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Guide to Spreader Bars

As you move through the world of BDSM, kink and bondage, you’ll start to see a pattern when it comes to BDSM-related sex toys. Sure, they are all hot and sexy and more than a bit naughty and nasty, but you just might see how practical some of them are for other types of sex!

The combination of pervy and practical is a great connection. While you might like to use a blindfold to make a submissive feel unease and wonder, blindfolds can also be used in non-kinky sex to spark anxious excitement! Another bondage device you will get excited for in both kinky and non-kinky situations is spreader bars.

What are spreader bars?

As indicated in the name, spreader bars are used to allow access and are predominantly used to keep someone’s legs open for all kinds of fun. They are a strong and adjustable metal bar that can be set at various widths. Sometimes they come as just the bar, or sometimes they come with wrist or ankle cuffs attached already. They can also be used with your favourite devices. These fantastic additions to your pleasure chest can be used for either your kinkiest desires of control or even as a way to help your body release and hold a position.

spreader bar

Why should I use a spreader bar?

The predominant use of spreader bars is as a means to keep your partner’s legs open, to do with them as you see fit. When you combine this leg binding with some wrist binding, the submissive on the bottom is truly at the dominant’s mercy. You don’t just need to be on your back to use them though. Standing, kneeling, sitting, lying down - spreader bars are great for any situation that calls for open access between the legs.

Because there can be so much shame directed to sex, and we are taught to, literally, keep our legs closed, some people are challenged by the idea of opening their legs wide. That feels too exposed for them. Spreader bars are a great way to work past that concern or fear of being too open - because your legs are going to be wide open and your bits are going to be on display. If that sounds scary, hopefully you can move past that once you feel how much you can be touched and pleasured in this position.

Can spreader bars be suspended from height?

One of the hottest ways to enjoy a spreader bar is by suspending it from above. With the cuffs coming down, you can set the height to the perfect level for comfort and accessibility. The top can then enjoy the bottom’s body fully, with complete movement. The bottom can rest comfortably in the cuffs. One thing to watch out for is numbness from restricted blood flow. Take a break on occasion to let the submissive move their legs around.

How can I use spreader bars?

spreader barIt is best to use spreader bars when you plan for your submissive to be stationary. You don’t want to try walking around in one of these! So either lying down, kneeling or standing, get the submissive in the position you want and strap them in.

Spreader bars are a bondage device that, for the most part, let’s a submissive be fairly restful. However, depending on how wide you set the spreader bar, you will need to take care not to overstretch their leg and groin muscles. Both of you should maintain open communication and check-ins to ensure no damage or unfun pain is happening.

One of the best uses of spreader bars is with the bottom on their back. This works for both women and men. As the top is penetrating the bottom, they can hold the bar with two hands, essentially balancing on the bottom’s legs. This is a hot sensation for both people! Then, to really set things into overdrive, the top can move the bottom’s legs up and down, creating amazing new sensations for both. A spreader bar can help you reach both the G-spot and P-spot for explosive orgasms.

How can I buy a spreader bar?

Spreader bars allow for exciting new experiences and sensations. If you would like to purchase your own to act out your fantasies, just head on over to our spreader bars category: Buy Spreader Bars.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a spreader bar is right for you and need a little assistance? Don't fear, help is near! Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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