage the perineum. Some prostate toys also come with vibrators to really take the pleasure to the next level! These vibes can be push-button directly on the toy or controlled through a remote so you can lay back and enjoy.


What size prostate toy is right for me?

The best sized prostate toy for you is the one you feel most comfortable with. If you are new to anal penetration, it is best to start off with something small. And when you’re considering the size, look at the diameter of the bulbous head. While preparing for and being ready for anal is one thing, actually working a large headed toy in and out of your ass can be a bit tricky. Particularly getting it out. After you orgasm, your anal muscles tend to tense somewhat, so removing the toy afterwards can be somewhat uncomfortable.


What are prostate toys made of?

Prostate toys are made from a number of different body safe materials, including silicone, PVC, jelly and more. They are strong and durable. Because lube is required when you’re playing with your own or someone else’s bum, be sure to use the proper type of lube. Remember, you cannot use silicone lube with silicone toys. They’ll break down.


How to use prostate toys

Get ready for intense sexual thrills! As with all types of anal sex, preparation is key. Make sure you feel well, make sure you’ve got lots of lube and make sure you take your time. Whether you’re playing on your own - prostate toys are great for masturbation - or with a partner, tenderly tease the anus and turn it on to get ready for the new pleasures to come.

Once you’re ready and excited, it is important to ease the toy in slowly. That bulbous head can feel much larger than it looks. But the great thing is, once it is in there and properly situated, you will know. Absolutely you will know. With most prostate toys, all it takes is inserting it properly to find the prostate. He will immediately feel it touch and stroke his prostate and immediately enjoy the pleasure.

But here’s an important note: If you or your partner do not display their pleasure in the usual manner, do not be alarmed. Sometimes, when engaging in anal play, men will lose their erections. This doesn’t mean he’s not enjoying the stimulation, it just means his sexual energy is focused specifically on the prostate. Trust us, he will tell you if he doesn’t like it.

If you’re using a hands-free model, now is the time to put those Kegel muscles into action! These particular prostate toys are designed to stimulate the prostate each time you flex your pelvic floor muscles. You can then use your hands to play with yourself or a partner, or just lay back and enjoy the unique movements and orgasms created with the prostate toy!


How can I buy a prostate toy?

If you would like to enjoy the incredible pleasure of a prostate toy, just head on over to our category: Buy Prostate Toys.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if prostate toys are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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