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Guide to Collars & Leads

bondage collarWhen you get deeper and deeper into BDSM, you discover that it isn’t all just about sex and pain and tying people up. These are important and hot aspects of BDSM play, but you will learn that there is so much more to these activities and lifestyle. Psychology plays a big role in bondage and BDSM fun.

If you are into the roles of dominant and submissive, the psychological aspects are intertwined with play. Some dominant activities are completely meant to subjugate the submissive and put them in a role of subservience. Bondage is sometimes added to this mix, bringing the sexual tension to new heights. One way to put a submissive in place, is by using collars and leads.

What are collars and leads?

In society, we most often associate collars and leads with pets. You know, like taking dogs for walks. Associating people with dogs could have some clearly negative connotations for some, but for others, it is just about right. Sexy collars and leads are intended to denote ownership and control. They put the person holding the leash in a dominant position, and the person being lead into a clear role of service. Some collars and leads can be elaborate and ornate while others are simple.

Why should I use collars and leads?

The use of collars and leads is a move toward a more involved style of BDSM and relationship status. Sure, you can use collars and leads simply for sexual fun, but they can also embody those specific psychological aspects of BDSM. Do you want to exert dominance over someone through the sheer physicality of holding them in place by the neck? Or do you want to make them your pet, keeping them in check and creating a new relationship of control - possibly without ever giving a hard tug? The opportunities are endless!

Neck concerns

One important thing to think about when using collars and leads for bondage is the neck health of the person wearing the collar. If you have suffered neck injury or possibly have breathing difficulties, you should probably only use a collar as a sexy decoration. Sudden tugs could cause throat constriction or possibly aggravate injuries. Safety is key!

Training time

As with every new type of sexual fun, there is a learning curve. You have to figure out what you like and what you want to do. Or, with BDSM and wearing a collar and lead, you have to learn what you like and like what you’re told to do. Guidance, sometimes even physical, can be an important part of BDSM play. The Domme or Dom can lead the new submissive to whatever type of service is desired. Just as you would lead a pet. The submissive becomes the pet.

What are collars and leads made from?

Collars and leads can be made from a variety of materials - from metal to leather to fabric. The type you choose can directly reflect the type of dominant/submissive relationship you have. The look of collars might be one thing, but practicality can also be desired. Some collars are barebones, but others feature soft interiors or padding for added comfort. Collars are often done up with buckles, though some more lightweight models use velcro. Leads can also vary in material, though you will most often find leads made of chain.

bondage couple collar

How can collars and leads be used?

As with all forms of BDSM equipment, collars and leads need to be respected for the power they can hold. Given that they can cause a wearer harm, collars and leads should be used with care. It is key to negotiate safe words beforehand and listen intently to your partner’s language and needs.

Depending on how you want to use them, collars and leads can be fairly decorative or they can factor directly into the play. It is important to remember, however, that someone’s neck is, literally, on the line when using collars and leads. Sharp tugs and pulls can cause pain and damage, so it is best to keep that action to other types of restraints.

A great way to use collars and leads is to combine them with other restraint devices. The lead can be attached to wrist, or even ankle, cuffs to keep the submissive in a certain position. A lead can also be tied somewhere, just as you would do with a pet, and the submissive can be forced to stay away from the Dominant, missing out on physical contact. The opportunities the endless!

How can I buy collars and leads?

Collars and leads are great for any sexy scenario. If you would like to purchase your own to act out your fantasies, just head on over to our collars and leads category: Buy Collars & Leads.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a collar and lead is right for you and need a little assistance? Don't fear, help is near! Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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